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Saudi-UAE Coalition Kicks Off New Attack Against Houthis In Sanaa Countryside

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Saudi-UAE Coalition Kicks Off New Attack Against Houthis In Sanaa Countryside

Illustrative image: AP Photo/Wael Qubady

Amid of the collapse of their military operation to capture the port city of al-Hudaydah, the Saudi-UAE-led coalition kicked off a new attack against the Houthis in the countryside of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

According to reports, the main part of the attack took place in the district of Nihm where pro-coalition forces were backed up by the Saudi Air Force.

So far, the coalition-led forces have achieved no gains in this new advance. The Yemeni capital is surrounded by miltiple defense positions of the Houthis. So, the advance there has always been a problem for the coalition-led forces.

At the same time, the situation south of the Houthis-held port city of al-Hudaydah remained tense. The coalition has failed to capture al-Hudaydah, but it’s still massing troops south of it. If the advance there is re-launched, the main clashes will once again take place in the al-Hudaydah airport.

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Promitheas Apollonious

I hope the houthis have an answer for this and destroy what attacking them once and for all.

S Melanson

I find it surprising the coalition would assault the well defended capital given the setbacks elsewhere and particularly the forces south of Hudaydah that are in a precarious supply situation. The assault by the coalition is ill advised as very unlikely to succeed in taking the capital unless it serves some other purpose. What might that purpose be.

Well the media has been unusually silent about the status of coalition forces south of the airport which suggests things are not well. If the Houthis are preparing to liquidate the vulnerable forward coalition forces, the coalition would probably be aware of this. I suspect the assault on the capital is an attempt to disrupt Houthi plans to destroy coalition forces dug in south of the airport by drawing away Houthi fighters to the defence of the capital.

If this is indeed the case, then the coalition is in serious trouble.


I think it’s a rather childish plot to lure Houthi-Yemen army force away from Hudaydah for another push. They even calmed their attacks a bit to imply it’s calm in Hudaydah and the real danger is around Sana’a.

Yemeni army and Houthis have the moral high ground because they’re defending their homes against an invading army and their puppet. Saudis and Emiratis can’t break them by bombing their weddings and funerals. These acts just strengthen their resolve but Saudis never learn, do they?

Pave Way IV

While the Saudis are mostly just interested in keeping their puppet Hadi in power, I think the coastal area campaigns are really a US/UAE ‘project’. The Emiratis never did care that much for the KSA but finds the al Saud monarchy tolerable and mostly useful idiots with plenty of cash. Hadi is a convenient puppet for the Saudis, but the UAE doesn’t care – as long as they have a ‘friendly’ government in Aden/South Yemen and can have UAE (=US) naval bases along the Yemeni coast. The UAE beat the Saudis to Socotra Island and are colonizing/militarizing that place right now (much to the delight of the US).

If the UAE could take the port of al-Hudaydah and more of the Red Sea coastline to the north, they would probably just skip Sanaa and the mountains in the interior, carving off an isolated North Yemen. The Houthis obviously won’t go for that, and the Saudis want the Houthis ‘pacified’ so they’ll stop causing trouble on KSA’s southern border. It’s pretty much UAE’s call though – if they’re reluctant to go up in the Houthi’s mountains to take Sanaa for the Saudis, then the KSA is screwed. I suppose Plan B – if al Hudaydah could be taken – would just be to keep starving North Yemen until they gave up.

I don’t think the UAE even cares that much about Yemen – their interest seems to align almost perfectly with the US desire to ‘protect the Red Sea shipping lanes’ (= naval ports = control them = economic bullying of ‘enemies’) and track/monitor/spy on every ship passing through the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. I doubt the UAE would care otherwise without the US exerting some kind of pressure (or dangling economic rewards/mil equipment) for them.

Red Sea control also seems to be a particular obsession of Israel because… well, just because they’re Israel. That control is asserted through the US – Yemeni ports would provide for some kind of permanent role for the US Navy as the Israeli Red Sea Fleet. Because, the US has a moral obligation to protect Israel. Or maybe it was a Satanic pact to protect Israel? One of those two…


Oh, Hadi is no longer useful, while keeping him a hostage they have a new one, out of a possible two: either son or brother of the late Ali Abdullah Saleh, whichever is more convenient. It seems in that too, Emiratis beat Saudis.
Now it’s not the case that Emiratis are smarter than Saudis (and obviously I’m talking about the leaders, not average citizen) they are on better terms with the British and the British helps them (read tutor) out in matters of politics. MbS gets a second hand tutoring by MbZ which is some kind of mentor to him in how become a Doctor Evil studies. So while Saudis foolishly spent their money and the little reputation they had left, Emiratis tried to steal the islands. Well, not anymore they’re not.
The next couple of months we’ll see a few good changes in situation, god willing.


It’s about the oil mate, if you’ve got oil, you either hand it over to the US, or get your country demolished.

The Saudis are already stealing Yemeni oil, but most of Yemen’s oil is untouched, and it’s supposed to be more than all the other gulf states combined.



It is not a childish, because it works. As in a giant chess gang the Houthis must either accept unlimited Saudi raids on the long desert front or they can not reinforce Hudeidah. The Saudis and their allies outnumber the Houthis whose allies are far away and preoccupied with other conflicts.


It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.
The Saudis are using Columbians as mercs, and this is a bit tougher than their last job, running drugs.


Who am I going to reply to?

The likes of Smudge and Starlight are the true troll kinds. They rarely check the replies and never answer them.
However, how about waiting and see, instead of retyping the material the supervisor handed down?
So far Houthis and Yemen army handed Saudis’ and Emiratis’ hairy behinds to them. If the coalition of terror could, they finished the job already but all they’re capable of is bombing the civilians and running away from the real soldiers while crying and staining their cloths, much like their other ally. Israel. And it’s the only thing the Houthis and us may accept!


goin ahead just as i predicted.beautyfull to watch the invading army being slaughterd.We should soon see videos and pictures of captured us and other western merceneries….please cut their nose or ears off in front of camera…otherwise i dont think main stream is gonna report this.then again it is huge news if a united states citizen fighting as a merc is captured and shown off on tv in jemen.

S Melanson

Houthis have captured Blackwater mercs and reported it but MSM ignored this.

Also, is it not custom to cut off the hands for stealing? After all, their hands have been deep in the cookie jar and it’s not their cookie jar.


You will Lose Wahhabistan USrael! This War is Gonna Cost YOUR Wahhabi Crown Prince His Head…MR. Bin Salman…Sponsor of Terrorists & Coups you’ll have it comin’…mark my words…Live by the Sword you Die by the Sword…


The Yemenis fight at home, for their country and families, they don’t have anywhere else to go..
So they’ll fight and fight again, till either they throw out the foreign invaders, or they die there.
Like the Vietnamese…..


Well, I did say that some sort of offensive in that area would be logical for the Saudis, but what South Front describes as a failed offensive may have been a successful raid but that really depends on details on the objective we don’t have.
What this does is it makes Houthi commanders less able/willing to reinforce Hahdeidah and more chasing shadow threats all along the long front.


Again fuck off you Saudi hasbara troll, shitstains like you need to be lined up on wall and get plugged with few AK rounds.

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