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Saudi Oil Facilities And Southern Cities Targeted By Houthi Missiles, Kamikaze Drones (Videos)

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Saudi Oil Facilities And Southern Cities Targeted By Houthi Missiles, Kamikaze Drones (Videos)

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The Houthis (as Ansar Allah movement is known) have carried out a large attack over the territory of Saudi Arabia. Houthi missiles and drones have targeted important oil infrastructure facilities in the southern regions of the Kingdom.

According to the footage from Saudi Arabia, some missiles have successfully reached their targets.

Saudi official claimed the interception of three ballistic missiles targeting the country’s oil-rich western region and the cities of Najran and Jizan in the south late on September 4. The city of Dhahran, where the headquarters of the Saudi national oil company Saudi Aramco is located, was also reportedly targeted.

At least one missile was intercepted over the city of Dammam. Two children were injured and civilian buildings were damaged by the scattered shrapnel in the city’s suburbs, according to the defence ministry.

Three explosive-laden drones were intercepted by the Saudi-led coalition, when heading towards the Saudi territory earlier the same day.

No casualties were reported as a result of the attack, as well as no damage to any oil facilities.

Saudi Oil Facilities And Southern Cities Targeted By Houthi Missiles, Kamikaze Drones (Videos)

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Reuters reported that there was no impact on facilities belonging to oil giant Aramco and that the attack happened outside of Aramco facilities.

“The Ministry of Defense will take the necessary and deterrent measures to protect its lands and capabilities, and stop such hostile and cross-border attacks to protect civilians, in accordance with international humanitarian law,” the ministry said in a statement according to SPA.

The official claim of responsibility for the attacks is yet to come. There is no doubt that the Houthis are behind the shelling, as they have recently intensified their attacks on the Saudi-led forces both in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

On September 5, the official spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, claimed that a large-scale military operation in Saudi Arabia would be revealed in coming hours.

The details of the operation and scenes documenting the operation, would be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, a number of videos showing the attacks were shared on social media:

Yemen’s Houthis are regularly launching drones and missiles targeting the Saudi southern territories, as well as Saudi oil installations in the west. Saudi-led forces in Yemen are also often suffering  from Houthi attacks.

The most recent attacks by the Houthis include:

    • On September 4, a senior Yemeni military commander allied with the Saudi-led coalition was assassinated in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.
    • On September 1, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had intercepted four “booby-trapped” drones which were launched from Yemen by the Houthis.
    • On August 29, more than 40 Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters were killed when the Houthis targeted al-Anad Air Base in the southern Yemeni province of Lahij with several missiles and a suicide drone.
    • On August 30, several suicide drones launched by the Houthis hit Abha International Airport in the southern Saudi province f ‘Asir, wounding eight people and damaging at least one airliner.


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Rodney Loder.

Saudi Allies know the US is not reliable and so the Houthis have been proven correct breaking with Salah 2004 originally this was a border dispute when Salah was a puppet of Washing but if the US doesn’t pivot to the East then China will economically eat their lunch, besides that the US was relying on my support, now they know it won’t happen so they need me to disappear, that won’t happen either, plus I got Allah’s (swt) support and am willing to get along with Saudi Arabia after Houthi wins the border war.


It’s Hoooothies, not Howthies. Can’t you tell your programme that. please?


Saudi Arabia goes Ka-Boom, again!

US sucks b***s

And that has exactly what to with the above article??

You talk like you’ve been tasked with stirring up trouble and diverting all blame away from Israel.

Last edited 1 year ago by US sucks b***s
north K

there won’t be a peace in the middle east until saudis are gone. saudis are a massive petroleum corporation run by north america.

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