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Saudi-led Coalition Shares Footage Of Recent Airstrikes On Houthis In Ma’rib, Al-Jawf

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Saudi-led Coalition Shares Footage Of Recent Airstrikes On Houthis In Ma’rib, Al-Jawf

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On November 3, the Saudi-led coalition shared footage showing some of its recent airstrikes on Houthis forces in the provinces of Ma’rib and al-Jawf, in central and northern Yemen.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out 32 airstrikes between November 2 and 3. The airstrikes killed 145 Houthis fighters and destroyed 18 military vehicles of the Yemeni group, according to the coalition’s own claims.

Between November 3 and 4, coalition warplanes carried out 24 airstrikes. More than 115 Houthi fighters were killed and 14 military vehicles were destroyed, allegedly.

The Saudi-led coalition’s superior air power has so far failed to stop the Houthis’ large-scale attack on Ma’rib city and nearby oil fields.

Around a week ago, Houthi fighters and their tribal allies successfully concluded the second phase of Operation Spring of Victory after capturing the districts of al-Jubah and Jabal Murad from Saudi-backed forces.

The Houthis are not only advancing on the ground, but also carrying out pinpoint strikes on the Saudi-led coalition’s allies in Ma’rib. A very recent missile strike that destroyed communication towers in Ma’rib city was attributed to the group.


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Houthis are being hunted like rabbits – can you smell the odor of grilled meat? ^^

Chris Gr

Houthis will win nevertheless.


These attacks do nothing you delusional idiot. They destroyed two vehicles, big fucking whoop. Saudi air-power is useless against the Houthis.


sadism is the only thing the west knows really but it doesnt win any conflicts anymore its so obvious

Last edited 29 days ago by farbat

this war seems to not end until there isnt any power behind the ksa left it seems and this airpower can be taken of them in fact easily and they fold afterwards easily this is the biggest mistakes the saudis did in the last century to fight with yemen and never accept any reason nor peace this means that the war will only end after one side won entirely and ksa isnt really understanding what it did to itself by starting basically a conflict like this and fighting it until this very day the way they did

Last edited 29 days ago by farbat

And what we are seeing here, how the Wahhabists are just throwing bombs on some small compounds, and what? What do we need to get out of the wahhabi video here> That they killed someone, we see no casualties here, no proof that the wahhabi saudi regime killed none of the Houthis, all I see is how the Houths give very detailed and very documented video diaries, how they REALLY kill and capture the regime merceneries and soldiers, if we count by documented cases with proof, the Ansar Allah has destroyed thousands of armored vehicles, killed thousands of enemies etc, and what we see from the Saudi regime, how they kill kids and women on some weddings, so incapable of waging any conflict if they are strong, etc, why don’t they send full army ” that they have” to go in the war directly and “Wipe Out” the Ansar Allah movement, THEY CANNOT, they cannot touch the Houthis, but the saudi regime barks at Iran, pufff, Iran will really peeg these wahhabists so hard with their ballistic weaponry, first saudi wahhabi regime have no air defense to shot down nothing, Iran have a lot of air-defsne to shot down everything that saudi wahhabi regime can throw at them!

Last edited 29 days ago by World_Eye
Peppe il Sicario

The Saudis???? Those retrograde chimps couldn’t even take a goat to market by themselves let alone flying a $100+ million plane on a bombing run. Work of their soul-less foreign mercenaries for sure.

Last edited 29 days ago by Peppe il Sicario
Faisal al Al-Mahdi

God Damn wahabi
God Damn Israel and America the anti christ
God Strengthen and give your mercy on Ansar Allah, for Sake of God almighty, they are your people, your soldiers on this evil filled earth. Oh Lord, God, arrahman, arrahim, give Ansar Allah victory to liberate Arabia and serve the Imam Mahdi (AS) as the prophecy

Chris Gr

Ok but now Saudi Arabia is not Wahhabi. It has been in the past.

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