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Saudi-led Coalition Launches New Attack In Central Yemen


Saudi-led Coalition Launches New Attack In Central Yemen

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On March 18, Yemeni fighters loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi launched a “large scale” military operation to capture the center of the al-Malagim district in the central province of al-Bayda, according to the media center of pro-Hadi forces.

The media center said that pro-Hadi fighters had captured the Sh’ab B’arf area and Jabal al-Dahr Mount during the first day of the military operation. Several Houthi fighters were reportedly killed and injured.

“The military operation is ongoing and the army [pro-Hadi] forces are moving steadily towards the center of al-Malagim district, amid a major collapse in the ranks of the militias [the Houthis],” a pro-Hadi forces commander said.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV reported that Saudi-led coaction warplanes had backed the offensive and had destroyed three vehicles and positions of the Houthis in the al-Malagim district.

Pro-Hadi forces launched a previous offensive in the district of al-Malagim on March 3 and captured several positions in the Ashar area, according to al-Arabiya. However, the Houthis were able to repelled the attack back then.

Local observers believe that the Houthis can repel the new attack too if the Saudi-led coalition does not provide pro-Hadi forces with the needed fire support. A mistake the coalition has made during many previous attacks.



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  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Cry southfront.

    Turkey captured Afrin totally. Keep hiding news about it. Propaganda website

    • javid soltani

      what dose southfront get out of hiding afrin history ? by theway whoever wants to take afrin go head , when the times come saa will take it back from whoever controlling it

    • VGA

      They have been publishing article after article of the YPG being defeated … and now you accuse them of bias? That’s stupid.

  • Smaug

    It seems that non-existent coordination is preventing either side from gaining a decisive victory.