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JULY 2022

Saudi-led Coalition Says Its Warplanes Attacked Targets In Sanaa, Neutralized Houthis’ Offensive Capabilities

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Saudi-led Coalition Says Its Warplanes Attacked Targets In Sanaa, Neutralized Houthis’ Offensive Capabilities

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on May 30 that its warplanes had attacked “legitimate military targets” of the Houthis in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa in the framework of a “special operation.”

According to a statement released by the coalition, the special aerial operation is aimed at “neutralizing the Houthis’ capabilities to carry out hostile acts” in order to “insure regional and international security and stability.”

“The operation is in accordance with international and humanitarian law … We have taken all measures to protect civilians,” the statement, which was released by the al-Arabiya TV, reads.

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV confirmed that Saudi-led coalition carried out a series of airstrikes on Sanaa in the early morning. However, the pro-Houthis channel claimed that the airstrikes targeted residential areas in the city, causing material damage.

Earlier this month, the Saudi-led coalition carried out a similar “special operation” and stuck several targets inside Sanaa. As a result, more than 70 civilians, including Russian citizens, were killed or injured.

The coalition claims that these aerial operations have neutralized a large part of the Houthis’ offensive capabilities. However, the Yemeni rebel group is still attacking targets inside Saudi Arabia with armed drones and rockets on a regular basis.

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sure, the saudis can get nothing done although mohammed bin salman would like to think otherwise. before that he, mohammed bin salman will have to forget that he is the laughingstock of the world since he bought a fake (from a jewish intermediary) leonardo da vinci and paid 450 million bucks and it’s not even welcome at the da vinci exhibition soon to take place in London (or was it paris). can it be more telling of the inherent stupidity of such person and he is bff with trump’s son in law, jared kushner (who swindled Qatar out of one billion bucks to save papa’s real estate company) and jared has a) brokered israeli advisers to the saudis efforts to beat the houthis in Yemen and b) promised mohammed bin salman nuclear know how, which together with the saudi’s largesse towards pakistan will result in a nuclear bomb and c) has promised not to laugh when the fake da vinci is being discussed.

can it get any better – doubtful, until you include bedbugcrazy bolton and fatso and abrams and all their failed attempts to do something sensible. nada nada.


Not really a fake painting. I read that the Paris would only list it as “from the workshop of Leonardo Da Vinci”. If painted by a pupil, it’s auction value may go down to 1.5 million. This would be a terrible return on buying the worlds most expensive painting. LMAO


well actually being from the hands of ldv or ‘from the workshop of’, is quite a difference, one at 450” bucks and the other 1.5” bucks. should be enough to choke on and being the laughingstock of the world is not something mohammed bin salman is happy about so I suspect he’s sharpening the knives looking out to see who should be khashoggied. jared kushner is one that has and is taking advantage of him in various situations so let’s hope jared is in the cross hairs.

but frivolously spending something like 450” bucks on a painting of dubious parentage with the revenues from the sale of crude is a bit of a tell and he ought to be more careful. particularly when you consider that he spent 250” bucks on khashoggi’s french chateau (newly built chateau by khashoggie’s (of istanbul fame) uncle and then 300” bucks on a yacht, all within a fortnight. spending as if there is no tomorrow.


Why Saudi terrorists attacked SANAA. If tomorrow Houthis attack Riyad then they will cry in another IOC meeting. Please save us from Houthis. Look houthis killing us. They destroying our energy sectors etc. Crocks always call meetings to orchestrate to invade poor states to achieve own evil goals. Saudis have butchered small children and starving them in Yemen.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lmao too late to do that saudi scumrats!!! HOUTHIS ARE GONNA GIVE IT TO YOU WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, SO PLEASE BEND OVER :)))

northerntruthseeker .

Yeah, targeting civilians is now targeting “military installations” according to these Saudi freaks and criminals!

northerntruthseeker .

And I for one do want to see the Houthis now target the Saudi capital of Riyadh…. Only fitting that the good guys, the Houthis, now do unto the Saudis what those bastards did unto them!

Jacob Wohl's Nose

lol they’ve had 4+ years to neutralize houthis offensive capabilities. they failed. Houthis have prevailed under non-stop airstrikes and STILL hold borders with saudi criminals and territory INSIDE saudi lol saudi jihadis only know how to target innocent civilians and starve millions of yemenis


Whenever the White Helmets and their Western backers say the RuAF and Sy6AF hit hospitals (there were like thousands of hospitals in East Aleppo alone, one for every civilian it would seem), or schools (like girls are even allowed to study in Jihadi territory), what they actually mean is a Jihadi weapons depot or facility was being hit, as they are often in these abandoned facilities.

Whenever the Saudi’s say they hit Houthi military facilities, with the full complicit aid of their Western backers, what they actually mean is civilians were being, simply because the Saudi’s can’t hit anything even if their lives depended on it.

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, the Saudi loser cowards have successfully bombed and destroyed another school and hospital in Sanaa with Americunt aircraft and bombs. So brave!

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