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Saudi Regime Is Balancing On Brink Of Collapse Amid Economic Crisis And Setbacks In Yemeni War

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Saudi Arabia has become a hostage of its own military campaign in Yemen. The Kingdom suffers from both its own inability to achieve a military victory in the conflict and regular losses from the retaliatory actions of the Houthis. At the same time, the Saudi leadership has no opportunity to withdraw from the conflict and abandon its proxies there because this will undermine its already shaky position in the region and cause a wide-scale political crisis inside Saudi Arabia itself. The impact from such a crisis will be especially devastating.

Over the past years, the Kingdom has been passing through turbulent times due to the economy slowing down and the acute struggle for power within the Saudi elites. In 2020, with the global economic crisis and the COVID-19 outbreak, the situation inside Saudi Arabia became even more complicated.

On July 13, the Houthis announced that they had conducted a new combined missile and drone strike on targets inside the Kingdom. According to Brigadier General Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Houthi government, the strikes hit the following targets:

  • positions of US-made Patriot missile systems, warplanes’ shelters and the housing complex for pilots at Khamis Mushait;
  • military sections of Abha, Jizan and Najran airports;
  • the oil infrastructure in Jizan.

Additionally, Brigadier General Sari said that missiles and drones hit the Saudi-operated Tadawin camp in the Yemeni province of Marib during the meeting between Saudi officers and leaders of Saudi-backed forces. Dozens of members of Saudi-led forces were killed and injured in the attack, according to Brigadier General Sari.

The Houthis warned that they will continue their strikes on Saudi Arabia utill the end of the Saudi-led blockade of Yemen. This is the second Houthi strike on targets inside the Kingdom in less than a month. On June 23, Houthi forces launched missiles and drones at military targets near the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Commenting on the July 13 incident, the Saudi military claimed that it had intercepted 8 “booby-trapped” drones and four ballistic missiles launched towards Saudi Arabia. The coalition often denies any losses or casualties as a result of Houthi strikes and works to censor data appearing through social media networks. However, results of the previous Houthi strikes and the success rate of Patriot missile systems deployed in Saudi Arabia are a sign that this statement may be an ordinary attempt to cover yet another military failure.

On July 1, Saudi Arabia announced the start of a new air bombing campaign to neutralize and destroy the offensive capabilities of the Houthis, first of all its missile and drone arsenal. Since then, multiple Saudi airstrikes have hit the provinces of Saada, Ma’rib, al-Jawf, Hajjah, al-Bayda as well as on the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. Many of the hit targets were located in urban areas. The Saudi coalition provided few details regarding the targets destroyed.

On July 2, Col. Turki al-Maliki, a spokesman for the coalition, declared that the first round of airstrikes destroyed ballistic missile and drone storage facilities, assembly workshops and communication stations of the Houthis. On July 3, the coalition announced that its warplanes had destroyed two booby-trapped boats 6km south of Salif Port in the province of al-Hudaydah.

The Houthis slammed Saudi claims as propaganda claiming that most of the bombed targets were civilian ones. In particular, Brigadier General Sari said the July 3 strike hit fishing boats and a salt factory. The July 13 strike on Saudi Arabia contributes to the version that the Saudi coalition at least overestimated results of its bombing campaign.

At the same time, the Houthis continued successful offensive operations against Saudi-backed forces in the provinces of Marib and al-Bayda.

In the current conditions, the further development of the conflict creates a real threat that the Kingdom’s leadership will not only loose the campaign in Yemen, but will struggle to deal with a Houthi offensive in the south of Saudi Arabia. Such a scenario may eventually lead to the collapse of the current Saudi regime.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

houthi’s are surprisingly resilient

alejandro casalegno

No surprise…..Yemen is the Vietnam of Middle East.


Yemen is a shithole with neanderthal undeveloped apes, just like Syria and Gaza.

alejandro casalegno

For you are “Untermensch”……….like the russians for your daddy Adolf, we all know the end……


alejandro, the only Untermensch is you and your fucking parents that brought to into this world. Begone, filthy creature.

Fog of War


Brother Ma

Iron Dome? Care to comment ?

Aaron Aarons

This meme mixes up people who oppose the social construct called “white people” with some Jewish supremacists who are racist against all “goyim”.


The idiocy is that they are white themselves. Those alive, they should be shot not to suffer or poison others.

Oh boy how I hate this decadent, perverted, disgusting self loathing Judeo-Anglo Saxon West. Eastern Europe should separate from the West urgently.

Ishyrion Av

When jews talk about the destruction of the “white race”, they, in fact, target the Christianity. Because Christianity is the fundament of the white civilization: Europe and America. When they say the white race must disappear, they say Christianity must disappear. Because satan knows who is his enemy!

Brother Ma

Care to comment on what Fog of War has put up about views on Gentiles?


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Zionism = EVIL

Teenage hasbara PUNK and his daily attention seeking diatribe for dollars :)

Fog of War



lol you are an Arab hating his own brothers lol what the houti motto ?al-laʿnah ʿalā ‘l-Yahūd ahahahah

Al Balog

Knowing some Yemenis myself, they are tough and bold-hearted people ??. Great respect.

chris chuba

I hope so but the murderous KSA is still writing fat checks to their corrupt western allies. These stories remind me of the ‘shale oil in U.S. collapsing’ I’ve been reading for two years while U.S. oil production is still at a robust 11m bpd. Maybe both countries will get their comeuppance but it always seems a few more mo’s away. I would have cheered U.S. oil production a decade ago but now I see that it just unleashes U.S. aggression because we no longer have to negotiate w/anyone.

Fog of War

Very true, these predictions are a little delusional. Does anyone beleive the ZioAmericans will just stand by and let the Saudi scum collapse ? What about the US base in Saudi Arabia ? Its there for a reason.


And why not? That could be one of many possible options.

They might let collapse the regime if they believe that will reduce the obvious tensions within the country and even replace ruling family with some US controlled puppet if they believe that would stabilize the situation.

Relations between Saudis and USA are not so great at the moment. Both sides are not so happy with each other.

China is the biggest buyer of oil while USA buys much less. Things have changed. Petro dollar is dead long time ago.

El Mashi
Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, there is no need for further elaboration as the Saudi cunts are fucked. This was a my foregone conclusion, the day the Americunt dumbasses and the Zionist parasites “advised” them to invade Yemen, now it is too late for the corrupt house of pimp Sauds, they will be lynched sooner than later and MBS will suffer the same fate as Khashoggi. It is all coming full circle.

Assad must stay

RIP in pieces Saudi hahaha


Is that the same country that few years ago contested Iran and Turks for place of dominant regional power? Invader is about to be invaded ! What clowns.

They are not even “paper tiger” but tiger made out of sand.


Actually, the whole Arab world is sick.

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