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Saudi-led Coalition Intercepts Missile, Three Drones Allegedly Launched By Houthis

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Saudi-led Coalition Intercepts Missile, Three Drones Allegedly Launched By Houthis

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing.

On January 21, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its air defenses had intercepted a ballistic missile that was launched from Yemen.

In a brief statement shared by the Saudi Press Agency, the coalition claimed that the missile was launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from the international airport of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The missile was supposedly on its way to strike a shopping center in the city of Khamis Mushait in the southern Saudi province of ‘Asir.

“The Houthi escalation … requires an immediate response to protect civilians,” the coalition’s statement reads.

A few minutes prior to the missile attack, the Giants Brigades, one of the Saudi-led coalition’s main proxies in Yemen, said that their fighters had shot down three suicide drones of the Houthis over the district of Ain in the Yemeni province of Shabwah and the district of Harib in the province of Ma’rib.

The Houthis have not commented on the claims made by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies, yet. However, it is possible that the group carried out a missile and drone attack in response to the coalition’s recent deadly airstrikes on Yemen.

In a morning, a series of coalition airstrikes destroyed a prison in the province of Saada, the heartland of the Houthis. More than 60 people were killed as a result.

The Saudi-led coalition ignored the massacre. However, the Houthis vowed to response. The group’s spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, even called on foreign companies investing in the United Arab Emirates to “leave”.


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A few minutes ago they bombed Sana’a again. Yet another blind civilian targeting. They are going out of their way to put the infamous child-killer Zionists into shame. Based on their reasoning, nuclear missiles -intended to destroy an kindergarten in the Empty Quarter were fired from Sa’adah prison, Hudayda communication center and civilian houses.

General Saree’ warned foreign companies to get out of UAE as it’s now “an unsafe tiny country”. I hope they feel the weight of their crimes before leaving this world.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Using a cruise missile would circumvent most air defence systems. As it is, those missiles are difficult to intercept by design and most amerikwan/kikeroach batteries are for high-altitude anti-ballistic missile interception.


Such random and murderous terror bombing shows how desperate and weak the Saudis are in this conflict, 7 years of war and cowardly terror bombing and billions spent in American and Western weaponry and no victory in sight. The Saudis and Gulf Arabs are the definition of pathetic sub-humans just like their Israeli friends.


Hey Garga, always a pleasure to to have a chat with you my friend :)

Well to be honest, I don’t think we use enough firepower against the Gazans and the Lebanese as much as I would love that to happen. If it was really up to me as a general, then I’d wipe out every village that shoots rockets into Israel, with everyone inside. That is the only way to make them learn, with blood. Fact? since 2006 Nasrallah has learned to sit down in his bunker and only spread threats, another war against Israel and we remove what is left of him and Lebanon for good.

About the Saudis, well I can’t say they do a good job in Yemen but they do keep the Houthis on a short leash, the ME needs less Shias who create chaos and more cooperation like like Israeli-UAE-Bahrain alliance.

So how is the situation in Iran as of now? what is left of the economy after all these sanctions? you know what they say Garga, if you can’t drink water due to droughts – then drink oil. You have plenty.

Jake Harris

The only thing bigger than Israeli hubris, is the number of missiles pointed at Tel-Aviv :)


I would love to meet you, you fucking parasite, I’d pop you’re scum filled head like a balloon, fucking paedophile rat.


Come to Israel then, I’m all here for you. I love heroes like you, name a date. Your retarded Aussie friend can come and die too :-)


I’m not going to that apartheid sithole, I’ll meet you on neutral ground. Send me location, I’m in Western Europe so somewhere in between.

Cuckmander Hebrew

He’s too much of a shitskinned pussy. I challenged him to come fight me in Australia – even gave him a location, date and time, only for this cunt’s little pecker to retreat into his body like a frightened turtle as he refused.

I really hate kikeroaches, not only for being a subhuman race but also notorious pussies.


Cuckmander Hebrew

“cOme To yIsRoeL”

No, Kikemander Shitskin, I am not going to pay money that goes into your wog sandmutt country’s coffers simply so I can walk into an ambush you’ve set up for me (kikeroach hebrew shitskins always have fought like murderous mongrels with cowardly, pussy tactics).

Come to Australia and I’ll quite happily rip off your small “Chosen” dicklet with my bare hands and stomp your shitskin balls to mush, after which I’ll decapitate you with a butter knife and play football with your brown subhuman head.

Last edited 3 months ago by Cuckmander Hebrew
Cuckmander Hebrew

Newsflash, you short-cocked shitskin hebrew – most of your enemies have well-ebtrenched underground fortifications that are beyond the reach of your bombs to harm. Plus airstrikes are not the silver bullet you imagine – I’ve seen footage of a 1000 lb bomb being dropped ten feet from a guy and him being caught up in the blast radius, only he walked away unscathed.

Your pindicked cuckmander-in-chief and pussy generals didn’t dare open a new front in lebanon, even as Hezbollah is distracted and embroiled in Syria. Kikeroaches are limp dick brown wog turds who once whipped like the mangy curs they are, they will always think fifty times before showing their teeth. Funny, those arab sandmutts accomplished something for once – although of course, it’s due to the Iranians micro-managing them.

Oil? How about you come to Australia so I can waterboard you in a whole oilfield? Maybe even force-feed you and your fellow shitskin kikeroach hebrews a chockful of yellowcake, we have a surplus of uranium on this continent. Oh wait, we can force your brats to drink heavy water too so they become even more goblin-like than they already are!

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