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JUNE 2020

Schröder: U.S. Acts In Germany As “Occupation Officer”


Schröder: U.S. Acts In Germany As “Occupation Officer”

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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Gerhard Schröder sharply criticized US trade policy, as well as the behavior of the US Ambassador in Berlin, liking his behavior to an “occupation officer.”

He also called for closer German relations with China.

“We cannot put up with being treated like an occupied country,” said the SPD politician. “When I look at the actions of the American ambassador in Germany, I have the impression that he sees himself more as an occupation officer than as an ambassador of the United States in a sovereign state.”

Thus, according to Schröder, Germany must look for allies with similar interests.

“It is inevitable that those who are affected by the conflicts that emanate from the United States should come closer together,” said the former Chancellor. “We cannot stand up as part of an American trade dispute with China, rather we must resolutely fulfill our export interests in the Chinese market.”

The US trade dispute with China also affects German companies. US President Donald Trump accuses China of unfair trade practices and is bothered by the large deficit in trade with the People’s Republic. The leadership in Beijing rejects the allegations and accuses the United States of “trade tyranny.”

Schröder warned the federal government against foreclosing Germany against Chinese investors.

“What speaks against, if you have a Chinese investor who not only has a financial interest, but also brings something, namely improved opportunities for the company in the Chinese market?” He asked. “For me, there is really only one limit, the limit exists where military equipment is concerned.”

He also claimed that the German government is currently leading a desperate fight against protectionist currents in the US. “That’s why we should avoid anything that puts us in a similarly bad light, which cannot help us.”

The former chancellor’s words also come while there are rising calls for the creation of an EU army.

They were first voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron. He said said he wanted to reduce Europe’s dependence on the US and US weapons for its own security. Trump called Macron’s idea “very insulting,” tweeting that Europe should “first pay its fair share of NATO, which the US subsidises greatly.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also supported the idea of an EU army. During a European parliament session, she emphasized the need for Europe to bolster its self-defense capabilities, and said that a European army could run parallel to NATO.

A spokesperson for the commission’s president Jean-Claude Juncker said he was “pleased” that the argument for the force seemed to be “going in our direction.”

The speaker also said that Juncker was the first person to speak about an EU army four years ago. “Let me clarify that the first one who spoke about the EU army four years ago was someone called Jean-Claude Juncker.”

However, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte remained a skeptic. He claimed that the region’s security can only be guaranteed through NATO.

“The idea of a European army is going way too far for the Netherlands,” he said. “France and Germany are really jumping the gun. As far as the Netherlands is concerned, NATO remains the cornerstone of our defense policy.”

China also did not condemn the idea of an EU army, however reiterated that it has never posed a threat to Europe.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said: “We have never posed a threat to Europe. It [Europe] has the right to decide its own foreign and defense policies.”

The EU army is still simply a concept, and it is uncertain if it will happen. However, it is apparent that voices are appearing in the EU that will openly criticize Washington’s policy in the region. Most significantly those voices posses executive power. It is also evident that the US sees Europe as a sort of battleground against Russia, mostly disregarding the EU interests.

However, it is also easy to see that in the case of a war Europe is the region who arguably stands to lose the most.



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  • Barba_Papa

    >>However, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte remained a skeptic. He claimed
    that the region’s security can only be guaranteed through NATO.<<

    Of course he would say that. All major Dutch politicians have sold their soul (and our country) to the US. The Dutch foreign minister is basically the US ambassador to the Netherlands already. That's why the official US ambassador is a flunky who made a hefty campaign contribution to whoever ends up in the White House. He doesn't have to do any work anyway.

    If you want to watch how shamefully our political leaders have sold their soul and our country to the US, watch the video of then Prime Minister Balkenende and then foreign minister and later NATO secretary De Hoop Scheffer visited the Bush White House. They look like two kids who get to meet their favorite pop star. Young girls gush less when they meet Justin Bieber then these two. And the really fun thing is Bush had to ask his aide just prior to their entry what their names were.

    • Sinbad2

      Well, if others think like you, next election Rutte will get his marching orders.
      I hope that the US will get kicked out of occupied Europe, for the benefit of all Europeans.
      A whole new world led by Europe and Asia will emerge, if the Americans can be subdued.

    • beypuutyina

      why do you vote self-selling politicians?

      • You can call me Al

        ” why do you vote self-selling politicians?”….. do you have any better alternative ?

      • Barba_Papa

        I didn’t vote for him. I voted for something completely else. Oddly enough, even though everybody complains about their politicians, people in general keep on voting for them. Only to bitch again afterwards.

        It’s like when they are the voting booth they get cold feet and think better the devil we know…….

        • beypuutyina

          you – in plural. hollands.

      • Nosferatu

        Those in the west that are really doing the decisions affecting population, have never been elected. Follow the money to find out who rules over you.

  • potcracker2588

    holland??? is that a country???

    • Peter Moy

      Yes indeed. It is a UN recognized land of ~ 17.2 million souls that borders the North Sea and therefore has many dikes (not the lesbian type.) in terms of military capability, it is on par with the Chicago Police Department and therefore a NATO super-duper, armed to the teeth, military colossus.

      • You can call me Al

        Sorry but you are talking about the Netherlands, but hey ho.

        “It is a UN recognised land of ~ 17.2 million souls that borders the North Sea and therefore has many dikes (not the lesbian type.)” ….. you missed one important bit out there, The Netherlands = Nederlands = Low lands, that is why the Dikes are there.

        “Military Colossus” ???, I suppose so, compared to Lichtenstein.

        • Peter Moy

          Thank you for the additional information. Since you mentioned Liechtenstein, let me offer my proposal to the General Secretary of the UN and the bigwigs in Washington, DC and Brussels: I call for the immediate creation of a new military/political/economic alliance to counter worldwide US/NATO hegemony. This new alliance will called the MALLS Bloc. No not shopping malls but a real balancing force whose goal is world peace. It will consist of Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein. Luxembourg and San Marino. It will have the US, NATO and even Russia and China shaking in their boots, Inshallah!

    • You can call me Al

      No, it comprised of 2 counties, North and South Holland. Both are part of the Netherlands.

  • Peter Moy

    It is long overdue but at least one German has spoken up about his country being occupied. He is also personally aware what war can do to a family. Schroder never knew his father who had been killed on the Eastern Front in Romania in 1944. If President Trump is always complaining about NATO “not paying their share” of the supposed collective defense alliance, then the US should withdraw from it. NATO was originally formed to prevent Soviet-led Warsaw Pact invasion of central and western Europe, but that scenario has evaporated and is only a figment of war monger, paranoid minds nowadays. Increased trade relations with China and other countries surely makes sense in today’s world. Even Kanzlerin Merkel of “Wir schaffen das” and “Fluchtlinge Willkommen” infamy realizes this. She has already made nine trips to the PRC so far.

    • You can call me Al

      The people in the whole of Europe think it, it is the scumbag politicians (that are supposed to represent our views) that through the years have decided their judgement is better than the people.

  • verner

    And Schröder is right of curse and it would be in Europe’s best interest to distance itself from the disunited
    states of America (although I guess Poland and the tiny flyspecks on the eastern shore of the Baltic can
    and will continue to house American forces while Europe disengages itself from the grasping and needy tentacles of the neo-terrorists in Washington DC). But, before that happens, politicians in Europe will have to grow a pair, which isn’t likely in the near future.

  • occupybacon

    EU as political structure is a joke, their politicians can be either US agents or Russian agents.

    • Bob

      You’re living in the past – Soviets withdrew from their post-1945 occupation positions in central and eastern Europe in 1991 – whereas US maintains their post-1945 occupation positions in western Europe, and is actually expanding further eastward via NATO (Poland/Baltic’s/ex-Yugoslav republics) – and likewise maintains their post-1945 occupation position in Japan.

      • occupybacon

        They didn’t end the occupation in 45, they kept some small basses here and there til 60’s but I’m too lazy to find a list for you. Nobody is forced to have American bases other than Germany and Japan, France kicked them out at one point. East European countries that host NATO basses are happy to have them.

        • Bob

          ‘They didn’t end the occupation in 45, they kept some small basses here and there…’

          Who and what are you talking about…?!

          • occupybacon

            the Soviets kept bases in Eastern Europe after 45

          • Bob

            So, exactly which part of, ‘You’re living in the past – Soviets withdrew from their post-1945 occupation positions in central and eastern Europe in 1991…’, did you miss?

          • occupybacon

            My mistake, I thought you were saying that they retreated after ’45 from Europe.