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Saudi-led Coalition Foiled Houthi Attack On Key Mountain In Ma’rib, Killed 70 Fighters

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Saudi-led Coalition Foiled Houthi Attack On Key Mountain In Ma’rib, Killed 70 Fighters

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On November 14, the Saudi-led coalition foiled an attack by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) on the Bulq mountain which overlooks the southern outskirts of the central Yemeni city of Ma’rib, according to al-Arabiya TV.

The large mountain is the last geographical obstacle standing between the Houthis and Ma’rib city. Houthi fighters are currently situated in Umm Reesh military camp, which is located some 35 kilometers to the south of the city.

Citing informed sources, al-Arabiya reported that Saudi-led coalition warplanes attacked Houthi forces as they were preparing to launch a large-scale attack on the eastern foot of the Bulq mountain.

“Six military vehicles of the Houthis were destroyed and 70 Houthi [fighters] were killed,” al-Arabiya quoted its sources as saying.

The Houthis have been advancing towards’ Ma’rib city and nearby oil fields for well over eight months now. The group’s fighters have already reached the western outskirts of the city.

In what appears to be a last ditch attempt to stop the Houthis, the coalition escalated its aerial operations over Ma’rib in the last few weeks. Furthermore, a large part of Saudi-backed forces abandoned the coast of the western province of al-Hudaydah and headed to Ma’rib city.

Despite the Saudi-led coalitions’ new measures, the Houthis are not backing down. In fact, the group is now boosting its operations in Ma’rib.


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If only al-Arabiyah had any credibility.
I’ll wait to hear it from a source that doesn’t lie 24/7.

Chris Gr


Dennis Kovac

Huthis have more access now to Red Sea and I hope that Iran can deliver more Kornet and other rockets to destroy Saudis tanks and other equipments. It seems to be urgent now if Saudis are moving to Marib front

Last edited 24 days ago by Dennis Kovac
Michel LeBlanc

Lets hope its too little too late.


Probably an exaggeration as usual. The Saudi’s can only ever prove an occasional airstrike on a Houthi technical.

Red Lotus

The houthis will sacrifice whatever is needed within reason to take marib because it is so vital to the saudi’s logistics. This is like Khe San all over again. Except this time the anti usa team may win.

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