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Saudi Officials Claim ‘Accident’ Behind Large Explosions In Ammo Depots Near Al-Kharj (Video)

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Saudi Officials Claim ‘Accident’ Behind Large Explosions In Ammo Depots Near Al-Kharj (Video)

Screen grab from one of the explosions’ videos.

Early on July 14, a series of explosions rocked the outskirts of the central Saudi city of al-Kharaj to the south of the Kingdom’s capital al-Riyadh.

Local activists shared videos on social media showing large explosions near al-Kharaj, where ammunition depots and military bases are known to be located.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Turki al-Malki, claimed in a brief statement that an “accident” was behind the explosions.

“An incidental explosion occurred at (0510) this morning, Wednesday, 14 July 2021, in a disposition site, which is used to dispose of unserviceable munitions, outside of al-Kharj city,” Brig. Gen. al-Malki said.

According to the spokesman, the accident did not result in any casualties or material losses. Local authorities are now monitoring the situation.

Despite the Saudi MoD’s statement, some sources claimed that the al-Kharaj explosions were the result of an attack by the Houthis (Ansar Allah). The Yemeni group attacked targets in the Kingdom’s central region with missiles and drones in the past. However, the group is yet to comment on the explosions.


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Saudi sh1theads

It must be true as a drone accidentally flew into one of the largest Saudi dumbasses ammo dump :)


If there weren’t even material losses, not even ammunition, then this must have been an unannounced fireworks show.


Is this the same Al Kharj, where Prince Sultan Airbase is located?


Yes – there is large industrial zone to immediate north of air base – guessing the munitions storage and transit hubs are located there.


Dumbass wahhabi clowns. No material loss? Then why bother sending emergency vehicles?

The end

I declare this wonder as “an Alah’s fart of good gesture” to destroy weaponry and preserve lives. Any objections?

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

Glory to God
The takfiris are liars
America, the anti christ , watches and weeps as all his satanic agents defeated


Haha thx ^^

A clown like you

Ohhh really, funny how Zion also said one of their soldiers died to “god knows” and one of their officers died due to heart attack.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Hoithis needs to be exterminated…

Icarus Tanović

Just go ahead and cry and rage, you Zionistic Wahhabi pig. Not gonna happen.

Peter Wallace

Saudi Arabia has paid hundreds of millions to do that and all that happens is as you see in the video. Perhaps you could go and act as an advisor on the front lines. Then you will find out about extermination first hand.

concrete mike

You losers have been trying for 6 years.

So of course after 6 years of failure, is it a surprise your proposing genocide?

No because your a barbarian!

Peter Jennings

There’s always room for one more in the suadi ranks. They ain’t fussy. Currently they are only taking fast runners. Can you run fast?

Peter Jennings

‘unserviceable munitions,’ ?
They seems quite serviceable to me.

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