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Saudi-led Coalition Launched Military Operation North Of Al-Hudaydah


Saudi-led Coalition Launched Military Operation North Of Al-Hudaydah

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on September 20 that it had initiated a “special military operation” against Houthi positions in the western Yemeni province of al-Hudaydah, where a U.N. sponsored ceasefire is implemented.

In an official statement, the coalition said that its warplanes destroyed four assembly sites for water-born improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) and naval mines.

“The strikes were carried out in accordance with the international humanitarian law … All precautions were taken,” the statement reads.

Al-Masirah confirmed that Saudi warplanes carried out four airstrikes on positions in the district of al-Hali, east of al-Hudaydah’s city center. No one was reportedly killed or injured.

The Saudi-led coalition action was a major violation of the ceasefire, which was reached last year after a series of talks in Sweden.

Mohamad Abd al-Salam, head of the Houthis delegation to the peace talks, called the Saudi airstrikes “a dangerous escalation,” warning the Kingdom from a response.

“Intense airstrikes on al-Hudayadah in a dangerous escalation that could end the Sweden agreement, so let the coalition bear the consequences of this escalation,” Abd al-Salam wrote on Twitter.

The Saudi-led coalition operation appears to be a response to the September 14 Abqaiq–Khurais attack, which dealt a major blow to the Kingdom’s oil production. The Houthis will not likely tolerate this operation.

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  • ColinNZ

    Doubling down to hasten their own demise …. priceless.

  • Jimmy Jim

    The Saudi morons need to get outta town, the wankers can’t shoot their way outta paper bag.

  • verner

    the no doubt very expensive israeli advisers, provided by jared kushner, haven’t been of much use, so far. my guess is thta the israeli spy network isn’t all that good in Yemen which might explain the lack of success on the part of the saudis. this latter step seems to be an attempt to find a new direction in the war, rather than fold and go home which should lead to further houthi-attacks, like the one last saturday, wonder what they’ll do next. sink a loaded tanker heading south out of the red sea into the gulf of aden. that would be fun and the end of saudis oil business.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That, and hitting one of the royal palaces. Seem that Yemenis now have upper hand.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Those MbS palaces must be next on the Houthi hit list.

    • d’Artagnan

      The Ansarallah should widen their targeting of Saudi infrastructure to include cities and water desalination plants.

  • d’Artagnan

    Saudis have to be the dumbest people on earth, they are literally repeating the same failed policies in the hope of a different outcome, which is insanity itself. The reality is the Saudis have the lost the war they never could win anyway. The only real option is to withdraw from Yemen and try to negotiate a financial compensation for all the indiscriminate death and destruction wrought upon the people of Yemen.