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Saudi-led Coalition Destroyed Two Booby-Trapped Boats Of Houthis In Red Sea

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Saudi-led Coalition Destroyed Two Booby-Trapped Boats Of Houthis In Red Sea

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On May 23, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition destroyed two water-born improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) of the Houthis in international waters of the Red Rea, the Emirates News Agency (WMA) reported. The source added that two other WBIEDs had managed to escape from the coalition’s warplanes.

The UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV claimed that the Houthis had been planning to use these WBIEDs to target two warships of the Saudi-led coalition and three merchant ships in the Red Sea.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes destroyed two similar WBIEDs of the Houthis in the al-Hudaydah port along the western coast of Yemen on March 23. Back then, the WMA also reported that the Houthis were planning to use these two WBIEDs to target merchant ships in the Red Sea.

An earlier report of the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) revealed that the Houthis had used similar WBIEDs to attack several warships of the Saudi-led coalition over the last two years. The CAR’s report also suggested that Iran had been directly involved in the developing of these WBIEDs, as many Iranian-made parts had been found in some WBIEDs inspected by the CAR’s team last year.

Last week, the Saudi-led coalition resumed its military operations on the western Yemeni coast in a new attempt to reach and capture the strategic port of al-Hudaydah, that’s considered the main naval facility of the Houthis.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

So… How exactly is it known the boats were WBIEDs? Advertising?

They all have neon signs reading SWBIED!


Specially since the coalition of terror is hellbent to destroy every single Yemeni fishing vessel.

I guess it’s not trendy anymore to say “we destroyed 2 fishing boat along the fishers onboard”, so they say it’s WBIED. But, if the boats didn’t have anyone onboard, maybe they tell the truth, as Shi’a don’t do suicide bombing.

Saudi side usually tells lies. About 9 months ago they declared to the world “we took 2 IRGC spies in our waters in the Persian gulf. Well, they released the 2 poor fishers a week ago with absolute silence, only Iranian media published the news.


It’s like that line in full metal jacket.

“If they run they’re a VC. If they don’t run they’re a well-trained VC.”


We’ll never know for sure.


Houthis are loosing. How can they win ??? Impossible. And Russia doesn’t give a fuck about them.

I tell you. In 10 years, Russia is out of Syria.


In 5 years the Saudis will be out of Yemen. After they ‘peace treaty,’ they’ll ALL start taking Yemen back from the oil merchants – unless they waste themselves ‘evening scores’.

Richard M

In 2 years Iranian troops will be in Riyadh and Mecca! Just like Russian troops were in Napoleon’s Paris two years after Napoleon invaded Russia!!!!! :D


The Houthis were being accused of ‘rocketing’ a freighter bringing a load of grain to Yemen. That means they’re now starving themselves.

Richard M

According to Orcistani propaganda ministry.

Brother Ma

Well that is a problem if true. Somehow , i do not think it is .

Richard M

Innocent fishermen blasted by Wahhabistani Sky Orcs!

Richard M

These IED acronyms are getting as ridiculous as the LGBTQXYZLSMFT bee ess!

Rex drabble

You forgot MILF

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