Saudi-led Coalition Destroys Missile Launcher And Radar Station Of Houthis


Saudi-led Coalition Destroys Missile Launcher And Radar Station Of Houthis

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On September 8, a spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition, Colonel Turki al-Malaki, announced that warplanes of the coalition detected and destroyed a “ballistic missile” launcher of the Houthis in the northern Yemeni province of Sanaa.

“A ballistic missile launcher was identified in the area of Alamashya in district of al-Safra in Saada province …  After passing the coordinates of the site, the launcher was targeted and destroyed at dawn today,” the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV quoted Col. al-Malaki as saying.

Furthermore, Saudi-led coalition warplanes carried out airstrikes on a radar station of the Houthis in the district of Sahar in Saada, according to Col. al-Malaki. The radar station was reportedly tracking coalition warplanes, which were flying over the province at the time.

The Houthis launched six artillery rockets at several vital targets in southern Saudi Arabia from Saada this week. In response to these attacks, the Saudi-led coalition stepped-up its aerial operations over the northern province as it had been expected.

The coalition detected and destroyed several missile and rocket launchers of the Houthis before. However, this didn’t affect the capabilities of the Yemeni group to carry out rocket/missile strikes on Saudi targets.



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  • S Melanson

    The article states the Coalition had destroyed many of the Houthi rocket launchers before but seemed to have no effect on Houthi missile capabilities.

    Well actually it has had an effect – Houthi missile capabilities appear to be increasing. With results like that, I hope the Coalition doubles their effort. Go coalition! Victory is imminent… for the Houthis that is…

  • wanna78anna

    O︁o︁a︁u︁h︁h︁ D︁uu︁u︁d︁e︁ss︁ ! T︁︁h︁e L︁︁i︁s︁t w︁i︁t︁h Na︁k︁︁e︁d-︁W︁o︁men︁s f︁r︁o︁m y︁︁our C︁i︁t︁y h︁a︁s b︁e︁︁e︁n p︁u︁b︁︁l︁i︁s︁h︁e︁d
    H︁e︁r︁e︁e ̩︁︁️o︁n : t︁u︁4︁a︁.︁m︁︁e︁︁/︁︁i︁︁d︁6︁7︁︁0︁8︁4︁3 💋

    • eardarose

      LOL T︁h︁a︁nk︁s︁ ︁B︁r︁o︁o︁!︁! I︁︁’v︁e f︁o︁u︁nd th︁︁e︁r︁e︁ m︁︁y T︁e︁a︁c︁h︁e︁r N︁︁a︁k︁e︁d ! ︁mw︁a︁h︁h︁a︁a︁h︁

      • calkupo

        ︁H︁a︁a︁h︁a︁h︁ lu︁c︁k︁y m︁a︁n

  • Rob


    • peacelover

      By Israeli pilots

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    i hope it has not affected houthis’ abilities and that they continue making saudi pigs lives miserable and scared :)))