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Scammers Are Hunting ISIS Supporters Desperate To Get Their Comrades Out Of Al-Hawl Camp In Syria

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Scammers Are Hunting ISIS Supporters Desperate To Get Their Comrades Out Of Al-Hawl Camp In Syria

Click to see full-size image. Source: Hawar News Agency (ANHA)

Human traffickers are scamming ISIS supporters who are desperate to get their comrades and their families out from the notorious al-Hawl camp in northeastern Syria, the Analytical Network News Agency (ANNA News) reported on June 18.

The camp, which is located in the eastern countryside of al-Hasakah, is being run by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). More than 60,000 people, including thousands of foreigners, are being held in al-Hawl. Many of the camp’s residents are relatives of ISIS terrorists, or suspected members of the group.

The camp experiences escape attempts on a regular basis. Nevertheless, only a few made it out due to the SDF’s tight control.

According to the ANNA, the few who manage to escape the camp end up paying up to $2,300 to traffickers in order to reach Turkey.

Some traffickers even offer ISIS relatives to smuggle them out of the camp. However, the cost for that can be as high as $10,000. The money is usually collected by ISIS supporters aboard. Very few manage to escape this way. In most cases, the traffickers end up taking the money for themselves. The deal is more of a scam.

The hellish situation in the al-Hawl camp is encouraging many of its residents to risk everything to escape. Crime is widespread inside the camp.

Earlier this year, the SDF carried out a security-humanitarian operation in the camp. Nevertheless, the situation didn’t improve much. According to a recent report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least seven people have been murdered inside the camp since the end of the operation.


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jens holm

Its not reliable to decide the hard SDF campaigne didnt work. It might have taken the top of growth of it like cutting the laundry.

I have no soultion. The only ones is to stop Assads and turks denying SDFs help and somehow recognize their area is a fact and need a lot of help in this and other things.

But one thing for sure. I wont take back any back to here. Those has arrived here or their parents has. I only has velcommed the ones, which integrate and recognice and floow the Constitution, where we has voted for rights as well as responsabilities.

Those and a few convertites dont belong here. I anything, they should pay back the billions for free meals, free housing, free schools, free danish Choran(which is not the bad pages created by ISIS), free healtcare, free hospital service, almost free dental service a.s.o.

When they have done that and show they – danes or not – belongs to here – I will reconsider.

I feell a litle better for those, which has supported Pesmerga and maybee still does. At least they have no been fighting against the danish state. Its also shown in Our courts. Those Kurds only get a year or two in prison.


if neurosurgeon replace dead braincells with lego maybe night porter can create coherent sentence

Peter Wallace

Troll back again. The pay must be good. I didn’t read it because it would be a waste of time so can you write it again in simpler language..


typical CIA SCAM

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