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SBU Detained Another “Special” Spy

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The video was made by Ukrainian journalist and politician Anatoly Shariy. LINK Watch another investigation of the crimes of the SBU HERE

Hello, my dear friends. To be honest, I don’t know what the SBU is doing. I can assume that Zelensky gave orders – it must be somehow told that Shariy is doing something bad in Ukraine. But the fact is that Shariy isn’t doing anything wrong, and all his people only help those in need. But a certain public image must be created by means of the Ukrainian media, and I don’t know if anyone still reads them.

I told you before that they detained a mentally ill person – it’s confirmed by documents – and stated he was an FSB spy who snooped around, looked, and photographed, although the person is practically blind. LINK It could have been a joke, but they really did it. I showed the documents – the person is almost blind. His optic nerve has been atrophied since childhood. Back in 1985, such a conclusion was made. He is also mentally ill. And it began again. The SBU reported another piece of news. Lo and behold, now they have exposed an admirer of Shariy in the Khmelnitskiy region, who called for the invaders’ support. He is also related to the “People’s rule” political movement, he campaigned massively on the Internet to support, and blah-blah. The SBU published this person’s interrogation, however, with his face blurred.

“How do you feel about raising the flag of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

“Do you support the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the borders defined in 1991 after the declaration of independence of Ukraine?”

“Not anymore.”


“I think that in 1991 a mistake was made and a crime was committed – separatism. It is necessary to restore the USSR in its previous borders.”

“So you think that Ukraine should be part of the Russian Federation? Did I understand you correctly?”

“Perhaps as part of the Russian Federation or the USSR, or the Russian Empire. This is how it will turn out.”

“How do you feel and do you support the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation?”

“I think the Russian Federation did the right thing because the people of Crimea had to be saved.”

“From whom?”

“From the massacre that the Maidan authorities were planning to do.”

“What do you think about and do you support the creation and activities of “LPR” and “DPR” terrorist organizations?”

“I think it was local defence of the Donbass residents.”

“Who were they defending against?” “From the Maidan authorities and right-wing radical groups.”

“Do you consider the Russian Federation a terrorist state? Argue in favour of your answer.” “Concerning the current Ukrainian government and its supporters, it’s really aggression.”

“You, as a resident of Khmelnitskiy city, which is constantly targeted by missile strikes how do you feel about Russian aggression? Give a clear-out answer.”

“I’m ready to put up with it. Even if a missile hits my house, I will still hold my pro-Russian views.”

You hear that the person’s responding, and his responses are strange enough. You can pay attention to how this person’s responding and think – what if something is wrong? Didn’t anything perplex you? I was perplexed. I instantly remembered something – the events happened two years ago. As like as two peas. Deja vu! Look. “In Khmelnitskiy city, the SBU exposed a fake “city council”, whose pseudo-deputies are connected with Shariy and the Russian special services.” Let’s watch my video dated 2021, my friends. “Ukrainska Pravda” “Fake city council and cooperation with Shariy: the SBU is executing search warrant at Kremlin agents in Khmelnitskiy.” It’s already the Ukrainian truth. That’s right, it’s a good name. Modern Ukrainian truth. “Focus”. “Coordinated by the Russian special services: the SBU exposed a fake “city council” in Khmelnitskiy.” They just quoted the SBU statement. The SBU seriously wrote that they worked closely with Shariy and Russian special services. Oh, oh, oh. It’s good that they “blocked the activity”. “Russian special services coordinated it.” We, of course, did what the Ukrainian motherfucking nauseous media never do. We found these people. We contacted this person in 2021. I won’t give any more comments. I don’t want to end this video with comments and reflections. SBU practice this. I realized what they were doing – they would try to create some negative public image for me. On the drug addict’s instructions, people began to be detained – good, normal, ordinary people, but with certain special needs because it’s easier to “work” with them. Do you understand? You told him, and he repeated it. You wrote down some nonsense, and he read it out. Yes, SBU, stoop to a whole new low. Our hero. 2021. Even before the creation of an alternative city council, there was an attempt to exercise power directly. Then people gathered together and signed a collective agreement of the territorial community. They began to issue certificates of people entrepreneurs based on Article 5 of the Constitution.

– What year are we talking about?

– The immediate power.

– What year was it?

– People’s entrepreneurs obtained registration certificates from this territorial community, and they paid taxes to the community.

– And what year was it?

– I think it was in 2012. It started back then.

– And what led to the search warrants executed by the SBU last fall and the forcing the opening of criminal cases against these initiatives?

– A criminal case was opened in Khmelnitskiy back in 2016. Within its framework, there were search warrants.

– Do you mean concerning your city council, which you created?

– Yes. In October, a meeting of city residents was held, at which 18 people voted for the local government body creation.

– 10 deputies were elected to the initial composition.

– Did those 18 people elect 10 deputies?

– Yes, from their composition.

– And the citywide elections should not have been held?

– It’s not directly mentioned in the Constitution.

– My Yandex.Money card was also taken away. And they took away Shariy’s card, which was published in the media and which Shariy mentioned in his video

– It’s the only thing how Anatoliy Shariy is related to this case – you had a card that anyone could order on the official website of the Party of Shariy, right?

– Yes, that’s the only thing. And the only proof that we were allegedly funded by the Russian Federation – I had a card of Yandex.Money Russian payment system that I haven’t used for 5 years. Because of this, they decided to write that we are funded by Russian special services.

– I’m reading on the SBU website, “The materials of the pre-trial investigation give grounds to assert that the deputies’ activities were coordinated by the Russian special services. They actively collaborated with the pro-Russian propagandist Anatoliy Shariy. The card of a Party of Shariy supporter that you ordered on a public website is the only thing how they related you to the Russian Federation and Shariy, right?

– Yes. In principle, the search warrant results couldn’t give any other grounds because there is nothing else that would connect me with the Russian special services and Shariy. This case has been in the air since 2016. Charges were never filed against anyone. I’m sure the SBU is just playing to the crowd to show the tokenism.

– Why do you think the SBU officially connected you with the Russian Federation and Anatoliy Shariy on your case? ”Firstly, to discredit Shariy, to accuse him of creating fake city councils to destabilize the situation in the country.”


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Isser Harel

Boola is now responsible for more israeli deaths than any enemy of gods people in human history: including future generations. Therefore he is an antisemite of the most dangerous kind: a remorseless killer. Arrest him oh Esther..


Boola is just doing his job:

 1981 Depopulation Agenda: Jacques Attalli – BilderBerger


GayUSA Transarmy

Ukrotards learned to abuse the mentally disabled from us. We couldn’t be more proud 🥲


wtf is this shit. This Shariy guy is the one who is crazy

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

Those answers seem staged or mixed real ones with propaganda, or the person is real confuse for some reason.


Tra qualche settimana assisteremo a una sparatoria tutta interna all’Ucraina , con morti ,feriti fuggiaschi e delatori , così come in ogni banda di delinquenti quando il colpo fallisce o il bottino è magro .

WT Baker

I don’t know exactly but it is possible we are in the first stages of the formal decay in the orbit of Zelensky regime. One could say this decay started on the very day Zelensky was “elected” but given the events of past week it appears something is up.

Lovin' it

Rats running over each other on a sinking ship.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that person. He is entitled to his opinion, and stands his ground. Brilliant.


I thought Ukraine welcomed Bolsheviks who were on the run from Russia. They used to anyway.

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