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Saudi-led Coalition Says It Foiled Houthi Plot To Attack Oil Tankers With Booby-Trapped Boats (Video)

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Saudi-led Coalition Says It Foiled Houthi Plot To Attack Oil Tankers With Booby-Trapped Boats (Video)

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On March 23, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that it had destroyed two booby-trapped boats the Houthis (Ansar Allah) intended to use in an attack on two large oil tankers in the Southern Red Sea.

In a statement, the coalition said that the Houthis were preparing to launch the two water-borne improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) from the province of al-Hudaydah on Yemen’s western coast.

“The Houthi militia is escalating its hostile attacks on energy sources, the nerve of global economy,” the statement reads.

The Saudi-led coalition released via the Saudi Press Agency videos of the alleged Houthi WBIEDs being destroyed in pinpoint strikes.

This was not the first such claim by the coalition. On March 20, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that it had destroyed WBIED of the Houthis off the coast of al-Hudaydah.

The Houthis have been targeting Saudi-led coalition warships with remotely-controlled WBIEDs for several years. In 2017, a detailed report by the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) revealed that Iranian components were used in the making of these makeshift anti-shipping weapon.

The Saudi-led coalition claims that it has destroyed at least 108 WBIEDs of the Houthis since the beginning of its intervention in Yemen nearly seven years ago.

The Houthis have been escalating their attacks on Saudi Arabia. On March 22, the coalition said that a ballistic missile launched by the group was intercepted over the Kingdom’s southern region. Just two days earlier, the group launched a large drone and missile attack on vital targets in the Kingdom.

The Houthis’ recent attacks on Saudi Arabia came following an offer from the Kingdom to host a new round of peace talks on the war in Yemen.


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I don’t think the trolls get paid as much or at all to post on threads about the Houthis, it would totally undermine their boss’s agenda. Maybe 10 cents a post compared to 20 cents for articles on Ukraine. It’s nice to get steady updates on the region.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Another reason even the trolls ignore Saudi cowards claims is that they are more laughable than the Uki Nazi trash fairy tales. Saudis are complete losers too.


It feel like every time Houthis fuk Wahhabis, they follow it with fake BS to say look we did something. How many times have Wahhabis done this again? 4-5 times, it is all the same, Houthis hit Wahhabis and Wahhabis follow with some fake BS and they claim that they “foiled” an attack from Houthis.

Hitting a fuking boat in the fuking sea… really.

“On March 22, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its air-defense means had intercepted a ballistic missile over the southern Saudi province of Jizan.”

“intercepted a ballistic missile”??? One ballistic missile???

You see what I mean with fake BS from Wahhabis, remember Zion are in KSA and running a show as well with their beloved Wahhabis.

“On March 23, a senior officer of the Yemeni Armed Forces was assassinated near the southern city of Aden, the temporary home to the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.”

You know they are fuking say BS and they are most likely behind it, watch as KSA/UAE and ofc Zion/yanquis attack Yemen and kill more civilians – they set their plan and we all can see it.

Or we are missing info about all these events, after all, we are in SF they have no one on the ground to report or question people.

Joe Dirt

No too sure about these KSA claims. KSA desperate to look like it’s has having some success, as Houthi are winning the media war, with the Houthi minnow’s missiles rain down inside the KSA giant’s territory.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joe Dirt

𝗦­𝘁­𝗮­𝗿­𝘁 𝗻­𝗼­𝘄 𝗲­𝗮­𝗿­𝗻­𝗶­𝗻­𝗴 𝗰­𝗮­𝘀­𝗵 𝗲­𝘃­𝗲­𝗿­𝘆 𝗺­𝗼­𝗻­𝘁­𝗵 𝗼­𝗻­𝗹­𝗶­𝗻­𝗲 𝗳­𝗿­𝗼­𝗺 𝗵­𝗼­𝗺­𝗲­. 𝗚­𝗲­𝘁­𝘁­𝗶­𝗻­𝗴 𝗽­𝗮­𝗶­𝗱 𝗺­𝗼­𝗿­𝗲 𝘁­𝗵­𝗮­𝗻 $­𝟭­𝟱­𝗸 𝗯­𝘆 𝗱­𝗼­𝗶­𝗻­𝗴 𝗮­𝗻 𝗲­𝗮­𝘀­𝘆 𝗷­𝗼­𝗯 𝗼­𝗻­𝗹­𝗶­𝗻­𝗲­. ­𝗜 𝗵­𝗮­𝘃­𝗲 𝗺­𝗮­𝗱­𝗲 $­𝟭­𝟵­𝟳­𝟭­𝟱 𝗶­𝗻 𝗹­𝗮­𝘀­𝘁 ­𝟰 𝘄­𝗲­𝗲­𝗸­𝘀 𝗳­𝗿­𝗼­𝗺 𝘁­𝗵­𝗶­𝘀 𝗷­𝗼­𝗯­. 𝗘­𝗮­𝘀­𝘆 𝘁­𝗼 𝗷­𝗼­𝗶­𝗻 𝗮­𝗻­𝗱 𝗲­𝗮­𝗿­𝗻­𝗶­𝗻­𝗴 𝗳­𝗿­𝗼­𝗺 𝘁­𝗵­𝗶­𝘀 𝗮­𝗿­𝗲 𝗷­𝘂­𝘀­𝘁 𝗮­𝘄­𝗲­𝘀­𝗼­𝗺­𝗲­. 𝗝­𝗼­𝗶­𝗻 𝘁­𝗵­𝗶­𝘀 𝗿­𝗶­𝗴­𝗵­𝘁 𝗻­𝗼­𝘄 𝗯­𝘆 𝗳­𝗼­𝗹­𝗹­𝗼­𝘄 𝗶­𝗻­𝘀­𝘁­𝗿­𝘂­𝗰­𝘁­𝗶­𝗼­𝗻­𝘀 𝗵­𝗲­𝗿­𝗲­.­.­.­.http://MoneyLine2.ml/

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