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Saudi Pinpoint Airstrikes Destroy Houthi Vehicles On Ma’rib Frontlines (Videos)

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Saudi Pinpoint Airstrikes Destroy Houthi Vehicles On Ma’rib Frontlines (Videos)

A bomb laden F-15S taking off for a mission in Yemen.

On March 20, the Saudi-led coalition released footage of recent pinpoint airstrikes which targeted the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

The airstrikes took place in the al-Kasarah area, where the Houthis have been advancing. Most of the area is now in the hands of Houthi fighters. Saudi-backed forces showed fierce resistance. However, they failed to hold the Yemeni group back.

The Saudi-led coalition airstrikes destroyed pick-up trucks, a battle tank and even an ambulance of the Houthis. Several fighters of the group were killed.

Saudi-backed forces claim that more than 80 Houthi fighters were killed on al-Kasarah front in the last few days. These claims are yet to be verified.

The Saudi-led coalition released footage of its airstrikes on Ma’rib likely as a response to the Houthis recent operations against the Kingdom.

A day earlier, six drones launched by the Houthis hit an oil refinery in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Later, the group launched two drones at Abha International Airport and a third on King Khalid Air Base in the southern province of ‘Asir. Only a one drone was intercepted by the coalition’s air-defense means.

The Houthis’ recent operations, whether on the ground in Yemen’s Ma’rib or against targets in the heart of Saudi Arabia, highlight the failure of the Saudi-led coalition.


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klove and light

wont change nothing…houthis have captured highest hill overlooking marib……

Pave Way IV

More on the Turkey/MB connection to Yemeni al Islah:

Safer refinery and powerplant supplies all of northwest Yemen. In 2015, it was taken by local tribes (Ubaydah Tribe?) aligned with MB and al Islah. The local tribes kept all the profits for themselves and Marib, which is why Marib is such a rich city. They sold petrol, cooking gas and electricity to anybody that wanted it and kept the profits. The refinery is in disrepair, crude is limited and the plant can’t supply enough of anything, especially since last fall. Prices have skyrocketed, and people are pissed off at al Islah and the Marib tribes. Al Islah and Hadi have allied for mutual survival – neither could stand up to Ansar Allah alone.

Perfect time for Saudi fuel embargo on Hodeidah, which has not seen a fuel tanker since (at least) the beginning of February. No diesel for water and sewage infrastructure. Little power (Marib = oil-fueled powerplant). So the move on Marib (Safer) refinery and powerplants is not because the Houthis want to steal Yemeni resources. It’s to boot out the Ubaydah Tribe and put the fuel, gas and electricity under Sana’a so they can pay government salaries. Ansar Allah also needs to cut the M5 supply line from Saudi Arabia to Marib/Safer – Turkey would use this route. This map from 2015 looks almost like the map today.


Arch Bungle

My condolences to the fighters and their families.
May the House of Saud burn in hell for all eternity.

Alejandro Bonifacio



Amen to that.


You should say the same thing for soldiers from the other side.

Arch Bungle

May They Rot in Hell.


Its politicians and generals who are responsible for wars, not your average soldier.

Arch Bungle

False. This excuse did not help the Nazis at Nuremberg.

Every man answers to God Alone.

On the Day of Judgement the Politicians will not stand before you and count your sins.

It will be God. Anubis. Allah. Yahweh. Baal. Take your pick.

Or The God of Death.

All men are born with free choice.

Those who abrogate their free will and surrender it to politicians have become slaves – animals.

Those who choose to commit murder in another man’s country for a few shekels, then claim innocence because “politicians”, truly deserve the ninth level of sheol.


Will see how these fighters will perform under the harsh conditions in Yemen, if they ever reach it.

Arch Bungle

They will be slaughtered when they come up against true warriors.

These are murderers who have only faced civilians.

Now they will face a true warrior people.

Pave Way IV

It just seems like it’s taking an unusually long time for them to get to Yemen. It’s a few hour flight to Al Udeid, so they’ve been sitting there a week eating pizza and drinking tea at CENTCOM’s expense. They have to be flown to Sharurah Air Base and then it’s a couple hours by bus to Safer. That is, if they’re going to be used at Marib. They’re supporting the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood, so they might be going to al Islah’s Shabwa pipeline corridor to keep that from Ansar Allah (and keep al Islah funded), or they might be going to Taiz to bust a route to Mocha and take that from STC. Everyone is fighting everyone, so hard to say what Erdogan has planned.

johnny rotten

They lost but are struggling to accept it, so they hired someone from Hollywood to postpone the encounter with reality, because they know that when the truth is known to everyone, they will have to escape like hell, the people of the kingdom will try nothing else to cut heads of pedophile principles, the French Revolution will be a luxury by comparison.


Great videos, well done KSA. I wonder how come they don’t do it more often, they have an air superiority over Yemen. Hopefully more vidoes like these will be published soon.


I’m sure under the new peace deal with the UAE we help them alot against the Houthis, I can only hope KSA signs with us too.


Nicely written LR, that makes sense.


Don’t tell them ;-)

Potato Man

They destroy some of Houthis vehicles in Marib, what does it really mean tho, nothing.
They still need soldiers to hold their ground and the Wahhabi got none, and don’t worry Wahhabi shit heads a rain of rockets will come down on you Satanic shit soon.
Houthis, attacked Abha Airport on 18th (15th there was another attack on Khamis Mushait) and Ansar Allah launched attacks to heights al-Balaq surrounding the Marib dam and east of the dam 15th which resulted in weakening of Saudi coalition positions in the heights, that was on 15th .

The Saudis fukers wouldn’t need to help their shitheads if they wasn’t any problems on their hands.


In a simple cost analysis, the KSA are spending 2 million a strike to take out 50k worth of equipment…

The Objective

Has Turkey started to supply drones to the Saudis, or are these strikes by fighter jets? I didn’t know fighter jets could record their attacks.

The Objective

the Saudis can’t risk thousands of their soldiers dying in Yemen. the people may revolt or the military may even protest the war. They have to use mercenaries.

Arch Bungle

Which is why they are cowards.

The Objective

Indeed the Saudis became cowards when they stopped acting by the Sharia.

Arch Bungle

They were cowards long before Islam came on the scene.

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