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Saudi-led Coalition Strikes Kill Civilians As The Houthis Celebrate 7 Years Of Ousting Government

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Saudi-led Coalition Strikes Kill Civilians As The Houthis Celebrate 7 Years Of Ousting Government

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At least 5 civilians were killed in Saudi-led coalition shelling, airstrikes and fire on September 21st.

Yemen’s al-Masirah TV network reported that a couple lost their lives when Saudi-backed fighters opened fire on them in an area of the Salh district of the southwestern Ta’izz province late on September 21st.

A civilian was also killed in Raqou area of the Monabbih district in northwestern province of Sa’ada, when Saudi border guards fired indiscriminate shots.

Earlier in the day, Saudi forces shelled a residential neighborhood in the Rahabah district of Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib, leaving a couple dead and a woman seriously wounded.

Meanwhile, on September 21st and 20th, Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out at least 24 airstrikes each day, to a total of nearly 50 in various locations throughout Yemen.

On September 21st, they repeatedly bombed the Sirwah district in the central province of Ma’rib.

Saudi jets also conducted six aerial assaults against the al-Abdiyah district, and bombarded the Mahliyah district in the same province.

There were, however, no immediate reports about possible casualties and the extent of damage.

Warplanes also launched three airstrikes against the Nati’ district in Yemen’s central province of Bayda.

Additionally, Saudi warplanes carried out an air raid against the Kitaf wa Al Boqe’e district in Yemen’s Sa’ada province.

In the last week, Saudi-led coalition has violated the ceasefire in al-Hudaydah at the least 200 times each day, with some days even reaching as much as 500 and more violations.

On September 21st, Saudi-led forces violated the ceasefire 226 times. An unnamed source in Yemen’s Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room said the violations included 17 reconnaissance flights over various regions, including Hays, al-Fazza, al-Jabaliya and al-Jah neighborhoods, in addition to 56 counts of artillery shelling and 145 shooting incidents.

Additionally, celebrations took place on September 21st as thousands of supporters of the Houthis rallied in the capital Sanaa on to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the ousting of the government, as the group’s fighters pushed through the frontlines.

Houthi fighters seized the Bayhan district and advanced towards Assilan in Shabwa, where Janna oil field is located, and attacked Hareb district in Marib, they said.

A vast crowd of supporters thronged Sanaa’s central public squares waving the red, white and black national colours, and chanting slogans against Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States. Some carried signs that read “Death to America”.


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