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Scandalous Photos Of American Al-Qaeda Propagandist In Syria Are Leaked On Internet


On July 9, a number of scandalous photos of Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American journalist working in the Syrian region of Greater Idlib, surfaced on social media.

Abdul Kareem, who appeared entirely naked in the photos, is an infamous propagandist for terrorist groups in Greater Idlib. His own outlet, On the Ground News, has been promoting these groups and their ideology for years.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), that received much support from Abdu Kareem in its early years, was accused of leaking the scandalous photos.

Several opposition activists said HTS’ security forces leaked the photos to pressure and slander Abdul Kareem, who recently criticized the group for the unlawful arrest of Tauqir Sharif, his close affiliate.

Sharif, who is known as “Abu Hussam al-Birtani,” is a British aid worker based in Greater Idlib. He was arrested by HTS last month. The group accused Sharif of financing projects that promote division in the region. He was likely financing other terrorist groups without HTS knowledge.

Abdul Kareem slammed HTS for arresting Sharif, especially that he was stripped from his British citizenship by the United Kingdom’s Home Office in 2017.

In a video message released a few hours after the photos leaks, Abdul Kareem confirmed that his mobile phone was hacked, saying that he has an idea on who may have done it. His remarks were seen as a direct hint at HTS.

HTS denied responsibility for leaking Abdul Kareem’s photos in a statement. The group claimed that the photos were sent to its security forces by an unknown individual prior to their release. The group vowed to uncover that individual and hold him accountable.

Nevertheless, the statement appears to be an attempt by HTS to dodge the problem by pining the leaks on an anonymous side.

This issue didn’t only harm the reputation of Abdul Kareem, but also led to a backlash against HTS. Leaking private photos is strictly forbidden in Islam and is considered to be a major sin. The group has already being accused of abandoning Jihadi ideology.




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