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JUNE 2023

SDF Captures Strategic Town In Euphrates Valley, Kill 273 ISIS Fighters – Reports

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SDF Captures Strategic Town In Euphrates Valley, Kill 273 ISIS Fighters - Reports

Sipa via AP Images

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that it captured the strategic town of Suwaydan on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside on December 12. According to the SDF, 273 ISIS fighters were killed during 12 days of clashes in Suwaydan. Moreover, the SDF captured 8 vehicles and a VBIED of ISIS there.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the US-led coalition US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon announced that the SDF captured 6km2 along the eastern bank of the Euphrates on December 13. The spokesman stressed on Twitter that ISIS might be weak now, but it remains a threat.

From its side, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq announced that ISIS snipers killed three fighters of the SDF in Suwaydan on December 12 and 13. ISIS snipers also destroyed an vehicle of the SDF with heavy anti-material rifle, according to Amaq.

Several villages and towns on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river, including the town of Hajin, are still in the hands of ISIS. The SDF will likely need some time to clear the entire eastern bank from the terrorist group.

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Peter Bedijn

Yankee go home!

Jerry Hamilton

I don’t think Netanyahu will let them.

Syria insider

Yes you are right about that.

Jonathan Cohen


Syria insider

The Turkish Army has launched a failed attack near Kobani. According to the ypg media wing 2 Turkish soldiers were killed in the Fighting.


Most likely true. The turks are underestimating the equipment the Kurds have. Not counting having access to the best intelligence service in the world backed by tons of money. As long as the american are there, it will require some serious commitment, No BS bombing from time to time.

The US-Israeli coalition can switch gears and build Kurdistan in 100% turkish territory which will grant them a grateful nations as an ally til the end of days.

They just need an access to the mediterranean and the black sea. They will no longer need the turks to position missiles towards Russia. This is actually the better plot for the bad guys.

Turkey right now does not have solid allies, even Russia does not trust them fully. Unfortunately they are unreliable partners that can switch sides in a split second. Seems like they are not blessed with long term strategy or ethics. This is making Turkey extremely vulnerable.


” they are not blessed with long term strategy or ethics”

Rather like the USA as well really :)


In this I agree. Furthermore, I doubt if there have ever even been major powers with ethics. I never read about them at least.


It is certain that no nations are 100% ethical, or ever have been. However today the it is the cynicism of the US that purports to be the fountain of Democratic Values and the ‘exporter’ of ‘American Democratic Values’ to the world. It is rather perverse that the results of the US initiated Regime Changes and also military force to gain compliance from nations that to not agree with the US opinions more often than not cause mass civilian deaths, casualties , migration and future decades of devastation and internal chaos.

The USA is the proud holder of the ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ award. In the past it was Britain, Spain, France, Holland, China, Japan, Germany, the Normans, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman and so many more.

It is true to say that all of these nations have at some time said to weaker nations ‘ Accept our values or we will kill you. ‘


Iran, Syria, Hez , Russia plus Iraqi allies all want US out and do you seriously think Kurds want to take on these?

When Kurds like in Iraq join Assad to be part of Syria, how will US be able to stay in Syria.

Only kids think US has any chance to create a state in the middle of Syria under the Kurds.

Turkey alone can handle the entire Kurds issue when they become serious


Two small comments :

Turkey has not been able to handle its own kurds for a century and now they can suddenly handle Syrian kurds? Turkish foolish foreign policy the last decade has cost it its influence in the region, will lose it its Nato membership, cost EU membership and the mistakes of this year handed KRG and Iraq over to Iran, costing them all influence there.

Second is that SDF does not want to create an independent state in the middle of Syria. Firstly, their area is in the north and north east, not in the middle and secondly they want to remain in Syria, but as and within a federal state.

Alan Foo Ho Kok

First and foremost, this is different from the fight against Kurds in Turkey. They were fighting guerilla warfare .

In Syria it is different. The Kurds are Right there in front of them. Turkey’s armed forces can surely finish off any opposition with superior fire power and from the air. US would not go against Turkey at this stage for fear of losing Turkey for certainty from Nato.

That’s the reason why US sided Turkey openly in Iraq.

Assad and all partners have openly declared sovereignty of Syria to be maintained and no partition. Means no federalisation. That has been very clear


Never claimed it is one fight. It is Turkey claiming it is one fight.

SDF will never initiate a war with Turkey, they cannot directly win. An open war followed by a guerilla war is something else though. In case of an open war, full scale invasion of Rojava by Turkey, I expect units of YPG to cross the Turkish border and bring large amounts of troops and heavy weapons into the kurd mountains.

Federalisation has already, potentially, publicly been accepted by an Assad minister and was included in Russian first draft for a possible Syrian constitution.

Keep it Real

0 Kills, they just changed uniform to SDF!


Probably BS, ISIS is an asset of the US-Israeli agenda. As is the SDF. It’s more likely the 273 fighters joined the SDF. I don’t think they will survive a deadly blow from Turkey at 50k strong they can seriously do big damage to the Turks.


Offcourse, the anti west trolls here all play the same song ;)))


Not fan of SDF, but if true, this is good.


Ohoho to see to believe 270 in 12 day, show me at least 10 bodies of them I will believe lol . the Kurds in total they have never killed that number since war started but now they killed 270 in 12 days lol….


Well, 12 days of fighting for one village does not strike me as an expression of IS weakness.

Neither does the IS counterattacks on SAA around Mayadin, nor strikes against Al Tanf, thereby penetrating deeply into of through SAA held areas.

I think all concerned parties declaring victory have been a little premature.


Basically victory is already certain and it is a fact that IS IS foes not have any major townships where they can store their weapons and hide in the houses

What ISIS has ate small village which are not defendable .


IS defeat is imo indeed certain, but not yet realised.

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