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Saudi-led Coalition’s Advance On Al-Hudaydah Slowly Appears To Be Another Failure (Map Update)

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The Saudi-UAE-led coalition advance on the Houthis-controlled port city of al-Hudaydah is slowly appearing to be another failure. By November 14, the coalition had stopped its offensive amid reports abotu a ceasefire reached in the area.

Earlier this week, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock, has called for a ceasefire around of the port city.

“I ask that the parties implement a cessation of hostilities, not least in and around all the infrastructure and facilities on which the aid operation and commercial importers rely,” Lowcock said in a statement on November 13.

If the coalition fully stops its offensive on this key logistical hub, this will be another military defeat of Saudi Arabia and its allies in the conflict.

Saudi-led Coalition's Advance On Al-Hudaydah Slowly Appears To Be Another Failure (Map Update)

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Promitheas Apollonious

If the coalition stop their offensive………………. sounds like they actually have a choice the defeated mercenaries, who by now are running for their lives or praying for them.

Bigaess Wangmane

Have the saudi-backed mercenaries finished delivering their supplies of food, guns, medicine and equipment to the Houthis yet?

S Melanson

Yes, supplies given to the Houthis south of Hodeidah where supply lines cut off. The Houthis promised to deliver the supplies to the cut off Coalition forces in Hodeidah. Coalition commanders at HQ were grateful of the Houthis until they found out that the only thing the Houthis delivered were a box of chocolates with the best ones eaten.

Concrete Mike

Yark coconut!!!!

Feudalism Victory

Lol i eat those first.

Ah hell i eat them all who am i kidding.


Was there a buch of flowers with the chocolates ?
The Saudi’s deserve a bit of gratitude for being fucked again :)

S Melanson

Yes, a dozen Venus flytraps…



Zionism = EVIL

All jokes aside, the Ansarollah have captured tons of Saudi first rate weaponry, even look at the Khat chewing sandal wearing kids small arms, they include M-16, M-4 and even Austrian Steyr assault rifles with a sprinkling of G-3 and Belgian FALS. Even the ATGM collection is quite varied with many captured TOWS and French Milans. So you are right, the Saudis are the defacto quartermasters of the Ansarollah.

S Melanson

This is what happens when a populist insurgency becomes entrenched over years, they come into possession of the occupier’s weaponry and equipment. Although the Coalition made it seem like it was Christmas year round for the Houthis

Zionism = EVIL

When objective facts come out the Saudi scums defeat in Yemen would go down as the most humiliating military performance ever. At Hodeidah, just 2000 Ansarollah and a company of Yemeni special forces defeated 14,000 Saudi vermin and their mercenaries who are backed by the most sophisticated western weaponry including Abrams, Le-Clerc, Bradleys, F-15, F-16, US, UK and Zionist pilots etc. Every Saudi shameless “general” should commit suicide in shame, just like the pimp headchopper Assiri who was hanged by MBS coward after the Istanbul Khashoggi body parts episode.


Colombian and other Latino mercenaries are nobody’s fool. They are taking the Saudi money, using it for whores and alcohol and staying alive. They are also selling weapons to the Houthies just like Salvadorian military would sell weapons to guerrillas to perpetrate the US flow of money.

S Melanson

And will be toasting Houthi victory with the Houthis in Hodeidah right after they desert the Coalition- which will be any day now.

Feudalism Victory

Are the houthis going to employ them? Seems dubious.

S Melanson

Probably not. They will go find another paymaster, one that is a bit more competent

Feudalism Victory

God the saudis annoy me. Lucked into fabulous wealth act like they earned it.


Haha I wouldnt doubt this at all. Anyways I’d like to read a little bit about, do you have Any Report on latino mercs?


Well that was an interesting read! Thank you for that. I had doubts before about the presence of latin american mercenaries cause the sudanese’s wages are so low and I made the mistake of thinking it would be similar wages for latin americans.

Potato Potato

Sudanese aren’t mercenaries they are Sudanese Army officially. Sudanese government wh0red them out to Saudis essentially.

S Melanson

Right on time – the Coalition had 3 to 4 days to reopen supply lines. Reports of slowing down of intensity was being reported 2-3 days ago just like what happened in June. I repost the reports below with links. The excuse is this time due to pressure for a cease fire but the pressure is really the Houthis. The Houthis should destroy the cut off forces so that the Coalition will have hard time recruiting mercenary forces in future. Brutal perhaps, but the mercs. knew what they were signing up for with the Coalition – their deaths.

Below is a post I made two days ago

It appears the supply situation is starting to have an effect.

Battles eased in Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah on Monday in a possible sign of de-escalation as Western allies pressed the Saudi-led coalition to end the war against Iranian-aligned Houthi rebels that has left Yemen on the verge of starvation….

The U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lise Grande, had welcomed the easing in battles as a positive sign, especially for trapped civilians who are “absolutely desperate”.“It seems that the shelling and the strafing and the bombing has stopped. Now, we’re not sure about the implications of this, but it is very welcome indeed,” she told BBC radio

Article Reuters, Fighting eases in Yemen’s Hodeidah as Western pressure mounts, Nov. 12, 2018

A source in Yemen’s pro-government military coalition, which is backed by a Saudi-led military alliance, said the Houthis had pushed back an offensive aimed at moving towards Hodeidah port.

This is confirmed by multiple news outlets


‘but the mercs. knew what they were signing up for’
Cynically spoken, Africa is exploited as a catchment area for these impoverished people; the emirates on the Arabian peninsula have shown on many occasions, that they does not value human life at all.

S Melanson

Yes, I stand corrected. I believe the Houthis have discerned this and have shown mercy in some cases. I replied below regarding Latino mercs as example. Good point. But keep in mind the brutality against the Houthis, I am surprised there is capacity for compassion there


Good point – seen on few occasions, that Houthis fighters rush on the battlefield, in the midst of the skirmish, to pull the wounded enemy out of the field.

Cant believe, that this very same fighters allegedly use human shields, but again war let man do great atrocities..

S Melanson

They are not perfect but the Coalition purposefully targets civilians. So I would think the use of civilians as a shield endanger the soldiers even more, so the accusation is silly in this context


This sounds disgusting and heinous, thus seemingly fits in the Wahabi war repertoire…


I love how the AnsarAllah call the Saudi-USA backed coalition and fighters Daesh (ISIS). Really warms the soul someone outright saying there’s no difference between ISIS and the Saudi-UAE-USA alliance.


Yes Pan Czech, no ISIS in Houthi-held places.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahah great success :))) and great job houthis!!!

Feudalism Victory

Is that map accurate do the saudis really not have an overland connection to the seige? Are they flying in supplies or dumping it on a beach?

Id have to wonder if they have the logistics and/or organizational capacity to organize a coordinated operation in the land sea and air.

If i was fighting for them id watch the saudi officers real close to make sure there not getting on a resupply plane and leaving.

S Melanson

Supply line was cut 6 days ago. That is why the fighting subsided and then stopped. Repeat of what happened in June. They no longer are capable of offensive. They have no secure airstrip so no planes.

Feudalism Victory

Houthis are marvelous people in an era where most militaries are money pits or only good for long range bombing of defenceless people. I hope they get out from this soon.

Benoit Balderacchi

was not the
ceasefire imposed instead of because the port was trapped with homemade
bombs and Ansarallah was threatening to destroy it?

S Melanson

I highly doubt that. It is because the Coalition forces are now supply starved and cut off. Ceasefire to save them from destruction

Pave Way IV

No Saudis or Saudi officers anywhere near Hodeidah – this is a 100% UAE operation including attack helicopters and most of the close air support (Mirage 2000s from the UAE Assab base). The US gave the UAE a few Predators that they run out of Assab, too. Yemeni forces are mostly Wahhabi Al Amalaqah (Giants) Brigades from the south with a large portion of al Qaeda recruits. They were the best anti-Houthi fighters UAE could find. Sudanese mercs thrown into the mix for grunt jobs/cannon fodder.

The UAE wants all the Yemeni Red Sea ports, with Hodeidah and Salif being the top two. Any unfortunate UAE officers are there for the entire failed operation. They have no choice – they’re not going anywhere. The Saudis only contribute a few F-15 bombing runs in Hodeida. They’re more concerned with the troublesome Houthis further north.

The UAE plan has been (at least the last three times) to eventually take both the Port of Hodeidah and Hodeidah Airport for resupply. That’s not going too well, obviously. Each attempt was – at least initially – supplied by huge convoys from the south. UAE has been landing stuff at the Port of Mocha too from their base just across the Red Sea in Eritrea (Assab). Sudanese mercs come over from training at Assab. The Houthis keep blowing UAE ships and stuff up in Mocha, so the tiny port is only ‘kind of’ open.

If the UAE wants to run a resupply convoy north to their doomed Hodeidah rodents, they’ll just grab a few of their old Leclercs stockpiled in Assab. Not a problem for Houthi ATGMs, but the sacrificial Leclerc targets seem to be enough to get a convoy through to Hodeidah. I don’t blame the Houthis… who could resist?

S Melanson

This explains a few things. I wondered why Coalition would go all in on Hodeidah when KSA border problems getting worse. Well the answer is UAE operation, and UAE and KSA are not exactly sweethearts, so Coalition may disolve I would think after this fiasco. But Coalition seems to persevere to create the next fiasco, maybe this time they realize this is over. They lost.

Feudalism Victory

Thank you for the great information!

Kell McBanned

Have they lost any leclercs yet?

Pave Way IV

No pictures from the Houthis of any destroyed ones that I recall. Usually pictured on flatbeds. https://twitter.com/towersight/status/1064153227355144193

Pave Way IV

Amazingly detailed post on the early deployment (2016) LeClerc results in Yemen:


since 6 p.m. truce around Hudayda….. i wouldnt trust them saudis on jew orders………due to the cut off supply line…i hope that the houthis dont let the mercs get away with their life……kill them all take no prisoners…otherwise they will come again and again……..if the houthis do let them mercs stay in hudayda due to this truce ,they will regroup and rearm…..and sooner or later will achieve their goals.I dont know what the , if there are any, agreements come with the truce ie. all saudi and uae mercs must leave hudayda…here is the press release by the “yemeni army”

According to the Yemeni government, they have reached informal truce
with the Houthis Movement (var. Ansarallah Movement) to halt hostilities
in the Hodeidah Governorate.6p.m.


The Houthis know very well, that the truce is not worth the paper written on it.

It’s about relieve the civilian population, as defenders of the city they not only protect building, with could be destroyed by an airstrike anyway, but the yemeni people inhabiting this one’s beautiful coastal city.

S Melanson

Yes, but not finishing this will just delay and next time will be worse. The pain is bad but the future pain will be worse. Houthis have to really end this and it can be done in short order.

S Melanson

This is what I say in my post below and agree, you,laid it out perfectly. Brutal but the Coalition sees any weakness as something to exploit, they only understand one thing, defiance to the very end and the battle of Hodeidah not ended until coalition forces sent packing or be destroyed.

Mercs that desert now may be spared so not all killed

Tom Tom

they should let them leave on condition of leaving their arms behind, and then once they’re headed south down the coastal road hit ’em with a nice drone missile.


It’s only a defeat once the Saudi thugs are forced to retreat. If there’s just a cease fire and the Saudis hold what they got, then its only a recover and regroup in order to resume the offensive fresh again later. Similar to the many cease fires that Putin called in East Aleppo and East Ghouta.

Tom Tom

Once this is completely over the Houthi’s need to hit back hard, and re-take what little ground the Saudi’s hold in the north in Midi and Sa’dah, and also head south down the coastal road to take Khokia, all of Mocha, Dhale and maybe Matun asap.

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