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Saudi-led Coalition Launches New Attack On Houthis In Western Yemen (Video)

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On September 7, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies launched a new attack on the Houthis’ positions in the district center of al-Durayhimi on the western coast of Yemen, according to Yemeni sources.

The Sky News Arabiya TV said that the coalition captured several positions around al-Durayhimi, some of which overlook a key supply line of the Houthis. The UAE-based TV channel also reported that two field commanders of the Houthis named “Mohamad Abd al-Malik Atif” and “Ali al-Qiri” were killed during the attack.

Hours later, the Houthis’ media wing claimed that the Yemeni group managed to repel the attack. Furthermore, a military source told the al-Masirah TV that Houthi fighters killed dozens of coalition personnel and destroyed nine vehicles in the clashes around al-Durayhimi.

The Saudi-led coalition has been attempting to capture al-Durayhimi for more than two months now in order to pressure the Houthis in the coastal city of al-Hudaydah. However, the Houthis have managed to defend their positions in the district center with great efficiency so far.

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John Brown

Russia needs to give the Houthis Kornet anti tank missiles to defeat the Saudis after Israel and its USSA slaves killed the leader of Donbass.

You can call me Al

You are probably right, but I have got to the stage where I believe that Russia should give them 10 nukes to hit the following + 3 extra to miss Saudi completely and UNFORTUNATELY take Israel out !!!!

Saudi Arabia – Largest Cities
Name Population Latitude/Longitude
1 Riyadh – Ar Riyāḑ 4,205,961 24.688 / 46.722
2 Jeddah – Makkah 2,867,446 21.542 / 39.198
3 Mecca – Makkah 1,323,624 21.427 / 39.826
4 Medina – Al Madīnah al Munawwarah 1,300,000 24.469 / 39.614
5 Sulţānah – Al Madīnah al Munawwarah 946,697 24.493 / 39.586
6 Dammam – Eastern Province 768,602 26.434 / 50.103
7 Ta’if – Makkah 530,848 21.27 / 40.416
8 Tabuk – Tabuk 455,450 28.4 / 36.572
9 Al Kharj – Ar Riyāḑ 425,300 24.155 / 47.335
10 Buraidah – Al-Qassim 391,336 26.326 / 43.975

Ivan Freely

Unless you want to piss off every muslim in the World, avoid Mecca and Medina. I would be happy with the overthrow of the House of Saud and behead all those useless princes.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

But don’t kill the Princes’ wives… They’re fucking beautiful!!!

You can call me Al

Do you know how far the religious sites are from the cities; NOPE you dont, so STFU. Same God, different prophets.

John Brown

Your comment makes no sense at all.

You can call me Al



O︆o︆oau︆h︆ D︆︆u︆u︆u︆d︆e︆s ! T︆h︆e L︆︆is︆t w︆i︆t︆h N︆︆a︆k︆ed︆-︆W︆o︆m︆e︆n︆s f︆r︆om y︆︆o︆u︆r C︆︆i︆t︆y h︆a︆s b︆︆ee︆n︆ p︆u︆b︆l︆l︆i︆shed
H︆e︆r︆e ̩︆︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆︆a︆.︆m︆e︆︆/︆a︆l︆b︆u︆︆m︆0︆7︆2︆9︆1︆8 ?

S Melanson

The Houthis feel no pressure regarding Hodeidah as the Coalition has not been able to mount a successful offensive since the disaster of Golden Victory in late June. The attack is probably to try and distract the Houthis from beating up Saudis on KSA soil.

The Houthis are not going to stop in KSA until the Coalition sue for peace. Unfortunately, MbS has himself backed into a corner where he cannot admit defeat in Yemen for fear of a coup. And so the war drags on until the point is reached the elites have had enough and take him down.

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