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JUNE 2021

Saudi-led Coalition Destroyed Two Booby-Trapped Boats Of Houthis (Video)

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On March 23, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition destroyed two water-born improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) of the Houthis along the western coast of Yemen, the Emirates News Agency (WMA) reported.

The WMA said that the Houthis had been planning to use these two WBIEDs to target vessels using an international naval route in the Red Sea, which is likely the Mandeb Strait.

A report of the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) revealed that the Houthis have used similar WBIEDs to attack several warships of the Saudi-led coalition over the last two years. The most well-known incident was on January 29, 2017 when a WBIED of the Houthis managed to hit a the Saudi Navy frigate al-Madinah in the Red Sea.

CAR’s report also suggested that Iran had been directly involved in the developing of these WBIEDs, as many Iranian-made parts had been found in some WBIEDs inspected by CAR’s team last year.

The UAE Army has been conducting military operations against the Houthis along the western coast of Yemen for more than a year now. However, several key positions including the al-Hudaydah port there are still under the control of the Houthis.

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While southfront bigs up Putin’s mates, the saudis, Saudi Arabia has opened its airspace to the jewish filth of Israel for the “first time”. Of course unofficially, the zionist terrorist scum have always had access to KSA land and air.

PS type ‘russia’ into Google and click on the news tab. Now tell me you still think that WW3 is not rapdily approaching.

The zionist/wahhabi terror alliance in the region covers just about everywhere except Iran and (parts of) Syria. Iran’s project in Iraq has largely failed, thanks to Putin.

We recently avoided WW3 only because Russian generals kept warning their American counterparts that the planned attack on Syria would rapdily spiral out of control. The Deep State responded by placing supreme zionist warmonger, and best buddy to Tony Blair, John Bolton, as war strategist in Trump’s cabinet.

Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear treaty in May, and moves the american embassy to jerusalem. The final countdown to the Iran war has begun. Putin has obeyed his jewish masters, and left Iran defenseless. Iran’s only ‘defence’ is attack- a massive blitz of surface to surface missiles against Israel. But the use or potential use of these missiles will be the excuse used by Britain, America and France to strike Iran with the ‘small’ nukes.

RT has gone deathly silent about the clobbering Britain has persuaded the EU to give Russia over the nerve gas false-flag. Likewise, southfront has collapsed to simple-minded “head in the sand” kremlin propaganda- like all the boosting of KSA and Turkey. Putin is literally on the ropes, without a clue as to what to do next.

Putin appeased the Deep State and appeased it and appeased it. And now, like all idiot appeasers, he is left perplexed by the lack of ‘gratitude’ from the entity he appeased.

The jewish controlled mainstream media is now even refering to successful votes at the UNSC when Russia VETOES the resolution (rare)- implying the UNSC has moved to a majority voting situation WITHOUT vetoes. The jews are literally saying Russia no longer matters, even at the UN.

Putin has flushed Russian authority down the toilet, something no other leader of post revolution Russia ever managed to do. But nevermind- zionist Saker will simply write a blog telling you all is fine, and the dribblers will suck it up.

Battered and bruised and backed into a corner, all that is left for Putin’s Russia is to prepare for WW3- what a wonderful victory for humanity.


Trump certainly sounded pretty desperate signing the funding bill….must be war very soon.

Back on topic, I agree with most of the above. But I doubt Iran would attack Israel without being attacked by it first. As for Putin, he know’s he can’t stop crazy but that’s what the nukes are for, and if war is avoided then Putin can continue improving within Russia and it’s interests abroad. He obviously doesn’t give a shit what the rest of the world think, only what matters most to him….Russia. All the face-saving diplomacy is only bullshit concern to keep the warmongers at bay while Russia rebuilds, and anybody in their position would be very much tempted to punch the bully in the face. Anybody sane would want to avoid war, but when the US comes knocking on the door……there ain’t much you can do to avoid a confrontation.

Mario Ceva

Nobody know what will do Russia if Iran is attacked by USA. They (Iran Russia) has a plan of defense or Iran??

Igor Dano

iran was involved in developing…….
yes, and USA ISRAEL NATO have been involved on the saud side.

You can call me Al

and did the Iranians use a star trek transporter ?


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Graeme Rymill

“CAR’s report also suggested that Iran had been directly involved in the developing of these WBIED”

It says nothing of the sort!

“the evidence presented below does not necessarily infer direct Iranian involvement in the device’s construction, but suggests that certain components were sourced from Iran or through Iranian channels.”


Amine Mansouri

good one ksa!

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