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SDF Blames Trump For New Wave Of ISIS Attacks In Hajin (Video)


SDF Blames Trump For New Wave Of ISIS Attacks In Hajin (Video)

by: sdf-press.com

On December 22, ISIS fighters launched several new counter-attacks inside the town of Hajin in middle Euphrates River Valley, according to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The group blamed U.S. President Donald Trump for these attacks in a statement and said that they are a “direct reflection” of his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

“The terrorist organization took this chance to reorganize its troops and intensify its terrorist attacks on the positions of our forces,” the SDF added.

Despite blaming the U.S., the SDF acknowledged that its forces were able to repel the attacks with the support of the US-led coalition, whose warplanes conducted 82 airstrikes on the terrorist group in the last 24 hours.

According other SDF press center, 169 ISIS fighters were killed by US-backed fighters and coalition warplanes. An armored vehicle and a heavy machine gun were also captured from the terrorist group during the clashes.

The SDF fears that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria will jeopardize the ongoing anti-terror operation in the Euphrates Valley. However, the withdrawal is scheduled to happen during the next four months. This is more than enough to end the operation successfully.

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