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JUNE 2021

Saudi-led Coalition Is About To Capture Three More Districts Along Western Yemeni Coast (Map)

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Saudi-led Coalition Is About To Capture Three More Districts Along Western Yemeni Coast (Map)

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On May 27, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies continued their advance along the western Yemeni coast and captured large areas in the districts of al-Tuhayat, al-Durayhimi and al-Garrahi, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Al-Hudaydah province governor, al-Hassan al-Taher, told al-Arabiya that coalition forces are about to capture these three districts.

The UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies had killed more than 64 fighters of the Houthis during their advance. Warplanes of the coalition also destroyed several positions of the Houthis along the western Yemeni coast, according to the source.

The Saudi-led coalition captured the areas of al-Mashra’i, al-Tilaf, al-Mashiyakhi, al-Jah al-A’la, al-Jah al-Asfal and al-Zuhr north of the al-Tuhayat district center on May 26. These areas are located only 50km south of the coalition main target, the port city of al-Hudaydah.

Observers believe that the Saudi-led coalition will impose its control of the districts of al-Tuhayat, al-Durayhimi and al-Garrahi within days, as the Houthis appear to be unable to launch an effective counter attack.

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Sad to say things not going well for the Houthis.
But hope that SA coalition forces get stung in the ass.

Pave Way IV

The northern Yemen mountain tribes have successfully annihilated invaders for about the last three thousand years – give or take. Any occupying army (in this case, the UAE – the Saudis ground efforts have disintegrated) are only temporary when considered in Houthi timeframes. The UAE will be bled to death financially in Yemen (just like the Saudis) until they give up and leave with their costly merc armies. Money only goes so far – the UAE will be cast into the dustbin of history as another failed Yemen occupier.

The mountains and the flip-flop army will still be there in Yemen, waiting for the next batch of idiots from somewhere else to invade. Some things just never change.


Failed policy. When you don’t have 80% of winning and have no support don’t attack.


I guess there us no caves to hide at the coast houthis huh ? lol .. good job SA coalition


Why doesn’t a keyboard salafist scum like you find a cave and gass yourself with some your chemical agents you use on Syrian civilians. Unless they are fake like ones you idiots claimed in Douma.

Wise Gandalf

Seems, the war is coming to finish. Saudis will win. :(


No even close a few coastal villages isn’t close to finishing anything and its been three years and billion in hardware and this is the best they can do, pathetic.


this is far from being won……coastal areas are difficult to hold with no air force……..wait and see …the heartland of the houthis is in the mountanous areas….where heavy military hardware cannot move to….it will be man vs man….those people have done that for centuries…..its similar to vietnam….the deeper the enemy moves in the higher the losses are……lets see what happens in saudi arabia too..seems like bin salaman was shot in a coup atempt….and people dont believe the saudis when they state they have intercepted each and every ballistic missile of the houthis…war propaganda…ofcourse not all but definetly a percentage of those fired will hit taargets in s. arabia…how long will those thousands of saudi princes look on while their leadership(obviously on the path of full recognition of the illegal zionist jew entitty israel) bombs away THEIR future….take my word for it….saudi people including the majority of princes are pissed off big time for several BIGTIME reasons…..recognition of israel……money soending on jemen war and syria war…..womens rights…….all those whahabbi brain washing is coming back to haunt them now…its a psycho society after 100 years of brain washing…meaning one cannot(like bin salman is trying) change their behaviour and turn it up side down in a year or 2.This program would take decades.Right now the purge is still ongoing in s.arabia….bin salman arrested in the past months over a third of the immans/preachers of the mosques….arrested hundreds of princes and their associates being from the banking sector, military sector and as mentioned before the religous sector.
In short…this war in Jemen is far from being over.


Of course it’s not over. Saudis and their proxies captured a few villages and they’re talking as if they captured Sana’a. This was never going to be an easy win for the Houthis.

Good thing the people that matter and are fighting such as the Syrians when it seemd all hope was lost, such as the Iraqis when it seemed all hope was lost, such as the Iranians and the people of South Lebanon and such as Ansarullah now are people that fight for their ideals and do not break at the first sign of hardship. Even if they do LOSE they will never SURRENDER.

Good thing those people are made from sturdier stuff than these cowards in the comments. Not you though potcracker, you’re a good dude. Have a nice day.


It goes without saying that the initial objective is to cut off the Houthis from any support by sea. IMO this new offensive is the indirect result of the terror rocket attacks of Riyadh, because that’s when the Saudis realized that they couldn’t just ignore the problem.


what terror rocket?
it was a rocket not more not less.

Saudi arabia is bombing and starving yemen not terror bombing and terror starving
pls stop talking like a fucking american subhuman


He is Saudi rat, who is obsessed about the Yemen campaign, because his government failure in Syria. So he is grasping at straws for his corrupt and bankrupt ideology he supports and spams on this site.


Terror, the Saudi’s started by bombing civilians at the start of this conflict, man you really are an evil little coward and scumbag.


This war has see-sawed back in forth several times, even in this area(back when it all first started). Given enough time, this area(along with other areas) will go back to the houthis because this is not in the moutainous area, where the houthis are strongest and the dumbasses are weakest.


The SA economy is near to collapse. If SA win from Houthis by loosing their economy mobility cycle, so then this will be winning point for Houthis and loosing point for SA.

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