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SDF Advances In Rameelah District In Raqqah City, Makes Notable Gains (Map)

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On August 7, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, advanced against ISIS terrorists in the northern part of Raqqah city. SDF units entered the Rameelah district and captured a notable part of it after an intense fighting with ISIS.

The current SDF goal is to consolidate the recent gains and to make an attempt to secure the entire Rameelah district and the nearby Tishrin district.

SDF Advances In Rameelah District In Raqqah City, Makes Notable Gains (Map)

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Jonathan Cohen

SDF needs to let raqqa starve a while and go liberate oil fields for ABORTION RIGHTS! Also, if SDF reaches Dier Ezzor first, they can trade with SAA, Ammo to dier ezzor for ammo to Afrin!


Yeah, a bit of a strategic blunder to get tied down for this pile of ruble.


krd already control the richest fields, which produced 60% of oil before war. Notably Tishreen/Al Hawl Field, Kabibah Field, Jabisah Field, Swidiyeh/Rumelan Field, and Oudeh field.

What? Raqqa is the most strategic city; connecting Hasaka and DZ (Syria’s richest provinces) to Aleppo, and not to mention commanding the only hydro dams and only water source towards the dessert. Add to that “dash capital” and the fact it houses huge Arab population, commands the Tabqa AB, and vast cotton and wheat plantations and uala, makes your comment ridiculous.

Justin Ryan

ure a fuck head! Abortion rights is a troll comment! My counter troll comment is….. Abortion is the same as taking a shit…. OR Its killing a whole baby! It can only be one or the other, there is no in-between!

If u find urself saying “its not taking a shit, its not killing a baby” then what the fuck is it?

a. Getting something out of ur body u don’t want. b. Killing a babies life!

if u say “its not a life until ###” Then its “taking a shit” because its meaningless!

So tell me, who are more moral? Those who have abortion rights laws (those who believe abortion is like taking a shit)

OR Those who believe abortion is killing a whole baby!

In these questions, we find out who the immoral scum are! I know which one u are :)

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