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SDF And US-led Coalition Arrest Suspects Linked To Manbij Bombing (Video)


At the late hours of January 25, a joint force of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US-led coalition carried out a series of special security operations, during which several suspects linked to the recent Manbij bombing were arrested.

According to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA), the joint force raided several houses in the city of Manbij based on intelligence information and with direct support from coalition helicopters. Beside arresting several suspects, the force seized loads of weapons.

“Several people who are suspected of being involved in the bombing that targeted the Palace of Princes restaurant, which killed 15 people including 4 Americans, were arrested,” the ANHA’s reporter in Manbij said citing local fighters who participated in the operations.

The American casualties were identified as Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jonathan R. Farmer, Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician Shannon M. Kent, Department of Defense civilian employee Scott A. Wirtz and civilian interpreter Ghadir Taher.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred on January 16. However, a report by a Syrian monitoring group close to US-backed forces indicated that the terrorist group may have lied to manipulate the investigation or to hide the trace to a third party.

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  • FlorianGeyer

    The problem is that whomsoever the US says they are will be doubted .

    This is because the history of lying and false arrests with confessions obtained by torture are just an everyday part of US Justice.

  • Xoli Xoli

    If it’s not a innocent civilians who has been arrested then it’s evacuation of CIA and M16