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JUNE 2023

Saudi Warplanes Struck Wedding Ceremony In Yemen. More Than 40 Civilians Killed

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Saudi Warplanes Struck Wedding Ceremony In Yemen. More Than 40 Civilians Killed

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On April 22, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition struck a wedding ceremony in the village of al-Raqha of the Bani Qa’is district, which is located in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah, according the Yemeni TV channel al-Masirah. The media outlet said that more than 40 civilians had been killed and dozens other had been injured in the coalition airstrike.

Al-Masirah reported that the ambulances had not been able to enter the attack site immediately because the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes had been flying over the site for hours.

The Saudi-led coalition killed more than 20 civilians after targeting their truck in the southwestern province of Taiz on April 20. On the same day, 5 other civilians were reportedly killed in another airstrike, which targeted a civilian area in the northern Saada province.

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented yet on any of these incidents. Moreover, the UN Security Council has not taken any steps to investigate or condemn these attacks so far.

According to local observers, more similar attacks could take place in the upcoming days, as the Saudi-led coalition appears to willing to intensify its operations in Yemen at any given cost. Some pro-Houthi activists say that, the Saudi military just punishes the Yemeni civilians for the own inability to achieve a victory in this war.

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Richard M

No problems from UN. With France, UK, US (FUKUS) all having vetoes, no penalty or investigation of Wahhabistani Orcs war crimes will ever happen.


So … like 1000x before, the coalition is OK with killing civilians in Yemen and there is no international help making UN resolutions to stop the Saudis???


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFM1rRDNGk https://israelpalestine.liveuamap.com/pics/2018/01/01/21591791_0.jpg https://i.dawn.com/large/2018/01/5a4a899d63e31.jpg

Israeli terrorists have kidnapped Ahed Tamimi and her parents at midnight by gunpoints. Nobody knows where Israel have kept them hostage. Each year Israel kidnap thousands of adults and small kids from the streets and hold them hostage. Many of them Israel kill in fake combats. The US and UK brutal regimes have invaded Palestine and have held all Palestinians hostage for last 100years. They support brutality and terrorism in the Middle East. If Vietnam can be freed from American regime army then Palestine can also be freed from US and UK. Israel should go back to their native countries.


Why are you spamming and posting the same exact shit every single day? You don’t have a job or something? You don’t have any creativity or original content? Literally everything copy pasted dozens of times, exact same wording, exact same youtube videos, exact same images.

Funny thing is, I agree probably with many of the things you post, but its like you’re just randomly flailing around blurting out off topic stuff in every thread. And it’s like youre sitting at the computer all day doing this, just spamming different boards.

Literally 12 hours ago you were that exact same video (also off topic) in another thread, and now I come back home its late at night youre still up spamming the EXACT same shit word for word, also in an off topic thread.

Rob, you got fucking psychological issues dude. Probably no friends, no job, and likely a very socially awkward autistic moron who never grew up.


Your statement indicate that definitely you would be from the terrorist group Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PKK or Boko Haram. FO


Not necessarily Rob. While I agree with your point of view (and believe many other readers do), I think he’s not wrong either.

Think a bit about what he said please. We are under an article which describes a horrible crime by Saudis, which if happened in another country by another party, would bring destruction for the perpetrators.

PS. Thank you for your other post about Yemen. —–

Re. the article, Saudis show they learnt whatever their teachers taught them in the art of cowardly waging war, attacking civilians whenever and wherever they’re unable to hurt their adversary’s military. They do the same thing to their own civilians more or less, the Shi’as of the oil-rich region of eastern Arabia.

Maybe I’m wrong and Saudis can’t learn $#!t and the pilots are from the countries who proved have no problem in incinerating civilian populations, like Dresden, Tokyo, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and using all kinds of inhuman substances in war on civilians, like depleted Uranium, Napalm, Agent Orange and many, many other kinds of chemical weapons.


No my statement is just an observation that you’re a blithering retard spamming the same shit every day non stop. Its not that complicated. Not everyone in the world who has ever disagreed with you is secretly part of some grandiose Wahhabi Zionist Global Deep State Cult or w/e. Go take some fresh air outside.


The majority of Muslim leaders have ignored Palestine and also the historic Mosque of Aqsa. Is this help Palestine or the terrorist Israel. I haven’t heard that any Muslim leader have visited Palestine or they have asked about Palestinians that how their time pass under occupation and oppression. Either these Muslim leaders are scaring from Israel or they regularly receiving blood money from Israel via Washington and UK. Indeed the judgement day is so near on them that they all will answer to God. No leader will leave unpunished. Example is Ex PM Nawaz Sharif the most c*r*upt and th*ef.


You just copy paste this spam in every thread. How original. It’d be nice if you actually commented on every post with a fresh perspective instead of rehashing the same spam.

Like literally you must be fucking retarded, and that’s not an insult, just an observation.


Your statement indicate that definitely you would be from the terrorist group Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PKK or Boko Haram. FO.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Still a rodent!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3gKz-5SyPs Yemen Explained: Saudi Coalition, Houthis and Famine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npk7tfKyXok Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzgKd1cl8Ow How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

Oh my God these are children dying due to starvation. They have no food due to blockade …..

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster. 2. 8 Million People Hungary. 3. About 11,000 people killed. 4. About 50,000 people injured. 5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid in emergency. All world leaders should stand against Saudi and Israeli bastards that regularly bombing them like pesticides on insects. Stand against Saudi and Israeli oppression and aggression. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know. Shame

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRQ2GzxGMBQ How the Arabian prince spend their money. This will be a shame history.

Nigel Maund

Another good one Rob! See USGS Geological Bulletin on the Petroleum Resources of Yemen.


Sorry I tried but I couldn’t find.

Nigel Maund

Here you are Rob, the link:


Nigel Maund

Rob and here’s another – reason for war:



The main difference between Syria and Saudi Arabia is that its good to have SHITLOADS of money and be friends with the West. When you have those you can get away with murder.


This is absolutely heart breaking situation. God give wise to these Saudi idiots that together with Israel slaughtering civilians in Yemen. But I surprise to the rest of the world that for how long they will entertain themselves with the blood of unarmed innocent nation who had never attacked their neighbours before for political and non political matters.

Nigel Maund


this name is better

til death do us apart am i right ? lol

this name is better

lol i’m sorry for that last post just a lil dark humour

Amine Mansouri

you mean 40 houthis


Ye Wahhabi motherfuckers, kill 5000 Yemeni civilians the world will not hear, kill 1 Zionist or Neokon US soldier the whole world will go insane and + the country that lost the soldier or a civilian they will go to war instantly and they will be broadcasted on all MSM. SOBs

David Pryce

Just shows us, the two way mirror of NATO countries and what they follow on news and current affairs programmes on TV etc is cunningly thought out. These are victims of ugly Muslim people. These are our friends who face persecution by Muslim Nations and are surrounded by beasts like Assad and evil regime’s Wake up US please

Icarus Tanović

This is ugly, rotten, leprosy, loathsome, monstruous face of the Western World. Wahhabies are clearly stupid enough to do things like this. We must Win! Yemen must Win! We shall be free.

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