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Scoring Up October 2018


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Thanks to your support in October, SouthFront collected 5030 USD. This amount allows the project to keep its content production on the current level.

In October, SouthFront produced:

  • Videos: 29;
  • Graphics: 120;
  • Texts: 647.

Dear friends, those who assist the project,

During the last months, SouthFront was finishing to collect the minimal needed budget only in the last days of every month. This situation does not allow to plan the development of the project.

Nevertheless, next months, SouthFront is going to boost the number of maps and infographics produced, to release documentaries, including one about the problems of the US Armed Forces, and continue producing exclusive text analyses.

In its work, SouthFront is seeking to employ an independent and candid approach as well as to cover different point of views.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Scoring Up October 2018

Scoring Up October 2018

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Scoring Up October 2018

Scoring Up October 2018 Scoring Up October 2018 Scoring Up October 2018 Scoring Up October 2018 Scoring Up October 2018


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