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SDF Advancing Against ISIS In Western Raqqah Countryside (Map)


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are advancing against ISIS terrorists in the western countryside of the city of Raqqah.

The SDF has captured the villages of al-Khatuniyah and Bir Hamad located near the Baath Dam and and advanced n ISIS units operating near the dam.

The Baath Dam is the last useful ISIS defense site in this area. When it’s captured, the US-backed force will be able to focus on tightening the siege on the ISIS self-proclaimed capital.

SDF Advancing Against ISIS In Western Raqqah Countryside (Map)



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  • jirka maly

    you mean the USA is relocating ISIS fighters, right? ;)

    • Störtebembel

      It means, be sure you´ll never forget your alu hat. ;-)

  • dutchnational

    SDF is doing well. By advancing slowly and clearing the areas they run less risk of infiltration, bombs and refugees can return sooner.

    Rapid advanves sound nice but are often followed by reversals.

  • DJ Double D

    Nobody is buying the idea that Kurds are doing all the fighting. The quick and successive successes are proof. Hundreds if not several thousands of Coalition troops in front , middle and back lines. As opposed to Russia, US is always afraid to openly admit that.

    • Störtebembel

      And there are all this vatican-israeli-rastafari-scientologic-and-w.o.e. based chem trail that they spray without mercy on those pure and innocent russian and syrian gov. troops. OMG! ;-)