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Saudi-led Coalition Foils Houthis Attempt To Launch Rocket At Southern Saudi Arabia (Video)


On November 29, the Yemeni Missile Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had launched a Badir-1P guided artillery rocket at a gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops on the western coast of Yemen.

“The rocket hit its target accurately,” the al-Masirah TV quoted a source in the Yemeni Missile Force as saying.

According to experts, the Badir-1Pis an INS\GPS guided copy of the Badir-1 solid fuel artillery rocket. The Badir-1 family is derived from the Iranian-made Fajir-4 rocket.

A spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, Colonel Turki al-Malki, denied the Yemeni Missile Force’s claims and said that coalition warplanes were able to destroy the rocket launcher in the northern Yemeni province of Saada only minutes before the launch operation. According to Col. al-Malki, the target of the rocket was southern Saudi Arabia and not the western Yemeni coast.

“The coalition denies the claims of the Houthi terrorist militia, which is pushing its fighters and supporters to a losing battle … these lies and tricks will not convince its sympathizers,” the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV quoted al-Arabiya as saying.

This was the first time the Saudi-led coalition was able to foil a Houthi rocket attack. If such incidents repeat, this will pose a serious challenge to the Houthis, which rely on the Yemeni Missile Force as one of the main tools to deter the coalition.

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  • SurfaceBook

    why south front kept posting saudi propaganda ?

    • Who knows, maybe they are getting targeting information from U.S. special forces. They might be exaggerating some but the U.S. is on the wrong side in this fight.

    • PZIVJ

      This does seem like Saudi BS.
      Houthis state launch down south, and then some clown states “no wait, we destroyed it up north aimed at SA before the launch even took place with only a few minutes to spare” As if there is only one launch site. LOL

    • World_Eye

      They are not posting propaganda, SF never takes side and it shows how it looks on both sides especially when there is video evidence they are independent and never take any sides, they just show you the war you be the one to see and judge the details. If there is a video material evidence of any side doing anything I believe SF will post it so we can all see what is happening.
      What is this at all have to do with Saudi Propaganda. This shows you with proof that Houthis fighters are been killed by the so called-Saudi Wahhabi coalition. You need to look at the War from both perspectives other wise you don’t see nothing if you look from one side.

      • SurfaceBook

        when SF posted articles taken from SAUDI OFFICIAL SOURCE , that means SF is forwarding Saudi propaganda..

  • Yankee Doodle

    Look deeper into the story. If the Saudis are now hitting these mobile targets it means the British and israelis have arrived.
    I posted this comment the other day with a link:

    ‘This must be part of the reason the Saudis have requested that UK and Israeli pilots assist with ground attack operations, whoops!, I mean ‘joint training exercises’.

    The UK have sent an extra 200 airmen and an extra x8 Typhoons (good planes by the way). Dont know what Israel are sending, but likely they will just concentrate on the Iranian ‘advisors’ assisting the Houthis and generally do what ever they want, regardless of what the Saudis request:

    • Yankee Doodle

      Sometimes I hate being a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, I can see way too much truth behind the BS and it brings me down. Hmmm that reminds me about the Bridge that was intended to come down somewhere……..which bridge was that?

      • PZIVJ

        Yankee Doodle, Seems that your replies are fading to nothing. LMAO

      • Brother Ma

        Well Genoa came down. It worked in getting the Italians to pull their heads in. About being anti Soros.

  • S Melanson

    Propaganda. Anyway, the peace talks are going ahead


    check out this map. The Houthis have advanced on a broad front into KSA and are 5 km from Najran – the city I speculated the Houthis may try to take – the Houthis are now in a position to do so although do not know Houthis strength and intent yet.

    Also, the Coalitoion offensive in Northwest Yemen has been repelled and forced back – Houthis have actually taken more territory than before coalition offensive.

    • Brother Ma