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SDF Announces Withdrawal From Border With Turkey In Coordination With Russia (Video)

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on October 27 that their troops are withdrawing from the border with Turkey in accordance with the Russian-Turkish agreement reached earlier in October.

In an official statement, the Kurdish-led group said that border guards of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will be deployed along the border line.

“The SDF is redeploying to new positions away from the Turkish-Syrian border across northeast Syria in accordance with the terms of the agreement in order to stop the bloodshed and to protect the inhabitants of the region from Turkish attacks,” the SDF’s statement reads.

The group also called on Russia to help launch “a constructive dialogue” between the self-administration in northeast Syria and the Damascus government.

The SDF’s statement was welcomed by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. A source in the ministry told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the government will work to aid and reincorporate citizens in the northeastern region.

“This withdrawal withdraws the basic pretext for the brutal Turkish aggression on our territory,” the source said.

Two days ago, the SDF commander-in-chief said that the group had rejected 13 terms of the Russian-Turkish agreement. The new statement indicates that the issues related to these terms have been resolved.

Now the SDF is working to improve its relations with both Russia and the Damascus government. Both sides reached an agreement on protecting northeast Syria earlier this month. The Kurdish group is apparently looking for a wider agreement with the central government.

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Peter Jennings

Goodbye SDF and hope the Syrian people will forgive you. You could have played a key role for Syria but sadly chose to steal its land instead. The US, nato, isreal are a spent force. The world caught up with technology whilst the aforementioned corporations were out enjoying themselves.

Joseph Scott

They never stole anything, and they *are* now providing a crucial role for Syrian defence, because the Turks and their jihadis have never abided by the ceasefire, and have attacked the SDF and SAA continuously. While the SAA is constrained by their relationship with Russia, the SDF, with it’s Democratic Confederalism, is not, and really,. cant be, despite the public statements they are making with Syria to put pressure on Turkey. The SDF are now the only real defence for Syrians living inside the “Peace Spring” zone on the map there.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

A sane voice on an insane forum, which means you won’t get too many like’s I’m afraid, I hope you have a strong constitution. Well said, accurate, and totally truthful, I hope you continue to post even if you get some slack for it, as well as slack for some other truthful and accurate comments I’ve seen you make today, this forum could really use some sensible conversation, keep it up.


I wouldn’t bet on SDF’s good of heart. A few days ago they completely rejected it but now want to comply? What happened in these few days for them to change their minds, other than Trump ordering them move from the north to deploy on oil and gas fields?


The kurdish commander spoke of reserves about 13 items of the agreement. Reserves are reserves, not rejection, and 13 items are 13 items in how many?


Do you mean ‘Reservations’. i.e ‘ I have ‘reservations’ about your political affiliations ? ‘

Joseph Scott

They are only agreeing for the sake of public appearance, and to help Syria make it’s argument that the Turks have no further business there. Assad doesn’t like this agreement either, since it essentially only narrows the scope of the Turkish invasion. The SDF are now the only people protecting Syrians living in the declared Peace Spring zone, and as far as I can tell, are acting with the full support of Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The memorandum of understanding between Turkey and Russia and it’s inclusion of the old Adana protocols, that’s what happened to change their minds, and just like Assad they don’t want to give the Turks any justification at all to have it reimplemented, so they’re avoiding any possible trouble with Turkey for now, at least the Kurds are, it’s a different matter entirely for the SAA though, because they’re giving it to the SNA near Ras al Ayn right now.


This is great if it happens. However there’s a difference between pulling back from the border and the Russian and Syrian forces deploying to observation posts on the border. And pulling back 20 miles from the border completely. That’s where I’d expect the double dealing and back sliding to occur. Particularly in the Kurdish majority areas. At least as long as the Iraqis are allowing the US to wage war against and occupy Syria and stir up trouble with the Kurds. The Iraq problem needs to be corrected to get the war in the NE ended.


For myself, this just shows that the SDF isn’t buying any bs from the US. Mr. Kobane backpedaled mightily on this one or was flat out overridden by others.


They should retreat from the oil fields and join SAA as soon as possible

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The group also called on Russia to help launch “a constructive dialogue” between the self-administration in northeast Syria and the Damascus government”.

I think that means they’re asking the Russians to help persuade Assad to allow them to retain their autonomous privileges.

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