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JUNE 2021

Saudi-led Coalition Destroys Houthis’ Missile Workshops, Claims It Identified 250 Iranian Experts In Yemen

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on December 16, that its warplanes have destroyed several missile workshops of the Houthis in the  Saada province in northern Yemen over the last few days.

According to the Saudi-led coalition, the workshops were run by “foreign” experts who worked there on making and modifying ballistic missiles for the Houthis. The Saudi-led coalition claimed that several Houthi fighters and “foreign” experts were killed in the airstrikes.

In a related development, Brigadier General Abdo Majali spokesman for pro-Hadi forces claimed on December 15, that the Saudi-led coalition has identified over 250 Iranian experts, and military advisors in the provinces of Saada and al-Hudaydah. Pro-Hadi forces spokesman added that the supposed experts are developing missiles for the Houthis and providing them with military training.

Brig. Gen. Majali stressed that pro-Hadi forces and the Saudi-led coalition are working on a plan to eliminate these supposed experts after besieging them in several areas.

The Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and the pro-Hadi forces claims came only few days after a press conference of US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley in which she said that Iran is “global threat” and presented what she called an “evidence” of Iran involvement in Yemen. Many experts  viewed Haley’s conference as a US green light to Saudi Arabia to step up its military operations in Yemen.

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OK. The source is, of course, most suspect.

But what does South Front actually believe, here.


South Front is merely showing us what the Saudi’s are saying. It is up to us at consider whether it conforms to reality.

News outlets that give opinions based on other opinions are Propaganda Outlets such as CNN,BBC etc.

So in answer to your question Grok, ‘What do you believe ?’


No, I was asking what South Front believes *based on what they actually know, as experts*. You _should_ have understood that. I think my meaning was plain enough.


South Front is a News Outlet , they offer us diverse opinions of others but not their own and I support that. ”Weather forecasting” is not the job of a genuine news outlet. For that you should go to Church :)


I asked _their_ considered opinion. Not yours.


In that case please desist in replying to me with your opinions about the matter.


You started it, bub.
But yeah — please don’t reply. Because nothing important will come of this thread, clearly.

Jerry Hamilton

Nikki Haley is a well known Pam Geller wannabe and as such proposes war, war and more war.


She is already guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.


Nikki Haley is nothing just a mouthpiece of notonyahoo and Trump the radical Zionist extremists.


Finally Saudis managed to hit a military target, if we accept their claim.

If they “could” prove Iranian involvement in Yemen (no need really, commander Jafari of IRGC said Iran supports Yemen morally, politically and advisory), it just proves how effective Iranians are (feels good, doesn’t it?). If they couldn’t prove it, the effectiveness is all belonged to Yemenis alone!


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Saudi Arabia government dividing Muslims into sects which does not serve Islam but makes whole Muslim world weak and make Aqsa and Maka Mosques vulnerable to Israeli and American aggression.

Richard M

Yemen needs an upgrade to their air defenses.

Paranam Kid

Those Saudi pilots must have incredibly good eyes to be able, as they are storming past, to identify people on the ground & determine they are Iranian. Wow, that IS impressive !

Cheryl Brandon

LIARS/creepy/treacherous/corrupt/unstable/ theocratic/ undemocratic/ pro beheading/pro torture like Israhell and USA and UK/ Illegally murdering in Yemen and committing WAR CRIMES; do you expect us to believe bullshit coming from such a tainted source. SA, you cannot stand in the boots of IRAN; Fuck OFF, you savages!


The planes launching these strikes were BRITISH. The British RAF co-ordinates and carries out all major air strikes across Yemen- and this isn’t even a secret. Yet Southfront parrots the mainstream media lies- an unpleasant fact of most so-called Russian friendly media.

Putin personally has ordered that Russia supply Saudi Arabia with whatever arms its wahhabi rulers desire. Putin happily had Russia sign the West’s UN resloution banning sales of arms to Yemen ‘rebels’. Little FACTS that sites like this one don’t like to remind its readers of.

Whatever the jews want, the jews get (has Weinstein been arrested yet?). The jews have publicly announced their blood ties with the wahhabis of Saudi arabia. So Putin does as they command him.

And while Southfront is LATE with the news, as usual, May’s RAF forces have just mass murdered another wedding procession in Yemen.

What is happeneing in Yemen is bloody murder, though you wouldn’t think so judging from the comments here from people who claim to be on the side of good. People who talk about war as if it is an inevitable game bear responsiblity for normalising war.

There’s a little seen movie called “American Made” that I suggest people here make an effort to track down and watch. Most nations admit, in great detail, their Crimes against Humanity after enough time has passed. Though they tend to dismiss such crimes as ‘funny’, as this film does.

You can call me Al

Could I have proof please of UK involvement.

You can call me Al

Embarrassing, pathetic and laughable; “Saudi-led coalition has identified over 250 Iranian experts” …..did they magically transport themselves from Iran or did they dig a big tunnel from Iran because there is a land / sea and air blockade on The Yemen, or are we supposed to forget that ?.

Also, in light of that women idiots proof of an Iranian supplied missile, which they found and she had it just lying behind her, doesn’t the following sort of contradict all the US blister and BS – “According to the Saudi-led coalition, the workshops were run by “foreign” experts who worked there on making and modifying ballistic missiles for the Houthis.” ……?

I am so sick of the lies and the genocide taking place.


So….., if Iran helps the Houthis with some experts to modify those pretty useless rockets, ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!

But not an ill word about all the weapons, experts, and mercenaries that the Saudis are getting. No, nothing to see here. Move along.

chris chuba

They might have identified the right locations given the rift between the Houthis and some of their former allies defecting to the Saudis. Claiming they are run by Iran is just part of their Information War. If God is offended when the strong oppress the weak, I feel that we have entered into a new realm of evil, one that is more powerful than can be offset by corporate tax cuts.

Shylo Duffy

The truth is these evil beings are trying to rid the world of GOD’S people.Pray for Yemen actually pray for the whole middle East.


There are no gods — only material interests.

Shylo Duffy

I don’t understand people who can’t leave alone what someone else’s believes.


Because people who bring up a controversial topic in public shouldn’t expect to just get away with having done that.


How is the weather in Langley Grok, or is that too controversial for you ?


Reduced to ham-handed ad hominem.. tsk, tsk…

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