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Saudi-Led Forces Blew Up Dozens Of Oil Tankers In Yemeni Marib (Videos, Photos)

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Saudi-Led Forces Blew Up Dozens Of Oil Tankers In Yemeni Marib (Videos, Photos)

Saudi troops at their base in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden in 2015. IMAGE: Reuters

On May 20, the Houthi-appointed Governor of Ma’rib province in central Yemen, Ali Muhammad Toaiman, condemned a recent attack on a fuel market in al-Arqain area.

The market, which hosted dozens of tankers, was set ablaze a day earlier after clashes between Saudi-backed forces and local tribesmen. In a statement to the pro-Houthis Saba News Agency, Toamian claimed that it was the Saudi-backed forces which targeted the market.

“The aggression militants shelled with tanks and artillery the areas of Abidah tribe, targeting a position containing 30 tankers loaded with gas and fuel. The targeting led to the burning of the tankers and serious damage to the properties of the citizen,” the Toaiman said.

The Houthis’ governor pointed out that Saudi-backed forces are provoking the tribes of Ma’rib, restricting freedoms, stirring up problems, looting property and destroying equipment to serve their interests.

While Toaiman held the Saudi-led coalition responsible for the incident, a source in the Saudi-backed wing of the Yemen military claimed that fighters from Abidah tribe were behind the attack on the fuel market in al-Arqain.

The Houthis have been leading a large-scale offensive against Saudi-backed forces in Ma’rib for well over two months now.

The Yemen group is approaching local fighters and tribesman in Ma’rib in order to boost its offensive. Meanwhile, Saudi-backed forces are losing the support of the locals, like the Abidah tribe.


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Simon Ndiritu

Houthi’s need to visit Aramco again and return the favor.

0.005% "Jewish" doesn't make you a Jew but a Zion

SA thinking they can use Hamas and Zion fight to hide and attack civilians still…lol get ready to get fuked Wahabis – Houthis are not cut off from the world, unlike Hamas which can still fight European Zion.


medieval wahabbis learning about fire

Florian Geyer

The moral being in any conflict, ‘ Do not line up fuel tanker trucks in neat lines’.

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