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SDF Claims Three Turkish Soldiers Killed In Failed Attack On Key Northeast Syria Highway

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SDF Claims Three Turkish Soldiers Killed In Failed Attack On Key Northeast Syria Highway

Illustrative image, source: sdf-press.com

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claimed on March 11 that its fighters killed three Turkish service members in Syria’s northeastern region last week.

According to the Kurdish-led group’s claims, the Turkish service members were killed in a failed Turkish-led attack on towns and villages located near the M4 highway. The attack was repelled by Kurdish fighters.

“On 7 March, our fighters repelled an attempt by the occupation army and the mercenaries to infiltrate and attack the villages surrounding the M4 international highway. Intense clashes erupted, claiming the lives of three occupation soldiers and wounding four mercenaries. In addition, a military vehicle carrying a machine gun was destroyed,” the SDF statement reads.

The SDF also said that one of its fighters was killed by Turkish forces during the intense clashes on the M4 highway.

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the SDF claims, yet. The ministry usually acknowledges such casualties within 24 hours, which means the claims may be false.

The Turkish attack on the M4 was a violation of the ceasefire regime established in the area.

Last year, Turkey invaded northeast Syria to push the SDF away from its border. The Turkish military made notable gains, but failed to capture the part of the M4 highway that links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo. After this Ankara, Washington and Moscow reached a ceasefire agreement in the area.

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Tim Williams

and ERDO arrests reporters for reporting the deaths of TURK soldiers …



In (real) Nazi Deutschland they called it “Wehrkraftzersetzung”.
That means “destruction of the power of defense system”.
We could conclude: The Turkeys are some sort of Nazis…
But whatever it is: No one making war is happy about being told the real (own) losses on the battlefield… Not even the proud turkendom chief :)

V. Mecki

Wehrkraftzersetzung = military disintegration, subversion


Ok, you might be right, I am not a native English speaker… But what is the difference?

Fair treatment

I wonder…. If Turkish are invaders which theyare , what Americans are???
Or terrorists financiers and trainers..


tourists :)))


Terrorists sound better and more accurate :)


Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) playing as just peon in this chest game.


Good Turk = Dead Turk.

Saif Imam

Don’t you think it should be “Turd”?

Johnny Beaubitch

We do not make a donkey, a racing horse. We don’t make a grocer choukoudoum choukoudoum the eyes on the side of the face, a Poutine

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