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Saudi-led Coalition Supplies Weapons To Al-Qaeda In Yemen: Even CNN Admits This

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Saudi-led Coalition Supplies Weapons To Al-Qaeda In Yemen: Even CNN Admits This

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Now, even CNN admits that the Saudi-led coalition is supporting al-Qaeda terrorists Yemen. The goal is to get their support in the ongoing conflict.

The Saudi-led coalition provided US-made weapons to al-Qaeda-linked fighters, Salafi militias and other factions taking part in the intervention in Yemen, in violation with their agreements with the US, according to a CNN investigation.

“The weapons have also made their way into the hands of Iranian-backed rebels battling the coalition for control of the country, exposing some of America’s sensitive military technology to Tehran and potentially endangering the lives of US troops in other conflict zones,” CNN reported.

According to the investigation, Saudi Arabia and the UAE used the US-made weapons to buy the loyalties of militias or tribes, bolster chosen armed actors, and influence the complex political landscape.

However, by handling off the military equipment to third parties, the Saudi-led coalition is in breach of its agreements with the US, according to the US Department of Defense.

CNN correspondents went to Yemen’s Taiz, to “shop” at the local weapon shops, asking if they have any US weapons.

In an arms market, CNN asked “”Do you have American guns here?” CNN asked. “The American guns are expensive and sought after,” the weapons trader replied.

One of those militias linked to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the Abu Abbas brigade, possesses US-made Oshkosh armored vehicles, paraded in a 2015 show of force through the city.

“Abu Abbas, the founder, was declared a terrorist by the US in 2017, but the group still enjoys support from the Saudi coalition and was absorbed into the coalition-supported 35th Brigade of the Yemeni army.

“Oshkosh Defense strictly follows all US laws and regulations relating to export control,” the firm told CNN.”

CNN also reported of a October 2015 airdrop in which military forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition received American-made TOW anti-tank missiles on the same frontline where AQAP had been known to operate at the time.

“Local officials confirmed that the airdrop happened, but CNN’s attempts to conduct further interviews were blocked and the team was intimidated by the local government. A local activist joked that the weapons had probably been sold on.”

Near al-Hodeidah, there appears to be a graveyard of discarded US-made military hardware, which proves that “the Alwiyat al Amalqa — the Giants Brigade, a predominantly Salafi, or ultra-conservative Sunni, militia — is a favored faction.”

Around 6 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles sit side by side, with stickers of the Giants Brigade stand there.

“One even has the export label on it showing it was sent from Beaumont, Texas to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, before ending up in the hands of the militia. The serial number of another MRAP reveals it was manufactured by Navistar, the largest provider of armored vehicles for the US military.”

“It’s the vehicle that every crew wants when they’re out in the field,” Navistar’s website says. The firm declined to comment on this report.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are legally obligated to adhere to the prohibition of providing the weapons to third parties, unless officially permitted to do so.

“The Saudi coalition did not respond to multiple requests for comment. A senior UAE official denied “in no uncertain terms that we are in violation of end-user agreements in any manner.”

The Giants Brigade is a “part of Yemeni forces,” the official told CNN, adding that the group was under the direct supervision of the UAE and, therefore, the equipment was in the “collective possession” of the coalition,” CNN reported.

The US Department of Defense was also specifically asked about the Giants Brigade – the answer was that no permission was given to hand over US-made weapons to other factions in Yemen.

“The United States has not authorized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates to re-transfer any equipment to parties inside Yemen,” Pentagon spokesman Johnny Michael told CNN. “The US government cannot comment on any pending investigations of claims of end-use violations of defense articles and services transferred to our allies and partners.”

There is further proof that US-made hardware is falling in the hands of militants.

“In September 2017, a Houthi-run TV channel broadcast images of Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the de facto rebel leader, proudly sitting behind the wheel of a captured US-made MRAP in the capital Sanaa, as a crowd chanted “death to America” in the background.”

CNN also has an image showing the serial numbers of a second US-made MRAP in the hands of another senior Houthi official in 2018 in Hodeidah.

Saudi-led Coalition Supplies Weapons To Al-Qaeda In Yemen: Even CNN Admits This

Click to see the full-size image.

“The vehicle was part of a $2.5 billion sale to the UAE in 2014. The sale document, seen by CNN, certifies that “a determination has been made that the recipient country can provide the same degree of protection for the sensitive technology” as the United States.”

Furthermore, Iranian intelligence is probing the hardware and getting valuable data out of their efforts.

“Iranian intelligence are assessing US military technology very closely,” an anonymous CNN source said in an audio interview done from Sanaa. “Listen, there isn’t a single American weapon that they don’t try to find out its details, what it’s made of, how it works.”

The CNN investigation ends with the conclusion that “the flood of US weaponry is fueling a conflict that has killed tens of thousands — among them children on school buses and families fleeing violence — and pushed millions more to the brink of famine.”

Furthermore, it reminds that US Congressmen are attempting to pass a resolution to end the Trump administration’s support for the Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in Yemen. They are meeting heavy opposition, however.


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Chris Chuba

Funny that the CNN report was more concerned that Iran might somehow be benefitting from the Houthis capturing weapons from Al Qaeda rather than the fact that we are helping Al Qaeda instead of the side fighting them.

Promitheas Apollonious

well you created them using as hard core the mercenaries formed in ME by blackwater,a modern continuation of GLADIO, who is the hard core of all the various names they given to their mercenaries and so called terrorists organizations, so of course they worry about their investments going down the drain.

Tommy Jensen

The moment the sheeple realize Al-Qaida, 9/11, ISIS, Yemen, Gladio, cancer types, zika virus, all were detailed planned and paid for by Washington, Tel Aviv and London………………..LOL. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c004a2554445dab11065087a67c3ed9c599f5ec26c06a7d3aaae2dd862204027.jpg

Promitheas Apollonious

you assume that what is common knowledge, need to be re discovered why is that? Also you as a sheeple along with the rest who live in denial and keep repeating the same thing, you have one thing in common and is what is needed to change, in order this abominations on earth pulling your strings to be stopped at their tracks and then eliminated.

Instead of allegedly try to awake all the ones who pretend they are asleep, so you feel you doing something, thus having the excuse to yourself to do nothing, maybe you should take your ass out of your couch and actually do something about it . Even the little you may can.

people like you is the ones who cause what is happening, as you all waiting from someone else to do the wars for you and benefit you.


Saudis are just USA vassals, and they do just what USA tell them to do.

You can call me Al

It is from CNN, take it with a pinch of salt – US leaving The Yemen ?.

………but please God, have a word with the AQ fruit cakes and tell them to use the weapons on KSA itself..

Promitheas Apollonious

US is not leaving from any where they are, either going to be kicked out by force, or they will remain where they are trying to establish what they been trying to do along with their masters since their creation. Globalize the globe under their rule and control. Only idiots and complete ignorant people will believe what any politician in west saying since none of them is more than a temp errand boy to the ones who put them there to be camera talking heads.

The only ones who fall for their words are the moronic voters of the mass population of tax slaves they created and controlling so they can when is suitable use the words democracy and nazis and racist and all the brainwashing words they created and installed into the heads of the morons as key words.

Tudor Miron

Always did and always do – training, funding, arming and directing those rats on behalf of UK/US.

Jens Holm

Its so fynny and grotesce that its told here, that CNN should admit anything like that. They never lied and they are not part in the war as well. They are free press.

It seemes like the author dont know what that is.

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