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Saudi-led Coalition Launches Fierce Aerial Attack On Yemen’s Sanaa (Videos)

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Saudi-led Coalition Launches Fierce Aerial Attack On Yemen’s Sanaa (Videos)

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On March 7, the Saudi-led coalition launched a “special operation” against assets of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in the Yemen capital, Sanaa, and other parts of the war-torn country.

In a statement, the coalition said that the aerial operation is meant to destroy the Houthis’ capabilities and punish the group for its recent attacks on Saudi Arabia.

“Civilians and civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia are a red line,” the statement reads. “We will punish terrorist leaders who are attempting to target civilians and civilian infrastructure.”

The coalition claimed that its aerial operation is being carried out in line with the “international humanitarian law and its rules.”

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV reported a series of airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition warplanes on the neighborhood of al-Nahdah and the nearby area of Atan in Sanaa. So far, no human losses have been reported.

In the last five days, the Houthis launched 27 suicide drones, a cruise missile and a ballistic missile at several targets in the southern and western Saudi Arabia as well as in the capital, Riyadh. According to the coalition’s claims, most of the attacks were foiled.

The recent attacks by the Houthis have apparently provoked Saudi Arabia, which is still determined to go with its costly war in Yemen.


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“”” In a statement, the coalition said that the aerial operation is meant to destroy the Houthis’ capabilities and punish the group for its recent attacks on Saudi Arabia.”””

The coalition has been doing this since 2014, their air attacks are ineffective and the Houthis are able to attack targets in S. Arabia at will.

Narine Joa

The Houthis have been bashed by Marib teenagers and Islah recently and to cover up the defeat they started sending over little drones that were shout down thinking this will relief them of the pressure and hide the defeats but they miscalculated massively here it only brought down the wrath of the saudis on them.

The Yemeni army announced new operations against them and the Saudis have now a massive scale land incursions in the pipeline on top of that this is what miscalculation for you

Arch Bungle

LOL! What are you talking about? The Houthi have been growing stronger and stronger since the Anglo-Zionist-American invasion years ago.

The grow stronger every year.

The trend is clear.

They will triumph in the end and you will be revealed as the dummy you are.

Narine Joa

Hahaha. Grew stronger? It is the opposite the Islah and Hadi’s government support base has grown since they joined hands.

Triumph how? They are on the defensive end. Hoediah could have been taken if it was not for UN crying humantarian disaster bla bla which stopped the offensive. Islah and Hadi government are very strong inside Yemen. They couldn’t push them anywhere and stiff opponent. The houthis are exhausted in truth. They are besieged and cornered on all side from north, south, east and west.

This is a video also released today. They got pulverized

Hasbara Hunter

Bombing Civilians is easy….

Arch Bungle

LOL! What nonsense. Your inversion of obvious truth is not working, I’m afraid.

It is Ansar Allah that is on the offensive.

It is the Saudis and their Satraps who are calling for Western aid and warning that Marib may fall.

It is Ansar Allah who is on the attack and taking positions. Not the reverse.

It is Ras Tanura that is going up in smoke.

Arch Bungle

BWAHAHAHA! Like I predicted, your Saudi ‘heroes’ are begging for peace:


The Sauds are getting beaten in Marib, as predicted.

And so it will continue, Ansar Allah will squeeze the House of Saud until the pips squeak.


Can you provide something official instead of conjecture.

Arch Bungle

Hasbarats don’t do “official”.

They do propaganda in order to cloud the narrative.

They imagine they have the power to inlfuence world opinion by constantly streaming lies to internet forums.

They imagine that this will aid their Zionist agenda.


Diana Transgender with another fake nick, the only “double penetration” is by your saudi and turkish boyfriends molesting your fiIthy mouth again and again….

Servet-i Funun Literature

No,if you look at his writing pattern carefully,he is absolutely not Diana.Diana is Arman Melkonyan who has butthurt to Turks(Eternal Constantinople syndrome and Blaming Russians and Putin in every single opportunity).Narine Joa is my guess Johhny B. Allan who has blood-feud with shias-İran and your writing pattern also reminds me someone who is using various nick names.(I dont remember right now but can find it in a minute)😁My two cents. yeah,ı invented America.😁😁

Arch Bungle

3 months later the Saudis are still getting their asses kicked.

Narine Joa

This is what I have been saying the more you provoke the more they would want to fuk you in the ass.. It’s like a beautiful big booty girl teasing a hunk guy. Eventually he would want to come inside you hard! This is only what it has been setting up


This knee-jerk reaction proves that Yemeni retaliatory attacks were successful and burnt Saudis where the sun doesn’t shine.

C*nts like always react by murdering civilians.

this comment might be edited to add something shortly

Assad must stay

Moronic braindead saudis think if they attack hard enough houthis will stop, but it only makes houthis pound saudis even harder hahahhahaha why dont they understand this?

Narine Joa

The pounding on the houthis are the siege will stand firm. The more they think oh we got a breather it will intensify. There is no deterence here but only intensifying it. In the end not a house may stand in San’aa and a new mass land incursion operation is in the pipeline.

It is like that girl who told her father I fuked my husband but her father told her either way my daughter you were fuked

Alejandro Bonifacio

because they trust in what the money can buy, but courage is not in sale

Captain Freedom

Does Ansar Allah have MANPADS or anything of this sort?


Saudis bomb from high altitude, far away from the reach of any manpad.
Like how a BUFF bombs, but with Strike Eagle.

So Yemenis need real air defence. We ought to arm them, it’s shameful.

Arch Bungle

I believe they should ignore air defense completely.

Instead, invest in counter-attack.

The ‘air defense’ should come in the form of sheer terror that if Yemeni assets are attacked then strikes will penetrate the heart of Riyadh itself.

Air defense is fighting off the back foot, that is the path to defeat.


Why not both?

Arch Bungle

Because the psychological tendency to put one’s faith in the easiest option (defense) draws energy and resources away from the most powerful (but harder) option.

Captain Freedom

The skies are their safe space, who knows its probably not even Saudis doing the bombing but western contractors. They commit atrocities and get away with it everytime, it would demoralize the saudi terror coalition completely if Houthis find a way to bring the birds down.


Ansar Allah will be fielding medium altitude SAM’s soon.Transfer of tech continues unabated. Yemen has a huge coastline. Impossible to stop small boats doing these transfers.


I bet the black hole in the saudi purse is so deep and so black that mohammed bin salman, clown prince in waiting, can’t see the bottom. but again and as before he will mortgage the future for the pleasure to beat the houthis (which won’t happen, but don’t let the clown prince know), who will beat him soundly over and over again. and if motivated enough they might just take it in their heads to march right up to Riyadh and ask for mohammeds head on a platter.

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