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Saudi-Led Coalition Planning Large Attack On Yemeni Capital – Media


Saudi-Led Coalition Planning Large Attack On Yemeni Capital - Media

The Saudi-led coalition and forces loyal to Yemeni President Mansur Hadi are planning to launch a large attack on the Yemeni capital Sana’a from Amran governorate, according to the Yemeni newspaper “Yemen Today” reported on Saturday.

According the report, the upcoming military operation is aimed at capturing Sana’a city after isolating it from the Houthis stronghold in Saada governorate.

The Saudi-led coalition already deployed new units to al-Jawf governorate as a part of his preparations for the upcoming operation, according to Yemen Today.

On Saturday, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted more than 35 airstrikes on the Houthis-held area in Yemen. According to the Yemen al-Masirah news TV channel, 10 civilians were killed and 8 others were injured in Saudi airstrikes on Taiz, al-Jawf and Ma’rib governorates in the last 24 hours.

On Friday, the Houthis shelled a position of the Saudi-led coalition in Mawza district of Taiz governorate with a Zilzal-2 long-range missile. According to the Houthis media wing, several Saudi soldiers were killed and injured in the missile strike.



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  • Michael Qiao

    Saudi forces can’t beat the flip flop wearing houthis, I wonder how are they going to be the SAA in a fair fight?

  • MD Ranix

    zio satanic wahhabis will be losers whether they win or not …. damned in hell forever for their acts of terrorism