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Saudi-led Coalition Warplanes Carry Out Series Of Airstrikes On Al-Hudaydah

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Saudi-led Coalition Warplanes Carry Out Series Of Airstrikes On Al-Hudaydah

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On July 27, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition conducted ten airstrikes on positions and gatherings of the Houthis in the province of al-Hudaydah along the western Yemeni coast, according to the Sky News Arabia TV. The airstrikes covered the city of al-Hudaydah and the districts of al-Zaydiyah and Zabid.

A source familiar with the situation told the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV that these airstrikes may be the first stage of a new ground attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies on the strategic port of al-Hudaydah.

However, observers believe that the airstrikes are a response to the Houthis attack on the international airport of the state of Abu Dhabi, which occurred a day earlier. While the UAE denied that such an attack happened, the administration of the airport said that an “accident” took place near one of the terminals.

During the last two months, the Saudi-led coalition launched several attacks on al-Hudaydah, but failed to enter the city. The main goal of the coalition is the port, which is considered the main supply route of the Houthis.

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New Israel is Muslim

Top three places Saudis bomb from looking at news articles:

(1) Marketplaces
(2) Weddings
(3) Funerals

with hospitals as honorable mention.

King Tudor777

We could add the hospitals if it were a top four places. Unfortunately, hospitals became targets across all the Middle East wars, since it has happened in Syria and Iraq.

Luke Hemmming

“Unfortunately, hospitals became targets across all the Middle East wars, since it has happened in Syria”. In Syria the same hospitals have been bombed multiple times, but according to Main stream media reports many different hospitals were bombed. So i think that statement should be taken with a grain of salt… here is the link to the article in question… https://southfront.org/last-hospital-in-aleppo-city-war-propaganda-over-syria-hits-new-levels/

Daniel Castro

Well, after all they use western “advisors” when targeting…

S Melanson

The Western advisors are not very original though. When handing out the priority target list they lazily just photocopy the Geneva Conventions List of Illegitimate Targets that Constitute War Crimes.

Daniel Castro

Standard USAF procedure.


Saudi government don’t learn from India where we have recently seen governments of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh.

S Melanson

When humanitarian agencies realized the big Red Cross symbol on the roof of hospitals was how Saudi pilots selected their priority targets, the crosses were removed and the pilots could no longer find the hospitals. Pilots switched to large gatherings of people but still resentful since hitting hospitals resulted in the best bonus pay for a job well done.

The Houthis felt bad for the Saudi pilots and devised a plan to give them once again ‘hospitals’ to target. So at night Houthi commandos infiltrate coalition camps and paint big red crosses on the top of their command tent. The Houthis then melted back into the night.

Well the Houthis were very impressed by the results as they sent prayers out to the Saudi pilots to strike without mercy, and hopefully a bit more accurately. Well after half the coalition commanders were killed or seriously wounded by coalition air strikes, Coalition leaders finally realized something is amiss.

Of course this is fiction as half the commanders were not taken out and they are very much alive. Alive because of bravery and skill on the field of battle but mostly because they along with much of the rank and file partook in mass desertion. The commanders are happily sending the Saudi leaders postcards telling them of the fabulous time they are having in the Bahamas and wish the coalition all the best in their future endeavours…. without them.


You forgot schools

King Tudor777

Saudis are the biggest Middle East murderers. They conspired against their own
people. From Morocco till Iraq and from Syria to Yemen, they are mainly Arabs, they betrayed their own people, but not only them, almost all the Gulf countries. But the Houthis will end up losing the war, they won’t have the capacity to beat infinite airstrikes, soldiers and mercenaries, in spite of their courage and experience. After not capturing Aden and losing Mocha, they are at a very risky position, they are not going to resist forever in Al-Hudaydah. Mocha’s fall paved the way for the Coalition to reach Al-Hudaydah. I hope they can block the Coalition, but I don’t think they will be able to do so.

Daniel Castro

“Saudis are the biggest Middle East murderers.”

Second, after ISISrael.

Also, Saud are clearly jews.


Saud monarch is a jew

Richard M

Just like Vietnam could not beat the “infinite” US air power, soldiers and mercenaries. Right, KT?

King Tudor777

I understand your point Richard, but I think that this case is a little bit different. Houthis have only one big supply route, it is far harder to hide in the deserto than it is in the Vietnamese forests, the mainstream media isn’t caring about it, so people will not pay attention to it and press the governments, Saudi Arabia is a terrorist monarchy (it has no clear opposition to its actions, differently than the US in Vietnam).

Richard M

I agree. I’m just saying that the impossible odds that the Houthis face are the same impossible odds that Syria faced.

S Melanson

There is a reason the assault on Hodeidah is ‘paused’ and it isn’t to allow negotiations. It is because the coalition forces that comprised the main assault force to take the port no longer exists. Out of supply, they withered away by attrition, desertion defection and surrender.

The Coalition has lost but the Coalition leadership still cling to some Remote hope that victory is attainable. As it was in Vietnam, victory remains out of reach and it was from the very beginning.

Icarus Tanović

One of the biggest World wide killers. Wahhabism kills more people than Aids, u yellow fever and malaria combined.

Romeo Pesiao

Coalition forces lead by Saudi Arabia, fought a war against a guerilla tactic adversary, coalition should intensify their intelligence gathering, to pinpoint vital targets, to reduced the Houhis capacity and to weakend their fighting capabilities, victory is on the shoulder of war planners.

Concrete Mike

No victory for the evil invaders

Joe Kerr

As a response to the drone attack on the UAE airport, it’s signals concern and incompetence. No doubt the Houthis were prepared for this, and expected it. Continual bombing of Hudaydah by the coalition of curs will see even their U.S. supporters turn away in embarrassment.


sorry but u r 100% wrong on “us supporters turn away in embarrassment”…….embarrassment? ONLY through 100% support of the United States of America can saudi arabia wage war in jemen.Its a 21st century Genocide by orders of America.All bombing targets are american targets through the satellite support they give.All bombings are only possible through air refuelling done 100% by US military planes.All 100% weapons used are made in either EU countries or north america.

Those folks dont even know how to spell this word.Is trump embarrassed for fucking fat pornostars while his wife is pregnant at home?Was clinton embarrassed for blowjob gate?
Those people are the worst criminals this planet has ever seen.From theft to rape to kidnapping to murder to blackmail and last but not least genocide.
Was fat monkey catherine albright embarrassed when she was asked if the sanctions on iraq were worth it considering that about 500,000 childen under age 8 died because of them sanctions….she replied ” yes i think it was worth it”
was the ugly murdering whore clinton embarrassed when spoke about gaddaffis death she laughed and yelled
“we came we saw he died hahahahahahaahaha”

I´ll tell u what embarressed is…….

Its an embarassement that 7 billlion people are letting 0,1% rule our world in the most evil possible way for centuries now.Its embarrassing to see how a poor country is fighting off an invasion against the ruthless brutal international coaltion leaded by united states of america and not 1 country has the balls to step in.
Its embarrassing to me that not 1 person from now 300,000,000 americans is at least trying to kill off congress.A congress that has broken every rule that can be broken, a congress that has less than 5% support fron the people that they supposedly represent.yeah thats embarrssing.

Brother Ma

Well said props!


As an American the complete lack of any coverage of this atrocity is enfuriating. And what 10 secs a month it gets it makes it seem a rightful crusade to return a legitimate ruler. I have great admiration for the heart the houthis display to fight against what should be an overwhelming coalition of war criminals. I don’t care how much I love my country I can’t just ignore the terrible shit we do. As always I’ve fully been against any middle eastern wars (they’ve always been in Israel’s interest not our’s), and the hell spiral we created in Ukraine. The obviously bullshit story about what happened in Odessa is what fully opened my eyes to how we operate. I wasn’t naive before but after that I knew there weren’t any lines. Thoughts are with those fighting in Donbass, Yemen, Syria, and anyone else suffering under attack, economic, war, etc. I have nothing against the Jews but I hope I live to see the state of Israel get their just dues. We Americans are certainly going for a fall, it’s just a desperate, fading, empire clinging on. How long is anyone’s guess. Even though it’s wishing ill on myself I will be relieved when it happens. Hopefully those long suffering under U.S. hegemony will finally have relief and I’ll never have to hear of American exceptionalism again.

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