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SDF Claims Its Spy Stole al-Baghdadi’s Underwear To Identify Him Before US Raid


SDF Claims Its Spy Stole al-Baghdadi's Underwear To Identify Him Before US Raid


A spy for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reportedly stole ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s underwear with the aim of obtaining DNA samples and help the US determine his location.

Apparently, the SDF carried out a long operation that began on May 15th and was in coordination with the CIA, Polat Can, a senior adviser for the SDF said.

CNN cited Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the SDF, who had confirmed that an informant had obtained Baghdadi’s underwear and a blood sample that was used for the DNA test which confirmed his identity before the raid took place.

An unnamed US State Department official did tell CNN that the Kurdish forces “played a key role” in the al-Baghdadi raid, and that the US has been “in close touch” with SDF Commander Gen. Mazloum Abdi “about all aspects of what we’re doing.”

“He, his people, and his intelligence sources, played a key role in all of this,” the official said. “It’s a very, very important role. Nobody should underestimate how key the SDF was in all of this.”

In an interview with NBC News, SDF Commander Gen. Mazloum Abdi of the Syrian Democratic Forces said his intelligence service had a source deep in al-Baghdadi’s inner circle who described a room-by-room layout of the terror leader’s compound on the Turkish border, including the number of guards, floor plan and tunnels.

General Mazloum Abdi also tweeted congratulations for the successful operation, tagging US President Donald Trump in his post.

SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel told CNN that Trump’s surprise withdrawal of US troops from parts of northern Syria in early October delayed the operation to kill al-Baghdadi. All is potentially forgiven now, as SDF members are being relocated from the border with Turkey. At the same time, the US promises to defend seized Deir Ezzor oil fields from the Syrian population.




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