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Saudi-led Coalition Suffers From Heavy Losses In Failed Dali’ Attack (Video)

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The Houthis repelled on July 12 a large ground attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the area of Qa’tabah in the central Yemeni province of Dali’.

A video of the clashes in Qa’tabah, released by the Yemeni group’s media wing, shows Houthi forces targeting Saudi-backed fighters with a M61 Vulcan 20mm Gatling cannon mounted on a pick-up truck. Houthi fighters can be also seen destroying a position and a vehicle of the coalition with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

Last May, the Houthis launched a large-scale military operation in Dali’. The Yemeni group’s fighters achieved major advance in the province without facing any real resistance from Saudi-backed forces.

The Saudi-led coalition failure in Dali’ will likely encourage the Houthis to develop their military operations in central Yemen. The Iranian-backed group is already stepping up its attacks in the province of Ma’rib.

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klove and light

bravo great work…..and that against ALL Major powers of the united nations security council which ALL voted FOR an arms Embargo against the houthis……France,russia,usa,uk and China….

fuck the Zionist stooges of the security council……fuckem in the ass..espeically that Zionist cock sucker Putin who is doing his best to fuck syria……

Putin u Zionist pig

Xoli Xoli

It is good that both Russia and China are fuckup by Trump,Macroni,Merkel and May with sanctions.While Putin wishes for partnership Trump put Russia under severe sanctions and deployed lots of troops to Russian borders.China who also wants to be associated with Trump gangsters are under severe sanctions and Taiwan is armed to teeth China sea is surrounded by USA NATO military.Most recently Putins sub was attack by USA Putin just lie to hide embarrassment.Malta airspace is close against any Russian jet flies to Venezuela.


So that’s why Russia ans China had put sanctions on Houthis. Joking, we all know it’s because Saudis are rich and can buy weapons from them. BFF Putin and Xi, men of principles not like the Western “Zionists”.


Zionists always look who is in power then they give the bouquet of flowers to him and they kick the loser out of the ring. Zionist have done this with American politicians Obama, Clinton, Bush etc and to UK politicians. These Americans and British politicians have no respect.


Isn’t fun how the country that owns the most resources on Earth, has a lower GDP than Italy’s?


Look into the methods how GDP is calculated. These virtuell products make the majority, e.g. license fees or whatever services, which can be priced freely. If these are extracted from a GDP calculation, and only real manufactured goods are counted, Italy is far behind Russia and many other countries. The same applies for the USA.


I’m curious to see a table with real numbers by countries, in the original Russian style to compare the economy. Does they have it?


As a start: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_sector_composition


Your links shows that Russia is way behind Italy and even South Korea – like I said before. I was expecting from you to give me a link that proves Russia is in front of Italy.


Isn’t it fun how a country with a “GDP” the size of Italy is self sufficient in energy and agriculture and can design and produce world class aviation, spacecraft and nuclear technology while being isolated and under sanction by the west for over 100 years using materials found inside their borders.

Russia supported the US revolution with money and military support, the USA responded to Russia’s revolution by invaded them, putting them under sanction then funded a 4 year civil war that killed 4 million Russians and left the country starving and destitute.

The fact that Russia is where it is today despite the 100 year effort of the USA and allies to strangle her should scare the shit out of you. Lets hope that if the tables are turned in the next few years Russia is more charitable to the USA than the USA was to her.


Russia is not isolated, you are pretty much exaggerating, most of their money are from selling oil and gas to the West. Also the West is doing the most investitions in Russia, not China, Cuba,, Venezuela or other “Friends”. Also in the USSR times, they were allied with almost half of the world against USA, I could say ohh look brave USA how she manages to be the first even in isolated by USSR…

The biggest investor in Russia, in 2018 is USA – from Russia Today.


From 1917 to 1941 Russia was in complete economic isolation like NK is today. Until 1922 there was warfare and starvation. There was a brief period in the 1930’s where western companies were allowed to sell to the Soviets due to no work in the west because of the depression but it didn’t last long and Russia had to pay for it with hard currency.

In the 20’s and 30’s Russia eared hard currency 3 ways: Selling art and religious icons to western collectors through US industrialist Armand Hammer, selling wheat which resulted in famines and finding mineral wealth then arresting slave labour to extract it and selling it to the west.

1941 brought the war with 28 million dead and an area the size of the USA east of the Mississippi was utterly destroyed. Shortly after came the cold war and isolation.

From 1945 to 91 Russia fought the cold war. Russians were living in holes in the ground until the 1960’s as Russia had to pay for a nuclear program and weapons before rebuilding and consumer goods.

91 to 99 brought economic collapse and Yeltsin in which western businesses and Russian oligarchs basically stole everything that wasn’t nailed down or didn’t have a guard.

Finally 1999 …. 82 years after the TSAR was deposed …. brought Putin. Criminal oligarchs fled to the west and the Russia we know today began building a market based economy. This lasted until 2014 when the USA again applied sanctions over Crimea.

Right now, despite the sanctions, Russia looks like it’s going to have a much better future than the USA will. They have little debt, lots of resources and energy, their’s making trade deals and allies all over the world and their economy has closed technological cycles …. in other words their economy is self sufficient …. and Russians are a hell of a lot tougher and more resilient than Americans.

The USA is debt ridden, relies on the Saudi’s to prop up their currency and is one air strike away from crippling $350 oil and abandonment of their Arab allies because they are unable to protect them.

Russians will do just fine if the USD collapses …. Americans not so much


From 1917 to 1941 Russia was in complete economic isolation like NK is today. They couldn’t impose such an embargo by that time since the lack of the technology and logistics. I won’t read the rest of your comment since you started with such nonsense. Maybe do an effort next time to not write your entire life in a single comment.


“From 1917 to 1941 Russia was in complete economic isolation like NK is today. They couldn’t impose such an embargo by that time since the lack of the technology and logistics.”

THAT is funny …. economic blockades and sanctions are as old as civilization itself.

Here’s a short history of US cold wars sanctions https://www.americanforeignrelations.com/E-N/Embargoes-and-Sanctions-Cold-war-sanctions.html

“Maybe do an effort next time to not write your entire life in a single comment.”

So you’re not do good at reading eh. Apparently neither is your president. Maybe next time I’ll get out the puppets and crayons to bring it down to your level of comprehension.

BTW I don’t write these for you. That would be a waste of time. Other people read these comments beside you ya know.


Despite being so desperate to talk with an American, they are busy, Ivan, they can’t get that low, I’m a pervert, that’s why I’m here giggling at your emanations, I like to see you being tortured by your deranged minds.

Wolfgang Wolf

hah, this is REAL improvisation… Vulcan gun mounted on pickup…. great

Pave Way IV

I’m personally admiring the trigger discipline it takes to pop of exactly three rounds at a time with a Vulcan. Crazy Houthi bastards!


Does the Vulcan have a selector switch? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8181e26857f99a735b6308759de6c6686df8df7834989fa3778b258afc7a3bcd.jpg

alejandro casalegno

At 1.46…….a AK-103…….a “Gift” from the saudi SF.


Do the Saudi’s have jets ? With rockets etc >?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yes and they got shot down lol

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

keep up the great shooting houthis, keep saudi losses as high as possible and yours as low as possible :)))))))))))))))

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