Scoring Up August 2018


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Thanks to your support, SouthFront collected 5,100 USD in August. This amount will allow the project to keep its content production on the current level.

In August, the project produced:

  • Videos: 29;
  • Graphics: 75;
  • Texts: 589.

In August, SouthFront released a 92-minute long video on the conflict in Syria, “Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018” and two military analyses:

  • “Chinese Naval Expansion Hits High Gear”;
  • “China’s Dark Sword UAV Program”.

The project has also started preparing on a documentary on the Turkish-backed factions and Ankara’s strategy in northwestern Syria and a video analysis comparing naval forces of the US, China and Russia.

The number of content, which SouthFront is able to produce, depends only on your donations.




Scoring Up August 2018

Scoring Up August 2018

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Scoring Up August 2018

Scoring Up August 2018 Scoring Up August 2018 Scoring Up August 2018 Scoring Up August 2018 Scoring Up August 2018


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  • Jon

    Why did the hour and half video on entire history of Russian intervention get taken down?

    Good piece of persuasive journalism, as it were.

    Russia will play only its own interests, which is only correct. It will rationally analyze the situation in Syria and neither over invest, nor stay at the table too long.

    It’s ok to disengage strategically.