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Saudi Security Forces Launched Large Scale ‘Security Operation’ In Qatif


The Association of Yemeni Scholars condemned the attack carried out by the Saudi National Guard and security forces on the civilians in the Awamiya area in the Saudi governatore of Qatif.

The Association’s statement said that “Muslims in different countries of the Islamic world reconsider their dealings with the Saudi regime and declare their rejection of the summit planned to be led by Trump.”

The Saudi National Guard and the Saudi security forces have continued their campaign against civilians in the Awamiya area of Qatif for the fifth day, according to local sources. Saudi soldiers use armored vehicles and RPGs rockets against civilian houses. Warplanes and helicopters fly at low altitude over the area.

The Saudi forces claim that they are carrying out a security campaign against wanted personals from the old Masuriya district. However, so far no one has been arrested. The campaign looks as a siege. Local residents suffer a lack of medicine and food.

Meanwhile, Houthi fighters have repelled an attack of pro-Saudi forces in Wadi Shawak in the Yemeni province of Al-Jawf. As a result of the clashes many fighters from the forces loyal to the Mansour Hadi government were killed and wounded.

Separately, snipers of the Houthi forces have killed two Saudi soldiers at Al-Farida and Dafiniah in the province of Jizan. A Saudi drone was also downed in the Midi area near the Jizan provincial capital.



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  • Expo Marker

    All is not well in Yemen, as the UAE has decided to support the South Yemen seperatist movement, and now Saudi is fighting the UAE and Houthi.

    Down with the house of Saud!

  • MeMadMax

    Hopefully the stupid saudi king of queers are dumb enough to start another civil war, which this particular instance could result in.