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JUNE 2021

SBU Reveals Identity Of Alleged Organizer Of Killing Of Babchenko

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SBU Reveals Identity Of Alleged Organizer Of Killing Of Babchenko

Boris German. Photo: strana.ua

On May 31, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) revealed indentity of the allegeed organizer of the killing of Russian opposition journalist Arkadiy Babchenko, which had been staged by the SBU.

The “organizer” appears to be Boris German. He is an executive chief of the Ukrainian-German weaponry company “Schmeisser” and is also known as a strong supporter of Kiev’s military operation in eastern Ukraine.

According to the SBU, German received $ 40,000 to organize the murder of Babchenko from “Russian intelligence”. However, the entire story looks pretty questionable.

Ukrainian news website Strana.ua obtained details of the incident from sources in law-enforcement agencies. According to the obtained data, the SBU has no clear evidence confirming German’s contacts with Russian intelligence.

Furthermore, German himself claims that he was acting in the framework of counter-intelligence operation launched by the SBU. These claims were later confirmed by Andrei Smirnov, an advocate of German.

Furthermore, Smirnov says that German was able to provide law enforcements with info about his contact in the SBU, who had oredered to find a hitman to kill Babchenko of as a part of the counter-intelligence operation.

According to the advocate, the SBU was not even been able to provide enough evidence to accuse Babchenko of organizing the killing so far.

The situation is developing.

More about the staged death of Babchenko: “Kiev Surpassed Its Puppeteers

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Cheryl Brandon

What sort scam is SBU and this Boris Hermann character?? they sound like desperate amateurs! Stupid!

Panthera Pardus

So the german Boris has organized all of this – is it known also the family name of this Mr.Boris?
( on the line of “who is the president of china”)


wow….such degenerate pricks…..cant even organize…LOL…… its pretty clear now for everyone that ukraine is going down the hard way….probably a state which will implode very soon…lol…dumm europeans will have to pay dearly..1. with loads and loads and loads of money….and boy will those ukrainians once the implosion is there 2. flee/migrate to EU…….LOL…….EU= jew slave countries LOL


Like I stated many times before…: Everything these AngloZioNazis try to Pull off…will Fail…they are too fucken stupid to come up with smart things…we have a Massive Flock of Sheeple that don’t give a damn…and a growing Group of People Worldwide trying to tackle every Narrative the AngloZioNazis come up with. So basically they don’t stand a chance…..noice…

Carol Davidek-Waller

Who organized the killing of the 14 journalists who were actually murdered in Ukraine this year alone? Not newsworthy? Pre World Cup propaganda is more important?


Just one point, there is no such thing as the SBU anymore. The CIA took over the SBU within weeks of the coup.

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