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Saudi Prince Claims Kingdom Can Destroy Iran In 8 Hours


Saudi Arabia barely has any chances to achieve a military victory in the ongoing conflict in Yemen. However, its leaders are already dreaming about the victory over Iran.

On September 4, Prince Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser Al-Saud released a promot video of the country’s air force and claimed that Saudi Arabia will defeat Iran in 8 hours in the event of a conflict.




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  • World_Eye

    Oh mother of GOD. Even if you launch 500 nuclear warheads each with 2 megatons you cannot destroy Iran in 8min. You wahhabi motherfuckers you you will destroy Iran. LMAO. LOL. Look what the Houthis are doing to you and you will destroy Iran in 8 minutes. LOL again.

  • Joaquin


  • God

    pfff the comparission itself it’s ridicolous…I’m starting to belive my toddler can defeat the saudis

  • Tiresia Branding

    petrodollar(and Saudi economy) will be destroyed in less than few years by Iran and China without shoot a single shot. And this is reality

    • You can call me Al

      Take out the pumping stations and in the middle of the pipe…..then through your zippo in.

      Bye bye SA.

      • Tiresia Branding

        nah, more satisfaction viewing Saudi’s minions behead their masters

        • You can call me Al

          Agreed, but deletion of pumping stations means no money for the local tribe.

          2 brains are better than 1 hey ?

  • Mario8282


  • Garga

    With every passing genius this “time required to destroy Iran” gets shorter and shorter.
    Saddam said he’ll conquer Tehran in a week. Then the immensely popular head of MeK cult said he’ll do it in 3 days, 8 years after Saddam.

    Now the time is a mere 8 hours for destruction. I fear the next one because we’re going to owe him a few hours in the future, something like an inside-out time hole or something, oh dear…

    • Pave Way IV

      Nothing like the look on a Saudi pilots’ face when returning across the Persian Gulf to see their oil and water infrastructure decimated and all their military bases in smoking ruins. Turn south to the UAE? No -destroyed, too. Smoke column from Abu Dhabi visible for hundreds of miles. Well, if they can only make it to ‘friendly’ territory in Israel, except it’s not there anymore. Unintended consequences.

      • Jakke1899

        US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf? “Blackwater” airstrip in Afghanistan? ;-)

        • J Ramirez

          Aircraft carriers are just giant targets now a days, easy to destroy and massive lost of revenue ;}

          • dutchnational

            Aircarriers are targets, correct. However, defended by very efficient anti missilesystems. Aegis systems are very effective.

          • Raven Mocker

            The vaunted Aegis system onboard the USS Donald Cook was easily compromised and rendered inoperable by a Russian pilot flying a Sukhoi 24 using AWACS in the Black Sea. Please give the propaganda a rest. The Aegis is a sub-standard system up against the AWACS suite that the Russian’s have developed

        • dutchnational

          They can use the large airbase of the US in Qatar. And the US airbases in KRG and Rojava, at a political and economic cost.

      • J Ramirez

        Fuck YA, Christmas in the summer ;}

    • Zionism = EVIL

      All I have so say on the Saudi morons is as we landed in Saudi Arabia the pilot announced “Ladies and Gentlemen don’t forget to adjust your watches to local time”

      I thought to myself how do I turn it back to the 7th century?

      • Ceasar Polar

        Saudi crown family as crypto-jews. Not real muslims, but jews hidding behind a muslim identity. The 1st Al-Saud was a known jew, until he “converted”. He tasked his sons to never uncover their true identity and have babies with as much as arab-muslim women as possible.
        Now you see why S.A signed a defensive agreement with the US as early as 1946 for 60 years, which was resigned in 2006 for another 60 years. The mutual defense agreement gives the US access to Saudi oil at a fixed rate.
        All is good to steal and racket muslim countries, even if it involves placing torjan horses like Al-Saud or Egyptian crypto-jew Sisi, whose Mother is a jewish woman from Morocco, by Kike’s ruling when the mother is kike, the son is automatically a kike. Sisi also was raised in a jewish neighborhood in Cairo, while saying loud he is a muslim, he is actually a crypto-jew.

    • You can call me Al

      Now its 3 hours, after they rebuild the airports after the Houthis forced them to switch off.

  • adzsiam

    What is he smoking?!

    • Dawn

      Must be a good shit :))

      • J Ramirez

        Where can I get some?

        • You can call me Al

          Marry your sister and wait 2 generations (10 years), QED.

      • Ceasar Polar

        He is swimming in an ocean of stupidity.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Hubris I suspect.
      Many blithering idiots belonging to the US Empire of Terror smoke that shit :)

    • Ceasar Polar

      Stupid brainwashed rich penguin that calls himself a prince while looting the country’s riches. All this legally with the guns on the head of opposants.
      He is ignorant that is all.
      One word for him to shut the hell up : HOUTHIS.

  • IMHO


  • Lazy Gamer

    Even if it were a Saudi alliance, it would take years to have any progress against Iran… if any at all. And by then, the attacker would have been suffering losses upon mounting losses. Iran is one of the most powerful players in the region and it achieved it despite decades of sanctions. The only way to wear them down is through jihadist proxies and civil war.

  • russ

    The prince do great damage to Iran if they could trap them in the Turkish Embassy.

  • AJ

    No one told the Prince they haven’t beaten the Houthis yet; taking on Iran would be suicide for the kingdom.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Is he a Muslim or DEVIL. his fucking brain only know about killing fellow Muslim

    • Tiresia Branding

      wahabism is a zionist creation having nothing to do with Islam

      • Ceasar Polar

        Exact. Wahabism is saudi version of zionism but by using muslims to slaughter other muslims, and to control and limit their development growth in the region.

    • Ceasar Polar

      Crypto-jew. Hides behind a muslim face, their hearts are jewish, their agenda is zionist.

  • gryzor84

    Sometimes, a good laugh is all what one needs. Thank you Mohamad Bin Stupid for bringing that moment for me after a tiring day at work :-) What I like with his nonsense is that it does not need addressing.

  • AM Hants

    Reminds me of Poroshenko, boasting that he would take Eastern Ukraine back, within a couple of weeks. That was back in May 2014.

    I wonder how the Saudi Prince, viewed taking Yemen and if he gave a timeline?

  • Boycott-Israel!

    Hahahah… Goooooood luck!

  • Andrei

    Ha ha…
    They smoke bad weed…
    Such comments from the side of Saudi official has no value in front of Iran, and not last Iran dosent go to low level Saudi brains
    Iran will obliterate Saudi Arabia in ashes not Saudi Arabia
    Saudi they are not able to win over Yemen,
    and they actually believe that they will win over Iran…
    Unbelievable what can actually come from the mouth of some Disgusting Saudis,..
    Some facts for Disgusting Saudi::
    Iran’s military is ranked as the 14th most powerful armed forces in the world by Global Firepower’s 2019 Military Strength Ranking, losing its 2018 rank of 13th due to US sanctions placed on Iran in August of 2018

  • fayez chergui

    I always was worried about saudis having a nuclear bomb. I bet anyone that israel is gone give that s***t to saudis rats.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Illiterate Saudi Bedouins can’t even change a car tire, let alone handle nuclear weapons even if the Zionist scum gave it to them. They will blow themselves up like their headchopper Wahhabi terrorists regularly do in Syria and Iraq.

  • Tudor Miron

    Yeah! This “pince” of goats that is alive as long as his western masters are happy with oil supply thinks that Yemen was some sort of misfotune and now he’s ready fo Iran :) What a warrior!

  • iosongasingsing

    Bin the ripper said he will personally tear apart 100 Persians.

    • Vitex

      couldn’t fight his way out of a chip packet :)

  • Xoli Xoli

    So the Saudis will dissapear in eight hours.

  • shayan

    you milking cow of US couldn,t defeat bare hand houthis in 5 years now you wanna destroy iran???
    very funny

  • J Ramirez

    The Houties are kicking their ass and they think they can challenge Iran? Unless they bring their bitch ass ISISrael and NATO into the fight, my money is on Iran.

    • verner

      yeah but even with isis and the squatters and nato, my money would still be with iran – 80 million people over a 1.65 million km2 in a far away part of the world – trust dunny the dunce realizes that Iran is a no go zone for them yanks.

  • bla

    Saudis are just scared, so they make moronic videos like that one for their idiot inhabitants and the rest of morons who watch American TV propaganda, just to “scare” IRAN somehow, hahaha. The Houthis have bombed Riyadh more than once this last month, anytime soon , next will be the king´s house, palace and their family member houses, simple.

  • Pantagruel

    Saudi Arabia is like the ancient Carthage – an economic power basing its military power on an army made out of foreign mercenaries, because their own citizens consider themselves “too noble” for taking so “dirty” jobs, like warfare. It is a decadent state of slave-masters, similar to those that we saw depicted (mostly in Essos) in The Game of Thrones. Money can never buy the same level of loyalty as ideological indoctrination. A rented soldier has the highest priority to stay alive, as otherwise he would not have a chance to enjoy spending the earned money. As Nicolo Machiavelli used to say in The Prince, “A mercenary will “defend” you during years of peace, to the last penny of yours. But when the war comes, you will never be able to pay him enough so that he wishes to die for you”. So the first time when the Saudis face a truly strong adversary whose army is based on his own (strongly motivated) citizens, they will be as defeated as the Carthage was by the Roman Republic in the Third Punic War (149-146 B. C.).

    • dutchnational

      One little problem, all commenters have forgotten. There is no border between KSA and Iran. So the war will be fought on sea and in the air. There Iran has a large strategic disadvantage. They are mostly boxed in by the Persian Gulf. Their airforce is a joke due to US embargo.

      Iranian groundforces are likely better than KSA. Airforce and navy will win the war for KSA. But, once Iranian airforce and navy are defeated, KSA cannot really exploit that win. They do not have the forces for an invasion. So, a stand off.

  • Superfly

    Crack must be free in Saudi……………………..

  • JustPassingThrough

    this guy is spending too much time with j. bolton
    the both of them are spending too much time with the goats. lol

  • dutchnational

    Seems to me the KSA leadership is out of touch with reality. When they can not really win against underarmed houthis, they will have a hard time against Iran.