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JULY 2022

Saudis Continue Their Oil War Against Russia Despite OPEC+ Deal

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Saudis Continue Their Oil War Against Russia Despite OPEC+ Deal

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Despite the recently reached OPEC+ deal that put limits to output of the main world oil producers, the Saudi-launched oil war does not seem to be nearing its end.

On April 13, State-owned oil titan Saudi Aramco lowered official selling prices for buyers in Asia and the Mediterranean region while hiking prices higher for the US and northwest Europe, Bloomberg reported. Aramco oil prices in Asia are not sit near their lowest level in two decades.

Summing up, Aramco slashed its official selling price for Asian buyers by $4.20 per barrel to a discount of $7.30 compared to the Middle East’s oil benchmark. Price hikes for US buyers ranged from $2.50 per barrel for Arab Extra Light crude to $4.20 for the exporter’s heavy grade.

Asia is Aramco’s largest market and the Kingdom’s actions demonstrate that it still aims aims to dominate in key markets and Raising prices in the US might also serve as a strategic move, as Russia already dominates it.

Another point of view provided by analysts is that Saudi Arabia increased its prices in the US in order to assist the situation with the US shale oil production under a behind the scenes deal with the Trump administration.

At the same time in northwest Europe, the Kingdom has also strengthened its positions by the recent oil offensive and pushed Russian oil companies from the part of the market.

The Saudi move came one day after the oil coalition agreed to cut production by 9.7 million barrels per day to support demand. Therefore, while the OPEC+ deal reduced the  global output, the war is still ongoing.

Currently, the Kingdom is aiming to reduce the share of Russian oil companies in China and India amid the ongoing fall of the demand to oil caused by the global economic crisis and the COVID-19 outbreak.

It seems that Moscow was once again tricked by its ‘Western partners’ and their allies. The OPEC+ deal already damaged the Russian interests on the oil market by de-facto forcing it to voluntary abandon a part of the share. However, the deal did not regulate oil prices established by the sides involved. So, the Kingdom continued attacking Russian interests on the market.


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So? They have better oil than Russia

Lone Ranger

Better? Nah, only more expensive.


Yeah, let’s keep up with the low price, it’s good for the consumers and bad for shale and Russia, triple win situation here. Bonus less money for the war in Yemen.

Lone Ranger

Actually its good for Russia. Saudis and shale oil going belly up, Russia will win the last man standing match ;)


Yeah, that’s why Putin begged BSM to cut the production in 2016

Lone Ranger

Putin never begged anybody. Its usually the other way around.

Zionism = EVIL

This retard is a kid and laughable.

Zionism = EVIL

You are named right, uneducated moron teenager :) Dumbass Russia is a high teach country and the sale of one S-400 off-sets all decline in oil prices. India has now totally gone back to Russia as its main weapons supplier with over $9.5 billion is sales, mostly MIG-29SMT, T-90 tanks, S-400 and naval ships. Iran is now unshackled by sanctions will be buying major weapons systems from both Russia and China. Get a clue idiot!


Wow 9 billion. Almost as Melania’s clothes budget for a day

Zionism = EVIL

These idiots don’t realize that there in no good or better oil. It all depends on the sulfur content and refining technology. Russia is a very low cost high end product producer and so is Iran, also both have highly tech advanced diversified economies and large educated populations, while 97% of Saudi live on oil based state welfare and now the cost of Yemen quagmire is over $5 billion a month while oil revenenes are down by 80% and Saudi total assets as the failed ARAMCO IPO showed are worth less than $300 billion. Saudis are truly fucked as their deadbeat Jew and Americunt masters. We are past peak oil anyway as alternate technologies and a very weak global demand for oil in the next few years spell doom. Biggest benficiary is China whose economy will grown over 9% this year as it is the only superpower left standing after the dumbass Americunts Pimpeovirus boomeranged.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The world economy can’t consume the oil anyway… Reduced demand, excess supply.

Russia would be better off pushing it’s agribusiness to offset.


yep the decline in consumption of say 30 pct and storage brimfull where will the 20mb in excess go – nowhere (100mbd less agreed cut of 10mbd equals 90mbd and consumption at 70mbd) and trump agreed to absorb mexico’s 300tbd and put it into the disintegrating states of A’s spr. what a farce! expect the oil price to fall another 5 to 10 bucks over the next 3 to 10 days (and expect the white house moron dunny the dunce,to pull out the big american wallet (the feds and treasury) and bail out the loss making shale-operators ’cause there is no way dunny the dunce will accept that the dysfunctional states of A is no more the greatest producer of hydrocarbons in universe).

klove and light

it is NOT RUSSIA…but the treacherous Zionist pig putin

it is not Germany but the treacherous Zionist pig merkel

it is not France but the treacherous Zionist pig macron


ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the iilegal satanic Entity Israel are part of the satanic Agenda of a one world Government with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic Leadership.This includes Russia,usa,uk,eu,china etc…. ps. corona covid 19 fake bs is just another Domino on the way to a one world Government…followed by the fake criminal vaccines with nano in conjunction with the 5G Network , and including the upcoming new cashless Society which will literally be the “2 flies with 1..” as the cashless Society and the vaccination program go “Hand in Hand” with the nano dot Tattoo. 2022 is the year for Takeover of full Control via 5G and nano dot Tattoo. NO MORE SECRETS and all will be under the Control of AI ( artificial intelligance)……..

and i do think that 99% still dont understand the full scope of Control….

5G can literally look into houses and Basements……..as soon as you leave your house or Apartment you will,l be scanned…..your “attitude” your “intensity” will bescanned your temperature will be scanned etc.. etc… 5G is a “focused” wave frequency Network…..that is also 1 of the reasons why the 5G infrastructure is 1000´s of times bigger than the infrastructure for eg. 4g or 3g………. the wave lebngth is approx. 1000 feet only!!!!!

anyway, 5G can and will be directed at individuals and/or Groups of People……

ps. ofcourse the “elite” will and are getting devices , only as small as pc-sticks”, which will “gguard/Shield” the individual from harmful waves………..the current Price for 1 stick is About 350 US Dollars……..


youre welcome

Swift Laggard II

you need stronger medication. your mind is going wild


His a yemenite what do you expect. I don’t know how this people have become the voices of Russia. They are mentally retarded


I like the 59 cents per litre,Putin is truly the godsend,beats opec/soros/gates scams anytime!

George King

There is only one good resolution for the American tax payer. High Speed Transportation links, gas and oil pipelines across 35 mile wide and shallow Bering Strait to Alaska then through already existing pipelines down into the lower 48 states. Let’s cut our cost for expensive gas/oil transportation and turn to building and restoring our infrastructure along with developing renewable energy. Bring the troops home (who have health care and education benefits already) by closing bases overseas and put the recaptured treasure to work on this effort as they work shoulder to shoulder with re-employing our unemployed and currently under paid work forces.

El Mashi

Take your meds. Delusional trol.

Ooga Booga

Nice foil hat.

Ray Douglas

Are the fairies in on this? We had better be careful.

Lone Ranger

Final days of saudisis arabia.

Zionism = EVIL

Saudi Arabia is not a country but a shithole on stolen Yemeni, Omani and Iraqi lands. It was created by the British cunts like the Zionist cancer in Palestine to destabilize the Arab world and also serve as a free gas station for the west. Name one country that is named after a Wahhabi pimp named al-Saud? The best thing now is that the Saudi shitheads are hurting their Americunt deadbeat masters more than anyone as the Pimprovirus is already destroying the Americunts and their shale oil with a high extraction cost of over $64 per barrel is now dead as the Wall Street Jeweranal stated:

Oil in the age of coronavirus: a U.S. shale bust like no other thanks to Saudi Arabia losing oil wars with Russia.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

MbS has a big future ahead of him as a camel dung salesman.

Ray Douglas

This article is completely off the mark. It is no secret that the target of Russian/Saudi aim is US shale and US banks. Shale companies owe $billions to banks. When these companies default the banks will fold. The US is also completely destroyed by the Wall Street cabal and will be finished off now by the coronavirus. Happy days.

Luke Hemmming

Im hoping that this oil war will bring about the demise of the fossil fuel industry. That the dominance of the oil cartel corporations comes to an end and we usher in the new zero point energy systems that have been collecting dust in the depths of the dark shelf technology cupboards. This technology will provide humanity with an infinite supply of free energy that can be harnessed and used anywhere from major cities to small villages in Africa. The reliance on fossil fuels needs to come to an end. It is holding us back.

cechas vodobenikov

more myopic non-analysis from SF

chris chuba

So Salman is decreasing production and reducing this margins in Asia where he is increasing his market share. He is reducing his market share in N.America where his margins are good. Sounds like the Saudis are going to have a great budget surplus #sarcasm.

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