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JUNE 2023

SDF Attempting To Encircle Raqqah From Southern Direction (Map)

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SDF Attempting To Encircle Raqqah From Southern Direction (Map)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have launched a military operation in order to encircle the ISIS-held city of Raqqah from the southern direction. The SDF has captured Karat aj Faraj and Shaykh al Jimal.

SDF Attempting To Encircle Raqqah From Southern Direction (Map)

Click to see the fuull-size map

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Solomon Krupacek

practically raqqa has already fallen


Practically Raqqah fell about three weeks ago. We have been watching a handover in slow motion.

Solomon Krupacek

not importan. also the government makes deals with terrorists.

what is important, in 2 weeks can sdf/ypg advance to dez.


SDF dont want to advance in Deir Ez Zor from Raqqa. Their only focus is Raqqa. Spreading fake news is not going to help, ISIS are putting up a hard fight in Raqqa. The city is not that big as people think.


SDF is evidently a branch of US military. They want to advance to Deir Ezzor because that is what they are commanded to do. No other logical reason.

I foresee co-operation with Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and indirectly Iranians to squeeze the SDF threat out of existence after ISIS terrorists are dead. If they make a deal, Erdogan might direct the “moderate rebel” factions in the Idlib province to attack them as well.


SDF will do what USA wants them to do, this is a fact non fiction.


The US led rebels are ‘ Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted ( or been set free in this case) ‘, and will claim a victory of epic proportions last seen in Call of Duty.


SAA should capture that one village just north of Resafa, to make that important town a bit more secure, also good that they captured Jadin and not the expansionist minions of USA.


Final push for Raqqah. Plan b is nearing its completion. Now the us will build a huge base nearby and never leave yet another country…


Yes thats the plan, the same goes to Russia.

Divesh Kumar

No there can’t be any comparison what US & Russia does. US just tames head choppers illegally without caring for innocent life that too illegally however Russia fries those bastards legally in the gambit of international laws


Be careful when you make comparisons. USA-NATO-Israel created ISIS and Co., to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia. Jus keep this in mind.


Cool. In a couple of weeks US will set foothold yet in another country where they won’t be leaving for at least… 50 years.

Leon De Elias

As fascist uninvited tyrannic ILLEGAL Terror Formation

on the INTL recognized sovereign Syrian soil..?




No, they don’t. They are just gathering the south Euphrate road to Deiz-Ez-Zor in ordre to stop the SAA there.


Spreading fake news


Who asks ? The “Clochards” (SDF) wants what US want. They could encircle Raqqa before but SAA wasn’t there. Now they are “waking up”… really. How nice, poor peoples.

Dustil schmit

Really when they are THREE ROUTES to deir ezzor if SAA wants to take MONTH long scenic route go ahead by the time to reach it more people in deir ezzor will be dead.


I think that is the point. One also has to remember that in the summer months IR is not that effective due to the heat that is close or above 37*C. In that case acting defensively is more effective in killing off the enemy, Dier Ezzor is the killing field.

Justin Ryan

Raqqa position is Closer to Deir Ezzor! It also splits up isis to 2 fronts! If the PMU take Al Quaim in Iraq then there will be 3 directions they can attack Deir Ezoir! # fronts closing in on Der Ezzoir would Relieve pressure on Deir Ezzor, not make a situation of more deaths within the city!


This is bullshiet.. What the SDF is doing is preventing the SAA from attacking ISIS from the south and taking control of south of Raqqa.. What the CIA democratic forces are doing is trying to get the ISIS cadre who are the reserves to flee the area and end up confronting the SAA hold up in the Dier Ezzor area..

Dustil schmit

Even if you went up there US would just cross river ahead and block them so is this wise plan of action to keep going towards raqqa city.

Justin Ryan

It forces the US to close Raqqa city off and stop isis fighters fleeing to deir ezzor!

If they dont close it off then SAA will have a foothold and also a claim to Raqqa after the war is completed.


Wrong, weeks ago the would have done it. ! Do not fool yourself.

Bill Wilson

You dumbfucks are truly morons!


bs they are going to block saa entrance to raqqa and direction to dez, the zio bastards


SDF will not stop SAA advance into Deir Ez Zor. They want SAA to stop coming near Raqqa. The Deir Ez Zor road is under SAA, they can advance anytime they want without SDF permission. SDF have said they don’t care as long SAA dont attack them in Raqqa province.


tnx Akar, good news :)


Wish that was true , well maybe it is , SAA just needs to get to the river road to take it to Deir Ezzor , but it sure seems like the SDF is blocking SAA , rather than aiding . The American influence I’m sure .


After liberating raqqa, the US might assign the SDF the task of liberating Aleppo.


Yes, that is a possibility. However, one needs still to know Russia opinion.


Of course, that is why the United States of Aggression committed the of aggression against the Syrian aircraft.

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