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JUNE 2021

Saudi Propaganda Goes Wild, Releases Film Showing Invasion Of Iran

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Saudi Propaganda Goes Wild, Releases Film Showing Invasion Of Iran

A screenshot from the video

On December 14, the Saudi media published a 3D-animated propaganda film showing the Saudi military invading and conquering Iran after the Iranian combat vessel attacked a Saudi humanitarian ship in the Persian Gulf [the Arabian Gulf, according to the video].

On December 15, Al-Riyadh newspaper hailed the film and said that it provides a “realistic depiction” of a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“The scenes depict reality and the prestige of the Saudi Armed Forces, with its ability to deter foreign ambitions especially Iranian threats,” the newspaper wrote. “It also lays out the operational reality of how the Saudi army manages its military system.”

The “reality” promoted by the Saudi media includes a scene showing how Iranians greet the Saudi Forces invading their country as liberators and hold posters of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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John Whitehot

besides the gross absurdities of this vid, I find it ridiculous that Shias are accused of “adoring idols” by people that has put itself under a reactionary monarchy.

andy l

This would have no basis in reality. Saudis cant even defeat Yemen. Iran has one of the biggest armies in the ME not to mention all the shia militia it can call upon. The Saudis may have the newest toys from the US but their army is poorly trained. They would get a bloody nose very quickly

Mase fah

What a joke, that what saudis are a joke


Wow thats funny as, seems they dont know what an Abrahms looks like either, is this made by some shitposting kid or does it genuinely represent the level of delusion existing in certain elite circles?

Michael Qiao

I think a shitposting kid can make better M1 tank than this


Noticed that too – they look lot like Israeli pattern M60’s that Turkey operates – broad rounded turrets and huge high profile twin rear radiators. Memo: Saudi Arabia you can’t yet identify your own tank corps…?!


lol good luck with that, Iran has an army effectively double the size of KSA’s, their northern border is mostly secure, the US can’t attack them from Afghanistan, maybe from Iraq but have you looked at the terrain on the border? Deserts and mountains.

The only effective offensive against Iran would be amphibious landings all across their coast, supported by land invasion towards Bushehr, but that means whoever advances would soon be trapped there, with Iran’s superior artillery and rocket artillery numbers holed up in the mountains? You can expect a LOT of attrition if you’re invading them. I don’t know if the zionist alliance underestimates Iran, they probably do at the end of the day, even though they keep their distance they think Iran’s bite won’t harm them as much as it really will.


So MBS likes the cartoons featuring the CGI from 95 does he? Well, at least we have something in common. I’ll bring my DBZ collection over and well have a blast! I wonder how many Pokemons he’s collected? He does know that making any representation of a human being is considered idolatry in the type of Islam he practices right? Oh, I won’t bring it up. It would be a buzz kill at the anime party. He is one of the exceptional ones after all.

Ishyrion Av

Saudi can’t even make a cartoon… Invading Iran? If these are the wet dreams of Mohammed bin Salman, then he is really out of his mind.
But beware of fools. This is war propaganda and they are really getting ready for war. Them, Israel and US are targeting Iran now, and they are doing it the hard way, mostly because their biter defeat in Syria and the spreading of Iranian influence over Middle East.
It is remain to be seen how Turkey will side. Because even if now they are acting friendly with Russia and Iran, they are doing it only because they lost the main war (Otoman Empire resurrection) and they try to win at least the small war (against the kurds).
If Turkey sees a real opportunity, they will forge again the older alliances with Israel and Saudi and turn against their archenemy, Iran.


I was suspicious of Erdogan for the longest time, but I think he’s gotten word that there is no economic future in being a proxy of the US. Saudi Arabia is seen as a competitor for the Sunni heart and soul as the house of Saud is fading fast, so fast that they still think the admisson of an Israeli relationship is a sign of power rather than just telling everybody what they already knew. Iran needs some Sunnis on their side for the conflict that’s brewing, Turkey (Egypt?) can be the regional ally the Iranians will need .

Russian bases in Egypt/Sudan anyone?


Salman can’t be out of his mind because he does not have one . . .

Leon De Elias

Hahah funny as fuck..The Wahhabbi regime have a big trouble even in Yemen ..They would not make it to the Iranian shore alive..


I saw it first in BBC. I ran and downloaded it and it made my day. It’s very s#it quality aside, I think I broke a rib laughing at this wishful piece, specially the last part when they arrested the trembling General Soleimani. Saudis must really, really hate this man!

I noticed that no Iranian soldier bothered to appear to even curse Saudi soldiers, so I decided to print a few of MbS pics just in case! ;)

al quaida

Should clean up at the academy awards


A Nobel Peace Prize as well :)


Wow. They have legalized drugs in Saudi Arabia because only someone on hallucinogens could think up this nonsense.


they really did it: it is called captagon


Did you men . . . craptagon?


Its laughable but sadly the US Coalition of Fantasists actually believe this sh1t.


hahaha, funny as hell
did not know the the language of Saudi Arabia was English …

That Guy

lol, they have copied this shit from some video game and added their textures on it, and that’s it. They didn’t even put an effort on making a proper propaganda machinima. Dude, even I can do a better propaganda machinima even though I’m doing aeronautical engineering, not graphics design.


pr at next level, i wonder who they have contracted for this pr.


I believe it was Nikki Haley and Donald Duck Trump who made it.


Fiction, just like Starwars.


Wow epic graphics. Looks like a videogame from 2004.

Also did they hire Blackwater mercenaries to provide voice acting?


This is fucking hilarious! Thank you almighty MBS for cheering me up on a drab Monday morning :D

Michael Qiao

what the fuck are the saudis smoking?


They are not smoking anything: they are inhaling gas fumes . . . just look at the “royal faces-or is it feces? They all look like the back end of a donkey . . must be that inbreeding . . .

John Brown

Its good the Saudis were so stupid to make this is as it shows the Saudis as they are, the aggressor wanting to invade Iran and others etc . This is a really stupid propaganda move shooting themselves in the foot. I would show it everywhere with thanks.


If I were a Saudi I’d feel embarrassed by that film, MBS must have really lost his mind and become
seriously deranged and desperate to create such a cringe worthy delusional film. I don’t know who the target audience is supposed to be but I can’t imagine anyone other than people with the lowest of the low intelligence taking that clip seriously. So embarrassing.

juan carlos ayala

jajajajajaja …. jajaja


Oh, I have heard that the Saudi Military along with its mess of Princely Royal Feces are a “cartoon”, and one of great magnitude. Did I hear right?

Jason H. Smith

It certainly puts a whole new twist on the saying: pride before the fool!

Larissa Vanderbilt

The Saudis have a well developed sense of humor. Can you imagine the fake Wahabi regime even attempting to invade a nation that even the United States would tremble to fight a ground war with? The Iranians would fight to the last baby, while the Saudis would run crying to their mentors, US and Israel . .


Is this r/sadcringe? because wow… that was pathetic. What kind of Saudi imbecile would see that pile of auto-visual eye-poison a think “hell yeah, we’d so destroy those Iranians”. Iran would humiliate the Saudis if they ever crossed the gulf.

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