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JUNE 2023

Saudi Troops Entered Northeastern Syria With U.S.-led Coalition Forces – Reports

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Saudi Troops Entered Northeastern Syria With U.S.-led Coalition Forces – Reports

Saudi troops at their base in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden in 2015. IMAGE: Reuters

A small Saudi military unit had entered the northeastern Syrian governorate of al-Hasakah, controlled by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the al-Mayadeen TV reported on August 27.

The unit consists of 20 service members, and is reportedly led by a senior Saudi officer named “Saud al-Jaghifi.”

According to al-Mayadeen, a convoy of U.S.-led coalition forces, which has recently withdrawn from Camp Taji in Iraq, moved the Saudi unit from Iraq to a base in al-Shaddadi in the southern al-Hasakah countryside.

A source familiar with the matter told RT that unit would not be deployed in al-Shaddadi, revealing that officers from the Kingdom had paid similar visits to northeast Syria in the past.

“They will leave the country,” the source said, adding: “It is not the first time that Saudi soldiers entered Syria, as they had previously entered it to communicate with some Arab tribes in the governorate of al-Hasakah.”

Saudi Arabia benefits from the close ties with Arab tribes in northeastern Syria, especially in al-Hasakah. These tribes, like Al Anazzah and Al Baggara, have serious presence in the Kingdom.

While the Saudi visit to Syria’s al-Hasakah is very unusual, it is not changing game for sure. The Kingdom is known to be a partner of the U.S.-led coalition as well as a backer of the Kurdish-led SDF and Arab tribes in northeastern Syria.


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Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt cowards and their Jew evil parasites are trying to have Arabs kill each other, the Saudi cunts will fail and become easy targets for another quagmire after the thrashing in Yemen.

Thomas Osa Jeng


Zionism = EVIL

Iranian G2 and Russian GRU had known about this for long time. The Saudi cunts transferred $1 billion to the PKK terrorists via the cunt Kadhimi CIA stooge in Iraq. The UAE and Saudi agenda is to have the Kurd turds kill the Turks. Erdogan needs to normalize relations with Syria and join forces with the Axis of Resistance in getting rid of the Americunt, Wahhabi and Zionist evil cunts from the region.


Russian GRU is not (unfortunately for you) under the command of 3rd rate Iranian bot. And not just any bot, but bot whose main sport is spitting on Putin and Russia. You maybe can spit on your Mullahs but not on President of World Power Russia.

Servet Köseoğlu

lapdog of us saudi finance can do miracles…principles of management 101:trust,encourage your subcontractors…

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi arseholes are illiterate Bedouins, almost all their military is mercenaries.

Fleecing Rabbi

Mazal Tov!

Zionism = EVIL

I would not gloat too much as the Saudi arseholes are the prime sponsors of the PKK cunts now.

Servet Köseoğlu

ı am talking about the facts…ı know these apes very well..

Zionism = EVIL

I know but I believe Erdogan needs to see the big picture, the Americunt and Zionist arseholes are propping up the Kurd scum and Wahhabi cunts to destabilize Turkey. A conflict in Syria plays in their hands.

Servet Köseoğlu

pkk is a tool which was formed after the 1978 iran revolution and even iran is using it against turkey where they need to be..we are vaporizing them one by one ..city of sulleymaniye at ıraq ..all high pkk terrorists are under iran shelter too…the 1.000.000 usd question: why dont you engage any single operation against pkk or ypg?

Codenamed 'Gordon'

PKK is not equal to SDF and PKK and YPG are two different political entities

Servet Köseoğlu

us is trying to diversify it..they have symbiotic ties…ypg is offspring of pkk..

Codenamed 'Gordon'

PKK is a outlawed Communist Party in Turkey, SDF is a league of Kurdish and Arab forces operating in Northeast Syria, YPG is the main component of the SDF.

Servet Köseoğlu

thats usa illusion but they are trying to merge sdf and enks..time will show us who shits where..


Arab NATO bollocks…

Like they didn’t get their ass kicked enough in Yemen so they are itching for more. They think if they are with those fat ass Americunts cowards, that they are protected?. If big war starts they’ll be first exterminated. Incompetent twats.

Lux et Veritas

Saudis and the Wahhabis are tools of the US and Zionism and the US is trying to involve Saudis in radicalizing the Syrian Sunni population.


And they can have some success because of Iranian presence in the country that is in majority Sunni and does not see Iranian presence in Syria as something positive. Assad is President of ALL Syrians and not only president of tiny Shia minority. That is the fact that Iranians tend to forget. Iranians that do NOT fight in Idlib with SAA are automatically useless and their presence in Syria has only NEGATIVE INFLUENCE on situation in Syria


Go to Grinder hasbara boy!


Say hello to your sectarian Islamic “Revolution” for me and to the Mullah team.

Greetings to ALL IRANIANS who are respect worthy people.

You should call your sons and brothers in Syria to go back home. They have finished their job in Syria admirably well. Now it is time to go back home.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

NATO has military outposts and garrisons across all Europe, United Snakes has military outposts and garrisons all over the World so… why Iran cannot have garrisons in Syria?


Assad is President of ALL Syrians and he happens to be Shia (origin ) in Sunni majority multi religious, multi ethnic country. He can not possibly be president of all Syrians if Shia Iran holds him as hostage of his appurtenance ! Russians see Assad as SECULAR president but Iran see him as SHIA MUSLIM.

That RUINS the unity of the country and his image as SECULAR president of ALL SYRIANS !

Iranian presence antagonizes Sunni majority and brings new discords in already tormented country!

There is room for arrangement with US that they will leave Syria if Iran leaves also (specially now when Trump needs something for coming ELECTIONS). But only country that doesn’t want that arrangement is IRAN. I am sure that US would leave under those conditions.

If Iran wants their bases should they BLOCK PEACE in Syria? And if Assad is to decide I am sure that he would chose PEACE in Syria instead of Iranian bases.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

I’m surprised you say the same things as Bibi. US does not have a legitimate mandate to stay in Syria whereas IRAN assistance was requested by Assad. About “US will leave if Iran leave too” matter… this is not legitimate claim.


Fuck I can’t say same thing as Bibi HERE IS THE PROOF and if you don’t see the ‘proof’ you are an IDIOT


See?! I am not Bibi cross my heart , he would never have said what I just have said! Simple !

Codenamed 'Gordon'



Yes and ?!!? Where is the confusion?!!? Americans should LEAVE together with IRANIANS and UN forces should retake full control of Golan ! I am SURE that Assad would be the HAPPIEST PRESIDENT on planet with such agreement!

Al that is question of NEGOTIATIONS, nothing else! Trump NEEDS SOMETHING for coming ELECTIONS !

Putin Apologist

Bashar al-Assad is the leader of Syria, all of Syria, and the leader that saved Syia. Syria’s Iranian ally is welcome to stay, Syria’s American enemy will be forced to leave and the Syrians themselves will control the Golan.

And f**k Trump, he is a tool of the Zionists.


let me ask you..are you Syrian? why “fuck Trump ” if Trump would accept sending back US soldiers to US?! he needs desperately agreement like that for next coming elections! he said himself that he wants his soldiers OUT of SYRIA ! so why do you making simple things complicated and why do you REJECT FREEDOM for SYRIA? because you are Shia Muslim dreaming about Iranian Empire? what about Syrians?

don’t they have right to have peace? and WHERE did I say that Assad is not President?! I have GREAT RESPECT for President Assad ! but even Assad needs PEACE for Syria and FREEDOM for Syria not big empty words and more war! on top of everything your Iran is NOT FIGHTING in IDLIB ANY MORE ! so how to continue this insane situation? just don’t give me some more of your bombastic empty slogans please. I prefer logical argument not empty words.

Putin Apologist

Like all American politicians, Trump tells his supporters what they want hear, and they believe him, but in the end he will betray them. Why? Because the Jews control him, just as they control most American politicians.


True “Jews control him” !! But by sending back US soldiers BEFORE ELECTIONS he would gain lots of votes as President who supports “peace”! Of course he is NOT President who supports the “peace” but Jew puppet !

Yet he would do anything to become 2nd term President ! So to compensate Jews for leaving Syria he would give them 30 billions “military aid” instead of usual 10 billions “millitary aid” or something like that! Do you understand my point?! He is PUPPET but he has certain freedom of choice ! So if he does something negative for Jews he MUST COMPENSATE with some other favors !


American enemy will be forced to leave and the Syrians themselves will control the Golan.

HOW are they going to be “forced” to leave?!!?


“HOW are they going to be “forced” to leave?!!?”

My guess is budgetary restraints.

Lets just see how much ink is left in the magic printing press after this winter. Last winter was the small initial wave of Covid-19 …. the big one comes this winter.

25% of commercial leases are 6 months or more in arrears already say nothing of residential mortgages and student loans. A million people a month are registering for unemployment benefits. The real unemployment rate is at least twice that of the reported rate.


Sit and wait US collapse? Yessss!

That was always my point that this war can be resolved only by collapse of the dollar ! But for the time being it CAN NOT be resolved by shear force! So we all need PATIENCE if Syria and Iran and Russia and Hezb want to be winners! PATIENCE ONLY !!!

Agree with you 100% !


“And f**k Trump, he is a tool of the Zionists.”

Who gives fuck whose “tool” is he? As long as there is possibility to negotiate Americans to leave, that possibility should be used ! Syrians deserve peace and normal life so that Syria can recover from destruction! ALL THAT COUNTS is FREE SYRIA and PEACE in SYRIA !

Putin Apologist

Don’t let evil deceive you, you cannot negotiate or bargain with evil. Evil has only one goal, your destruction.

Peace? Life is a struggle, peace comes when you die.


“Peace? Life is a struggle, peace comes when you die.”

I know that some countries on this planet exist in peace. Iran is one of them.

Iran is country living in PEACE (and I wish them long years of peace and prosperity) While Syria is not having peace and with another 10 years of war the country will become the poorest and most miserable place on the planet where no human would like to live.

Americans have left quite few countries after their invasions.

So it is nothing impossible But to people like you who refuse dialog and prefer eternal war I don’t think it makes sense to try to convince you in anything.

I am SURE that president Assad is man of PEACE and that he would love to find the way to bring PEACE and PROSPERITY for his country and the people as soon as possible.

At the end I leave you to your opinion I just don’t know how are you going to convince Iran to start fighting in Idlib again (because they are not helping at all to SAA )

Putin Apologist

Iran (the Islamic Republic of Iran) has not known peace since its inception. A forty plus years struggle to defend its sovereignty against those forces that seek its subservience. This is the historical record. For Iran to retreat from Syria would be a surrender, a victory for its enemies. And what would be asked (demanded) of Iran after such a retreat? The end of Iran’s support for its ally, Syria? The end of trade with its ally, Syria? Iran’s disarmament? Have you read Pompeo’s twelve demands of Iran, aka, the terms of Iran’s surrender?

You know the answer to these questions, and you know Iran cannot retreat. You’re just not ready to admit it… to yourself.


There is something called COMPROMISE. It was used by everybody all the time Maybe there is someway to win without “losing” completely? To win in things that are most important and lose in less important… And that is not something that Iran should do it but EVERYBODY concerned in conflict (except terrorists – they must lose!)

I am for compromise because this world is based on compromises !

Syria is in STALEMATE ! Somebody should give in…but nobody does !

Nobody is winning, nobody is losing and everybody is waiting that needed EFFORT from somebody else so that things MOVE towards “final victory” that is still very far away!

Syria will NOT SURVIVE as country another 5 -10 years of war.

So what kind of “victory” would be best for Syria? That is my question to you !


“So what kind of “victory” would be best for Syria?”

The kind in which Syria is a sovereign state that doesn’t need the USA or Israel’s blessing on who’s help to accept putting down an insurrection within their own borders.

The arbitrator of disputes between countries is the UN …. not the USA, not the Saudi’s and certainly not Israel.

If they don’t like who the Syrians invite into their country they should take it up at the UN however we all know if they did that the UN would rule that Syria has every right to accept Irans help and the USA has no right to be on Syrian territory and no right to Syrian oil.


I’ll ignore your speech and stick with essential. You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Israeli concerns are US concerns and you can tell them to FUCK OFF of course but if in Assad’s place how would you put that in practice?! How would you make them to ‘fuck off”?! Life is based on COMPROMISES and many intelligent respect worthy people do the compromises all the time…

Again I think that Assad if he could choose would choose PEACE for Syria



Putin Apologist

Syria has many rich and powerful enemies, and the Syrian people have suffered greatly. On this I think we can agree. Syria, with the help of its allies, is winning this war. Sure, it’s not over just yet, but the tide has turned, and in Syria’s favor. Syria, before the war, was a weak country, militarily. A fact, Syria’s enemies exploited. An expensive lesson indeed, but one the Syrian people have now learned, as have the Iranians, the Russians and Hezbollah. All three are stronger today, and all will be even stronger tomorrow. Keep in mind the Zionist plan was to remove Assad, the Russians from their naval facilities at Tartus, and fragment the nation into several ethnically divided statelets, all to weaken Israel’s adversaries. They had similar, and somewhat more successful, plans for Iraq and Libya. But this, despite the pathetic, halfhearted and ever shrinking American occupation of Syrian territory, is no longer viable.

Do not let the Zionist propaganda deceive you, yes, there will be more blood, innocent blood, lost but Syria will be made whole again, including Golan. Dittos for Lebanon and Palestine.


Listen I thank you on your nice explanation !

I have just now AGREED with somebody called “HB_Norica” that only…. and the best solution….. is to wait for IMPLOSION of the dollar that is inevitable coming soon ! I do not believe in military victory against NATO+US +Israel+others…. But I believe in COLLAPSE of the dollar and COLLAPSE of US economy ! And NATO falling apart ! So we must be patient !

Putin Apologist

Yours is a very good point. America no longer possesses the technological and manufacturing global dominance it had in days gone passed. Today, American power relies increasingly on its unique ability to print money without the normal inflationary consequences. But this too will pass.

Rafik Chauhan

Whabhi cunt keep barking like dog of your master in Al saud.


Whabhi cunt …me ???????????????!!? Ha ha ha ha this is so off the mark that I find it AMUSING! Go and see all my comments and you’ll understand what HUGE NONSENSE you have just said.

Thanks for the joke! Merits up-vote ! Thank you my dear Muslim brother !

Black Waters

Did someone took your account or something? You talk like a completely different person.


No I am just pushing an envelope all the way….to see what is going to happen.

And making ass of my self is also part of the life experience… and also best cure against my own fears when I meet them. Thanks for asking and just ignore me if you can, if not do what you have to do. There is always purpose and reason for everything in life.


You are engaging a very stupid Zionist imbecile at best.


Hows your life little Shia fighter? Have you ever heard about Sunni Muslims? Do you know they are majority in Syria? You have LABELED equaled EVERYTHING to “hasbara” if anybody would have guts to say that Sunni should have their rights as majority Sunni DO HAVE RIGHTS as MAJORITY !


How is Iran COMPARABLE to NATO ?!?!

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi cunts are paying off the PKK terrorists to kill Turks, a billion dollars was transferred through the CIA stooge Kadhimi in Arbil a month ago. The Americungt dumbass inbred retards want to create plausible deniability for a Kurd turds proxy war against Turkey, this is quite ominous. Erdogan needs to look at the big picture and patch up with Dr. Assad and go after the Saudi headchopping terrorists or Turkey itself will be hit soon by Wahhabi terrorism. Iran had warned Turkey against this scenario.


If you listen to Donald Trump speak a while ago. Trump was selling the American Public to have the Sauds patrol this area instead of our troops. Little did we know or told the complete truth. Jews in America who support this SFD. These Jews think the Kurds are Jews. Kurds come from Iran. Russian diplomat from past vids explained. Whoever controls the Kurds. Control Turkey. During Soviet times the Kurds were controlled by Soviets. I am assuming the dust up with the Russian troops outmanerving the U.S. troops the other day. Sauds controlling Syrian Tribes? Poor Syria.


Kill them on sight.

Zionism = EVIL

The drones should be tested on the dumbasses.

Zionism = EVIL


Darya or the Sea

johnny rotten

A golden opportunity for the Axis of the Resistance to take out some of these filthy perverts.

Zionism = EVIL

On a lighter note, for the Farsi speakers and other refined civilized folks, this is the best rendition of Ey Iran, a timeless anthem. Enjoy and FUCK THE SAUDIS, the Persians have been around for thousands of years and will be here till eternity.



Kheili khoob!

cechas vodobenikov

Persian culture has produced some of the greatest art, architecture, poetry of any in history—Goethe’s favorite poet was Hafiz…Rimsky Korsakov transformed Persian poems into symphonies


Americans will leave! Putin could negotiate that with Trump easily under the condition that Iranians leave also! Trump would love that before the elections! The problem is IRAN ! Enough of sectarian Shia bollocks in MAJORITY SUNNI country ! Iran GO home! You are useless and not helping SAA any more, anyways!


and a attention seeking homosexual Zionist harbara gay boy would know ;)


Mullah sectarian Shia barking dog craving for oppression of Sunni Islam. NOT NICE. You are in majority Sunni country do not forget that ! . It is time that you pack your bags and LEAVE ! You are becoming embarrassment to Assad who has become your hostage! He can not be your hostage because he is PRESIDENT of ALL Syrians and you are just guests in Syria who are becoming major pain in the neck for him! You are not helping liberation of Syria any more !! In that case you should just LEAVE !

Codenamed 'Gordon'

IRAN is last bastion against Zionist bullying in Middle-East


Iran is also Shia majority nation. So puttting Iran on some pedestal of invincibility (that depends on Russian-Chinese protection) is your publicity for Iran But Iran is not interesting for Arab Sunni Muslims at all I suppose

Why would Arab Sunni kowtow Shia Iran? From what I know Shia and Sunni have no respect for each other? So why imposing Iran on all Sunni Muslims or underline them when even Sunni Turkey; Pakistan shows certain independence to Zionists? Maybe Sunni Arabs would prefer Sunni Turkey, Pakistan to Shia Iran since they are at least majority Sunni? (I hate Turks but I am not Sunni Muslim or Muslim at all so who cares..)

cechas vodobenikov

shia/sunni is irrelevant -azeris r mainly Shia, yet they speak Turkish and have a close relationship w sunni muslim bro-hood turkeys

Joao Alfaiate

I’m sure they will be repeating the successes they have had in the Yemen…Oh, wait…..


I think it’s time to ship some Houthis into NE Syria. Look forward to seeing the video of burning Saudi/US coalition vehicles. :))


Ha ha ha simple but very effective! :)

Assad must stay

Hahahhhaa they will get manhandled again, hopefully even worse


Syrian Sunni population is majority in Syria and today only (unjustified) Iranian presence is radicalizing them. IRAN IS NOT HELPING ASSAD and SAA ANY MORE ! They are not wanted by majority non Shia population. It should be arranged with Americans that they leave Syria also together with Iranians


Do you Assad would go along with this idea?

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Please stop with this BS. Assad’s government is made up of Sunnis and this legitimate government has asked for help from IRAN against Israeli-paid terrorists.


Iran is NOT helping SAA in Idlib any longer! Their presence is becoming ballast to heavy for half destroyed Syria

So why is that “bullshit”? I am reasonable person so PLEASE give me LOGICAL answer so that I can understand. If they are not fighting in Idlib what is their purpose in Majority Sunni country? To create discords, discredit Assads neutrality, antagonize Sunni population that is still loyal to Assad? What?

Codenamed 'Gordon'

a picture is worth a thousand words



Listen with bollocks of arguments like that the war in Syria will last forever ! And Russians will not be the IDIOTS to win that war for Iran and their petty interests and ambitions!

ASSAD PREFER ME TO YOU because I offer possibility of FREE and finally peaceful Syria. You offer just more war with IRAN NOT FIGHTING ANY MORE !


if you had to choose between having to live in Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, which would you choose?


Neither. Saudi’s have MUCH, MUCH higher standard of living….but honestly in neither of two. In both I would be forced to adapt LOT !

I have big mouth and that would end up for me very badly in both of the countries…


Neither for me too but, the question is if having to choose which one you would choose. Me … big mouth too and big trouble too.

As for me, there is no doubt I will choose Iran. Iran is head and shoulders above SA as an open society.

SA has a higher standard of living (?) on the backs of what amounts to imported indentured servants and not having to deal with embargoes.

So, which is it for you Iran or SA?


OK Iran…. probably…. (as Shia Muslim of course) because Saudi regime are vicious SOB’s so I would not choose to live there even as Saudi born Sunni. But hay if you point is to give ‘proof’ that Saudi regimes are bunch of sadistic pigs…why all that effort to prove something that everybody knows already?! I must underline that Iran is “winner” only against the worst options…..so hurray for the ‘winner’ !

cechas vodobenikov



Ali you are only Iranian here that I have liked very much… but your Iranian “friends” I can’t stand them. Specially Zionist=EVIL. So I have decided to not to participate in your Iranian show any more on this forum.

So from now on I will talk about negative side of Iranian presence (call me “hasbara” as much as you want I don’t care.) I think that Iranian PASSIVE presence NOW in Syria brings more problems and gives no solutions …specially comparing to before.

OFFICIALLY Iran is ALLAY of Syria so logically it was “you who helped the most” and logically it is Iran who MUST continue helping liberation of Syria because you are ALLAY of Syria ! You have agreement with Syria for military help (Russia not!)

The problem is you do nothing at the moment and all accusations are directed to Russia?! And Russia only came to HELP fight against terrorism because Russia is NOT ALLAY of Syria and has no written obligation to defend Syria from Turks or IsraHell or US ! Do you see difference between “HELP” and “ALLAY”? I’m sure you do!

Allay MUST fight war for allied country while country that came to HELP (Russia) against terrorism doesn’t have to fight nothing else but terrorism !

Again ! Russia came on direct Assad’s DEMAND for HELP in fight against the terrorists because situation was CATASTROPHIC and SAA and “allay” Iran were on verge of total defeat !! When they have arrived 2015 Russia have helped that total disaster starts to turn in victories and liberation of Syria.

Today Russia can say that they did what they have promised to HELP and they did EXCELLENT job till now!

I personally think that Syrian population is starting to have problem with Iranian presence, because Iranians do not fight any more. That is the core of the problem ! And on top of that Iranian bots never stop spitting on Putin ONLY ALL THE TIME and insulting Russia and her presence in Syria. That is inadmissible !

Russia is invited to Syria just like Iran so do not threaten Russia because Russia has nothing to do with that !

And also do not threaten because Iran is no threat to Russia in any meaning of the word. Nobody can threaten Russia.


Saudis will bring more terror upon the long suffering Syrian people.

chris chuba

Were they carrying sacks of money? That’s about the only thing I can picture them doing competently.

Dod Grile

Well there goes the neighborhood.

Stinky Man

How long will Israels Foreign Legion (IFL) US forces occupy Syria to steal oil and and die for Israel keep the oil safe? The real question is, when the US does eventually leave Syria, “How many american kids will have died protecting Israel while their kids slept safely at home in their beds?


US will leave when forced by implosion of dollar and economic collapse…

Porc Halal

That’s the ISIS flag right?..the only difference is the background color

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SF you’re way too slow, I commented on the Saudis deployment and the reasons for their deployment nearly a month ago on SF. So apart from the fact SF is way too slow to relay important info to us, they also failed to mention the real reason for the Saudi involvement, which is well known. Pay attention to the date, December 23, 2019, so this is not new news it’s old news, and the Saudis have been there one way or another for nearly 8 months now, so this latest report is probably just covering the arrival of the latest batch of relief soldiers, and btw all the recent reports of Egyptian soldiers operating in Syria were probably correct too, since they’re actually working with the Saudis.

“Saudi Arabia has deployed “dozens” of soldiers to a major oil field in eastern Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor in an apparent effort to protect the group of Saudi and Egyptian Aramco experts who arrived in the area the previous week, reports have said. According to the Arabic service of the Anadolu Agency, local sources said that the Saudi soldiers arrived at Al-Omar oil field aboard helicopters. The source also added that this coincided with the arrival of about 30 trucks carrying drilling and digging equipment, which entered Syrian territory from northern Iraq.”


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