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Scandal in FIFA reveals plan of US

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The US is cracking down on international football’s governing body FIFA using a corruption scandal. It looks like well-planned attack before a new election in the body. So what is the reason for the US to destroy current structure exactly now?

The US wants to control the whole world. It is not a secret. America has international money, language, culture and military bases all over the world. Football as the most popular kind of sport has its influence in many spheres. Having leverage in FIFA it is possible to pursue specific policy. For example, hosting a World Cup or other international competitions gives a country international recognition, infrastructure development, foreign investments, workplaces etc. The Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi showed Russia as one of the most responsible and well-hosted countries despite the western hysteria.

As is known confrontation between Russia and the US is very intensive. Russia was chosen as the host for the 2018 World Cup and a lot of countries were upset about it. But what a coincidence! Using this scandal the US tries to blame FIFA in getting money from Russia to host the World Cup 2018. During the scandal Sepp Blatter was re-elected to a fifth term as the president of FIFA. He stressed that Russia would host the World Cup 2018 without any changes. A few days later he left his post under the pressure.

How it is possible that the country can blame and influence on the international body? This scandal shows that the US will use any leverages to conduct their policy for destroying enemies and friends.

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